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We're Just Friends: A Boat Boys Fanfic by Seth189
We're Just Friends: A Boat Boys Seth J. Robins
We're just friends. We've been that way since we were 7. I don't know why everyone's so keen on shipping us together when we're nothing more than pals. Buddies. Frie...
Elusion (HermitcraftxEmpiresAU) by x0iris0x
Elusion (HermitcraftxEmpiresAU)by Iris?
Sequel to Collision. King Ren has been defeated and killed. But what's this? He's back? The Hermits and Emperors are scrambling to get back to normal after the events th...
Empires Smp Highschool! (Mix of season 1 and 2) by LeoAnimatics
Empires Smp Highschool! (Mix of LeoAnimatics YT
This is an empires highschool au! I will warn you guys, i like giving scott trauma because... fun so this will be sort of scott central. ships used: Jizzie Flower Husban...
Connected (mini stories) by Seth189
Connected (mini stories)by Seth J. Robins
(I post new chapters every Friday :) Ships I've done: Wither Husbands, Team Rancher, RenDoc, Boat Boys Ship I'm working on: Scarian All the stories will be the character...
Life Series one shots by DreSTizzally_
Life Series one shotsby DST
I need to stop making these oneshot books _____________ Started this book on 24/6/2023 - _____________ #8 in limitedlife (27/6/2023)
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 1 by aaehikira
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 1by Kas >X]
what the title says! this is Part 1- bc theirs a fucking page limit of 200 pages...
Mcyt x agere reader by Elliottisafrog
Mcyt x agere readerby Elliottisafrog
I DONT PERSONALLY AGE REGRESS THIS WAS FOR MY FRIEND SO IM SORRY IF IT IS NOT PERFECT NEW COVER This was my first book :)) They/them pronouns used in book These are all...
The Majors, Cold Fury (Book 2) by Rainyjoi2009
The Majors, Cold Fury (Book 2)by Rainy Joi
[Cover credits to @Allium687] "Scott- Stop!" Gem said in panic. Erin smashed the window in the room and jumped onto the windowsill. I took one last look at Gem...
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 2 by aaehikira
S1 empire smp highschool! Part 2by Kas >X]
what the title says! this is Part 2- bc theirs a fucking page limit of 200 pages...
The Past Ahead - an Empires SMP AU by JohannaJaneUn
The Past Ahead - an Empires SMP AUby Cat Jana
It was the end of the world as they knew it. The Rapture was here. Gem only wanted to send everyone she cared about somewhere safe. Instead she had sent them all a thous...
Melt The Frozen Heart -Flower Husbands- ||COMPLETE|| by EDDIExISxHOT
Melt The Frozen Heart -Flower 𝐭⟟𝐭𝐭⟟𝐞 𝐭𝐨𝐭𝐬
A stoic elf A silly fish boy He melted his heart What will happen? I love flower husbands :3 ^Highest Rankings^ #2 in #fishpeople #3 in #Joel #3 in #FWhip
Canary in a Birdcage by JELLYbamboo4
Canary in a Birdcageby JELLYbamboo4
Flower Husbands. Small itty bit of Fruit Salad (Copper) Duo. --- "Owen what is this?" Scott asked, picking a Poppy from the floor. "Just a little surpris...
The Majors, Who Let the Demon Out? *under rewrite* by Rainyjoi2009
The Majors, Who Let the Demon Rainy Joi
*UNDER REWRITE* [Cover credits to @Jimmy_Solidarity] Scott Major, prince of the Elven Empire and newly crowned king, is struggling to rule after his parents' abrupt and...
Nobody wins. (Hermitcraft x life series members au) by ImpulseSvisyes
Nobody wins. (Hermitcraft x life ImpulseSvIsyes
Medieval Fic with hermitcraft and life series members, Dont know where this will go or how good it will be, i have a rough idea of a story i want to tell and i will try...
The Eternal Winter by Your-LocalMushroom
The Eternal Winterby TRUFFLEEE
an Empeirs smp Flower Husbands fanfiction All Characters belong to there rightful owners Credits to Pinterest for every image I find =]
a bad idea to put the empires in highschool by crazy_pe3p
a bad idea to put the empires in Ori.Relish
[fWhip created group "Best class [E2]"] [fWhip added Jimmy Solidarity, Joel, Pixlriffs, and 8 other people] fWhip: HEYO ----- Or; A mostly-chatfic, partially-g...
Mcyt oneshots!||Hermitcraft||afterlife||empires smp||life Series by AnaaCAT60
Mcyt oneshots!||Hermitcraft|| AnaaCAT60
No dream smp or origins btw guys I do requests a fast as i can and I try to make it good!
+ Flowers for him + by JELLYbamboo4
+ Flowers for him +by JELLYbamboo4
I'm a brand new writer and I wanted to write an empires story. I feel that Llama Owen doesn't get enough attention. And don't worry! This story has no 'explicit' stuff...
Empire S1 and S2 oneshots by aaehikira
Empire S1 and S2 oneshotsby Kas >X]
idk what to put in the Descoption so Hi. Also there will be ships
Why are you texting me? I'm stood next to you.~ ESMP S2 Highschool AU Chatfic by A_Fanfic_Queen
Why are you texting me? I'm Kiara :>
The title :) Is this original? No Do I care? Not particularly :D Also there's magic and stuff Woo :D Title suggested by @Allium687 :D