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The Frozen Empire - An Empires SMP AU by TheMilkman2021
The Frozen Empire - An Empires TheMilkman2021
With Scott lost in the Ice Spikes, and his eternal frost growing from Nexus points, the other empires must scramble to rebuild and protect the server - or face the conse...
The Ones Who Survived - An MCYT fanfic by EmberDragon34
The Ones Who Survived - An MCYT TFC, you will be missed
A fallen server. A group of immortal cultists to blame A few survivors left, facing the wreckage and a hunt to find each other. Included SMPS: -Empires -Hermitcraft -Ev...
Solivagency - Empires SMP by daisy-mooon
Solivagency - Empires SMPby daisy-mooon
When an uncorrupted Xornoth woke up on the Mezalean shore line, they expected to get arrested or killed on sight. What they did not expect was for King Joel to drag them...
Truth Or Dare by ThaMemelikesorcas
Truth Or Dareby œřçæ
Fgsvhyfsvfutsvjfys couldn't decide a damned name for the story also could not find who did the fanart of the cover so if anyone has a clue then please tell Yayy first bo...
The God and the Nine Children by teut0n1c
The God and the Nine Childrenby Erich Nikolaus
Grian was just expecting a normal day to happen according to his usual routine. Leave the Original Frozen Peaks, travel to the Main Hub using whatever transport he would...
Look What You've Done by skylaswp
Look What You've Doneby Skyla :]
-Empires SMP- Old folktales speak of an Eternal Winter that will freeze over lands Scott Major was never a believer in myths until his beloved Rivendell turns into an ic...
Multi Fandom Oneshots by Mincejalf
Multi Fandom Oneshotsby Mincejalf
This is mostly crossovers of MCYT. In the titles of each chapter, I'll say fandoms involved and if there's an oc in it or something. If a chapter includes shipping, tha...
Cursed or not?  by MysticalStarz
Cursed or not? by Star
This is a empires S1 fanfic about all the rulers getting a staff (a wand thing). Scott seems to but the unfortunate soul among his fellow emporors. I wrote this story in...
Killing Butterflies - Empires SMP by daisy-mooon
Killing Butterflies - Empires SMPby daisy-mooon
Xornoth, local demon and mass murderer, is defeated in battle. It's humiliating, but it gets even worse when they learn about the conditions of their captivity, which ha...
•☆The Broken Trust ☆• by INKWASTAKEN
•☆The Broken Trust ☆•by InK
Well uhm it's an au about if SBI and goergenotfound were in the empiers smp then some Wrong shit happend .
───🎀★。little mcyt ﹗ agere / petre by mo0ni1
───🎀★。little mcyt ﹗ agere / petreby moon
╭▬▭▬▭▬ %% 🌸''- ៹ my little book where I write one-shots of smp members as regressors / caretakers!! expect like 6 different smps!! (including og mcyts!) ...
Empires Smp X HEARTSTOPPER by Ash-TheSimp
Empires Smp X HEARTSTOPPERby ♡Ash♡
The plot of heartstopper but the characters of Empeirs!! Note - I have completely erased Ben from the story as I personally do not feel comfortable with writing SA inclu...
Season 100(the fanmade empires) by Swanfeather_
Season 100(the fanmade empires)by Swanfeather_
After over a million years since the last empires(s99), A fanmade season rises...... I'm Swanfeather and this RP is...... Open!
The Empire Games by 1-800-crystalball
The Empire Gamesby ~ 𝐂𝐑𝐘𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐋 ~
To decide the Emperor, the rulers have a fight to the death. Trapped in an arena, with 12 going in, and only 1 coming out. The Hunger Games AU!! Made by the hunger games...
His Sweet Voice and Warm Touch by BlockeoOhBlockeo
His Sweet Voice and Warm Touchby BlockeoOhBlockeo
Just a lil thing to calm the angst after Scott's Esmp vid
The Great Experiment by aeronulf
The Great Experimentby Aero | Arnulf
The 20 Major Gods and Goddesses of Minecraft had turned upon their creations. Angered by the destruction that the Mortals, specifically Players, has caused to the world...
AI writes an Empires SMP fanfic. by JulianneRobichaud
AI writes an Empires SMP JulianneRobichaud
I was writing the second chapter of a fanfic and had writer's block, so I thought, "Why not see what a story generator does with it?" So it's several short sto...
random one-shots by evergreen2009
random one-shotsby Dawn
my chaotic and random one-shots
Afterlife/Empires oneshots [REQUESTS CLOSED] by vibing_axolotl
Afterlife/Empires oneshots [ hi
I saw other people doing oneshots and decided to try writing them as well!