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Solivagency - Empires SMP by daisy-mooon
Solivagency - Empires SMPby daisy-mooon
When an uncorrupted Xornoth woke up on the Mezalean shore line, they expected to get arrested or killed on sight. What they did not expect was for King Joel to drag them...
Empires x flower husbands  by cactus1515
Empires x flower husbands by cactus1515
(DISCOUNI So this is like the normal storyline and lore with changes and flower husbands Some events will be changed (Characters are based on real people) I try to post...
When the tables turn by cactus1515
When the tables turnby cactus1515
Imagine empires smp but Scott got corrupted instead of Xornoth Warning the story will be different like the major things and stuff The swaps Scott <> Xornoth Gem...
Cursed || Scott Angst by ThatRandomFoxLover
Cursed || Scott Angstby Foxx
Cover drawn by: @Salkomakes art (On possibly twitter since I found the art on google) In the final battle right before Gem's spell hit Xornoth, Xornoth had cursed Scott...
Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover by gender_is_a_hoax
Don't Judge A Book By Its Coverby inactive (mostly)
cover art by @kisekiii25 on tumblr au by @mayeetjim on tumblr (I have taken some creative liberty so not everything is exactly the same but the main ideas are there) th...
Crystal Cliffs Academy  by ThatWritingPerson567
Crystal Cliffs Academy by Person
Basically all the Empires SMP members go to boarding school at the Crystal Cliffs Academy. This is my first fic, so any feedback is appreciated! It's written from lots o...
Another World || Hermitcraft & Empires SMP by ThatRandomFoxLover
Another World || Hermitcraft & Emp...by Foxx
In a secret meeting room hidden in the Crystal Cliffs, the Wither Rose Alliance were discussing some things. When suddenly, a portal appeared out of nowhere and sucked...
Brother! I'm Coming|Dead/Ghost!Scott and Xornoth AU|Rivendell Twins  by Wolfie_oof109
Brother! I'm Coming|Dead/Ghost!Sco...by Wolfie_oof109
Scott never knew trying to kill his brother would mean killing himself. Hurting his brother would mean he is hurting himself. When Scott is about to end all the pain and...
Empires: The Next Generation by Allium687
Empires: The Next Generationby Allium
It's 15 years after the explosion in the reactor, all of the empires have been rebuild and restored, big parts of the empires are still heavily damaged but hey, even Rom...
Reincarnated to be yours; Forgotten lovers of the Valley by xylienique
Reincarnated to be yours; Forgotte...by Monique
Third life is their past life But Scott Doesn't remember anything Only Jimmy and Joel does ⚠️TW⚠️ BxB Gore Blood Nightmare
Cursed AU| Empires SMP AU by Wolfie_oof109
Cursed AU| Empires SMP AUby Wolfie_oof109
Scott starts to feel sick and finds out the Xornoth did something to him, but it's to late to do anything. Swearing TW 1 on #Shrub: 3/8/2022-??? Made on 27/2/2022
Papercuts || Empires S1 by iwrote_book
Papercuts || Empires S1by Grass Jelly
Sausage was finally back in Brooksville, a place his parents had ripped away from him. More specifically, he was taken across the country in the middle of sixth grade. ...
Corrupted Sunflower by KayKnine
Corrupted Sunflowerby KayKnine
Right before Gem cast her spell to restrain Xornoth, he had reached out and corrupted Pearl. With the kind and forgiving emperor gone, what will her friends do? Best Ran...
Hopelessly addicted to you|(#1 in the Happily ever empire duolodgy) by A_dam_Poseidon_kid
Hopelessly addicted to you|(#1 in...by River:]
What happened after 3rd life? Empires, but what happens after Scott's final? Well Despair has overtaken the server, Joey no longer has an empire, the ocean was drying ou...
Return of The Corruption (Empires SMP Fanfic) by Stranger_Than_U
Return of The Corruption (Empires...by
Years after the event of Xornoth and Empires, there are now royal children in their wake (most have a single parent, I'm to lazy to think of backstories and stuff). Ever...
Journey To Recovery - Empires SMP Fanfic by randomnessgaIore
Journey To Recovery - Empires SMP...by randomnessgaIore
(Post season 1 Empires) LDShadowlady's empire was ruined, but she didn't seem to remember that. She didn't seem to remember- anything. Everything was in ruins, and Lizzi...
Generation Two- An Empires SMP AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
Generation Two- An Empires SMP AUby RIP Technoblade 💔👑
Set twenty years after the downfall of Xornoth in an alternate timeline where the reactor didn't explode, all of the empires are thriving, many of them now having heirs...