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A Poppy By Any Other Name by yupVinnieWrites
A Poppy By Any Other Nameby Vinnica
「"What are you doing?" Joel laughed at the awkward sight of Jimmy staring blankly down the hallway. "You look ridiculous." Jimmy blinked and turned t...
Another World || Hermitcraft & Empires SMP by ThatRandomFoxLover
Another World || Hermitcraft & RedFoxx
In a secret meeting room hidden in the Crystal Cliffs, the Wither Rose Alliance were discussing some things. When suddenly, a portal appeared out of nowhere and sucked...
Broken Wings | A Flower Husbands Fanfiction [✓] by sixth_constellation
Broken Wings | A Flower Husbands .。*✧*。
[info below book description] It was a simple act of kindness. A broken wing, a healing touch. Jimmy melts the ruler of Rivendell's heart, but when it all comes crashin...
A Missing Piece || Empires SMP by ThatRandomFoxLover
A Missing Piece || Empires SMPby RedFoxx
Cover created by: Kiiseki_25 on Instagram GeminiTay, the future ruler of the Grimlands had always dreamed to learn magic. But sadly all that's in the Grimlands are just...
Cursed || Scott Angst by ThatRandomFoxLover
Cursed || Scott Angstby RedFoxx
Cover drawn by: @Salkomakes art (On possibly twitter since I found the art on google) In the final battle right before Gem's spell hit Xornoth, Xornoth had cursed Scott...
Journey To Recovery - Empires SMP Fanfic by randomnessgaIore
Journey To Recovery - Empires randomnessgaIore
(Post season 1 Empires) LDShadowlady's empire was ruined, but she didn't seem to remember that. She didn't seem to remember- anything. Everything was in ruins, and Lizzi...
The Frozen Empire - An Empires SMP AU by TheMilkman2021
The Frozen Empire - An Empires TheMilkman2021
With Scott lost in the Ice Spikes, and his eternal frost growing from Nexus points, the other empires must scramble to rebuild and protect the server - or face the conse...
the new kids empires smp season 1 by LittleLee541
the new kids empires smp season 1by Little Lee
Context:Shelby/Shrub and Joey are the new kids at school. Families(some headcannons and others cannon)-Pearl and Sausage are siblings Lizzie and Jimmy are siblings (Seab...
Descendants of the Emperors by KayKnine
Descendants of the Emperorsby Molly Cabot
Basically the children of the empires characters have powers and battle it out because some of them feel that their land is not worthy. I know the plot is terrible. Dea...
Paths Intertwine by LunaStarDS
Paths Intertwineby
Dream SMP and Empires SMP crossover. ;)
Reincarnated to be yours; Forgotten lovers of the Valley by xylienique
Reincarnated to be yours; Monique
Third life is their past life But Scott Doesn't remember anything Only Jimmy and Joel does ⚠️TW⚠️ BxB Gore Blood Nightmare
𝐒𝗼𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐧 by W0lfGat3_
𝐒𝗼𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐧by W⃰o⃰l⃰f⃰
Platonic! Various! Empires Smp + Demiboy! Reader ______ "Whether you like it or not, I'm staying out of this." ______ Minors and bits= platonic
EmpiresSmp! Katherine Stories And Oneshots by Maya-Micah-Emerson
EmpiresSmp! Katherine Stories MAYA QADEEJA BINTI MOHD ZULFA...
Will contain Katherine Elizabeth stories and oneshots unless stated otherwise ... There's also a LOT of cringe for the first few chapters. I was writing those at 2-4 a.m...
A New World ||Empires S2|| by xIMaCL0WNx
A New World ||Empires S2||by ☺️thatgayemocousin☺️
After the death of the King of Rivendell, the disappearance of many rulers, and the dream that was Joey's series has all been forgotton for over thousands of years. Now...
The Empires Fall (Book 1)  by Kyliefiction
The Empires Fall (Book 1) by Kylie
Hey There, I am Kylie, in this book there will be TW's which will be mentioned the pictures used in this story will be credited rightfully. The characters in this stor...
And We Danced | Flower Husbands [✓] by sixth_constellation
And We Danced | Flower Husbands [✓]by .。*✧*。
"We were liars in love and we danced" ~~ Love and war is a battle that they're both losing. How can you be enemies when you fall into a kiss, and how can you b...
Minecraft Youtuber Oneshots by CallMeSausage
Minecraft Youtuber Oneshotsby i am god
Fandoms: - DreamSMP - EmpiresSMP Art by: SoftBrunch on instagram ~Another book for your soul trust me, i will update this~
Empires x flower husbands  by cactus1515
Empires x flower husbands by cactus1515
So this is like the normal storyline and lore with changes and flower husbands Some events will be changed (Characters are based on real people) I try to post a chapter...
The Heart Of The Sea - An Afterlife SMP AU by TheMilkman2021
The Heart Of The Sea - An TheMilkman2021
Following the death of Stag god's Aeor and Exor, the ex-empire members bodies morph into beings with different origins. They try to find a way to return to normal, when...
February's Prompts by Suzanne_o7
February's Promptsby I'm gay
"Season of love yet you're alone, tears of loneliness" ~~~ Mostly flower husbands and venus flytrap husbands (because venus flytrap is unnderrated and I want...