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Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft fanfiction by IndigoSilver08
Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft Indighost
What if some Hermits went to Camp Half-Blood? Who would their godly parents be? Would they go on quests? Would they make friends with the characters in the Percy Jackson...
Secrets, Struggles, & Soulmates - Scarian by ElijahCries
Secrets, Struggles, & Hello Hello
⚠ Cover Art Isn't Mine ⚠(I wish it was though like, DAMN! talent!!! When Mumbo Jumbo died unexpectedly his best friend, Grian, never recovered. He'd locked himself in h...
(Discontinued) scarian oneshots  by Tweins_ultra
(Discontinued) scarian oneshots by Nazu/Kuu/Aust
*honestly this was to stop myself to fill the other story with scarian-* - no nsfw. - I can do request (only if I want to do it.) - tws mentions will be used if needed...
Broken Hearts - Scarian by ElijahCries
Broken Hearts - Scarianby Hello Hello
This story takes place in double life :) Scar's been in love with Grian for longer than he'd like to admit, so he was stoked to find out that he was soul bound with him...
The HermitCraft Literature Club! by ElementalGhosting
The HermitCraft Literature Club!by ElementalGhosting
Grian joins his school's literature club, just to humor his best friend. Little does he know, the club is full of really cute guys! This is a Doki Doki Literature Club A...
The Hermits are in a group chat, what could go wrong? by LETMESTEALYOURGENDER
The Hermits are in a group chat, be gay do crime
The Hermits are put into a group chat, chaos ensues. Meanwhile Evil Xisuma and his band of cliché villains try and hack into the chat and accidentally get emotionally ad...
Moon Child (A hermit!Tommy fic) by XxCat_AestheticxX
Moon Child (A hermit!Tommy fic)by XxCat_AestheticxX
The hermits slowly start to notice that the moon was getting large each night and day to the point that They can still see it despite it being day _____________________...
On The Last Life by Rosa_2406
On The Last Lifeby Rosa
A double life fan fiction, including Scar and Grian (as a ship) no smut just a little flirting :) Also I'm not English so I'm sorry for any typos that might occur:) The...
hermit incorrect quotes by ThatTiredHuman
hermit incorrect quotesby ★彡[ᴇʟʟɪꜱ]彡★
boatem incorect quotes not all fit the characters and there might be swearing so... title is what it is.
Among The Hidden by rain_55
Among The Hiddenby Ya boi
There is something different about Scar. He isn't quite like the others. But no one knows ... Apart from the scars across his face, he seems like a pretty normal boy. W...
The 5 Seablings AU by JacarandaAxolotl477
The 5 Seablings AUby A HURRICANE OF-
In the world of Empires Smp, there are normally just two seablings. But how would things be different if all five had survived? This is an Empires Smp fanfiction.
Hermitcraft: Escaping Insanity  by LeaTDL
Hermitcraft: Escaping Insanity by LeaTheDragonLight
Grian got mixed up into a mess made by taurtis and Sam, now Yuki wants him dead. Grian is so desperate to escape, he got caught but something happened that saved his lif...
Oh Avians ~ Hermitcraft Short Story by H0L0_GRAM
Oh Avians ~ Hermitcraft Short Storyby H0L0_GRAM
In which Mumbo realises that avians aren't so similar to humans than he had originally thought.. [Mumbo and Grian had been friends for years now, but it's only until rec...
Hermitcraft Daycare by Totally-Not-Grian
Hermitcraft Daycareby Totally-Not-Grian
Xisuma and Joehills get the impossible task of watching over their parents daycare while they take care of business. Unfortunately for them, the kids they have to babysi...
Scarian Collab Fics by ScarianCult
Scarian Collab Ficsby YO WE'RE ALIVE
Welcome to the book where we put the Scarian stories we write together on the Scarian Cult discord server! (That's right, we're totally embracing our cult status!) You'l...
Scarian Oneshots [Request's open] ❤️🤎 by Lunatic_Was_Taken
Scarian Oneshots [Request's open] Reki
HIIIIII yeahhhh I decided to make a scarian oneshot because the ship is underrated >:( Hope u enjoy lmao Ranks: #3 goodtimewithscar, The cover art is by: https://www...
Hermitcraft chaotic Chat by AriaGuardian
Hermitcraft chaotic Chatby AruIzLost
Yes, This would be a Hermitcraft group chat, currently at the moment, it would be with Hermits I am at least familiar with to a extent. I'll add more to the chat as I go...
Hermitcraft x Reader by Nixoxia
Hermitcraft x Readerby Nixoxia
A collective of Headcanons, Drabbles and Oneshots from the Nix-Writes-MCYT tumblr account (my account)
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes  by Coffeelato-system
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes by NiCo
Season 9 is here and now the count is on #1 instead of #45! Hey ya! Nico system the authors here! There's a new season, new lore, and new shenanigans! Which means I'll...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by EminenceGhost
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby EminenceGhost
⚠️The early oneshots are kinda shit⚠️ A collection of random oneshots! This is mostly going to be Bdoc, and you're all just going to have to deal with that! But in all s...