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Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft fanfiction by IndigoSilver08
Camp Hermit-Blood: a Hermitcraft Indighost
What if some Hermits went to Camp Half-Blood? Who would their godly parents be? Would they go on quests? Would they make friends with the characters in the Percy Jackson...
Stuck with him (A bdoc fanfiction) by _PhantomRoses_
Stuck with him (A bdoc fanfiction)by _PhantomRoses_
Saviour Held Captive [✓] by sixth_constellation
Saviour Held Captive [✓]by .。*✧*。
**Please note!! This story contains shipping, and if you feel uncomfortable with shipping then I recommend not reading. To any of the hermits: please don't read this, a...
The New Area 77 (A Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Hakkepeiling234
The New Area 77 (A Hermitcraft Hakkepeiling234
Strange things is happening on the hermitcraft server and Doc wants to find out what is causing it. He asks Ren and Scar to join him and the three of them tries to figur...
Zombie Fungus (Hermitcraft AU) by AmythistStarr
Zombie Fungus (Hermitcraft AU)by Abandoned Acccount
Scar has just been chosen as mayor of the Shopping District. But, when the true nature of the mycelium covering the island is revealed, the HEP has to work fast before t...
Stay With Me (Bdoc)  -  Hermitcraft Fanfiction by DietCoke56
Stay With Me (Bdoc) - Diet coke
Bdubs finds out he is dying and there's only one person who can save him... Lots of fluff and angst Cover by me! Message me with any requests :)
Protector [Ethdubs] by Soft-estSoundFan
Protector [Ethdubs]by Soft-estSoundFan
(Royal AU.) The Moss Kingdom was always known as the weakest kingdom. Any of the other kingdoms could destroy it at any moment. Knowing that, the Moss King hosts a tourn...
The Crew's Book of Hermitcraft Season 7 Oneshots by EntropicThyme
The Crew's Book of Hermitcraft Entropy :D
Welcome to my new oneshot book for the new season! In here you'll find oneshots, small AUs, backstory, mini-series and more, all centred around season 7 of Hermitcraft. ...
A Bunny and a Bird~ Hermitcraft and YHS crossover. by Ghosty_Toasty_Time
A Bunny and a Bird~ Hermitcraft Ghosty Toasty
Season 8 is going wonderfully but some of the Hermits notice one of their fellow members being a little too distant for their liking. Will they be able to help Grian bef...
Secrets, Struggles, & Soulmates - Scarian by ElijahCries
Secrets, Struggles, & Hello Hello
⚠ Cover Art Isn't Mine ⚠(I wish it was though like, DAMN! talent!!! When Mumbo Jumbo died unexpectedly his best friend, Grian, never recovered. He'd locked himself in h...
Hermitcraft Oneshots!! (A lot of scarian) by Elliot-Rivera
Hermitcraft Oneshots!! (A lot of 🃏♦️Elliot♦️🃏
!!cover art not mine!! Uhh yeah so I made a oneshot book! I might collab with some people at some points but I definitely take requests! Love ya 😚✌️ #14 in Scarian as o...
Hels Rebellion by AvianFalls
Hels Rebellionby Avi ❤️
Grian goes missing and Xisuma has a guess on who could have caused it. The past is dragged up as the other hermits try and save their friends, making some new allies alo...
Camp Hermit-Blood - The Sea of Monsters by IndigoSilver08
Camp Hermit-Blood - The Sea of Indighost
Everything seems fine after the Hermits return from Camp Half-Blood. Until the moon gets big. Then, everything crumbles. Undead mobs start spawning in massive quantities...
Hermitcraft: Origins by adrilxa
Hermitcraft: Originsby adri
"Each world has its own story. Even if you tried to get a story from me, I wouldn't be able to tell you half of it. There is so much life in each build and block, a...
Sarcasm~ A Hermitcraft Grumbo AU [OLD] by thathermitweirdo
Sarcasm~ A Hermitcraft Grumbo AU [ Weirdo
WARNING: Old and cringy story Grian isn't safe, Doc hurting him anytime he accidentally hurts another hermit. Now its up to Mumbo to protect Grian, and maybe even bring...
The Hermitcraft Daycare AU by KeichiAkechi24
The Hermitcraft Daycare AUby bibble
Tango had a little accident while testing his inators, and turned more than half of the hermit population to 3-5 year olds. The other hermits will have to work together...
HermitChat + Incorrect Quotes!! by duckygirl11
HermitChat + Incorrect Quotes!!by (/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻
The title says it all! Just a ton of hermit chats and incorrect quotes! E
Doubled Powers (Hermitcraft & Dream SMP Crossover AU) by Echo-Of-The-Past
Doubled Powers (Hermitcraft & Echo
Grian was just minding his own business, dancing around the treetops in his jungle home, when disaster struck. HCBBS. No one knew what it meant, until they arrived. The...
Hermitcraft Oneshots - Season 7, Baby! [COMPLETED!] by Casuallyy
Hermitcraft Oneshots - Season 7, inactive account :)
Oneshots from HermitCraft Season 7! CONTAINS SHIPPING! (minesonas only) All chapters/oneshots will be labelled by ship and genre (for your convenience!) Any Impulse and...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by The_Guestinator
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby The Guestinator👻
A bunch of Oneshots and short stories based off of Hermitcraft.