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Bloodlust by fnaffrenzie
Bloodlustby Kachow
After getting dragged along with Tyler and his friends to haunted house, Alejandro gets bit by a vampire and has to suffer the vampire consequences But nobody knows how...
Doomsblood by CourtesyTrefflin
Doomsbloodby Courtesy Trefflin
A mission gone wrong for Cid leaves Hunter as a vampire, a fact that he endeavors to hide from his squad. And then, when he's captured by the Empire, by Crosshair, after...
Vampire Hunter || SBI book by vexen_H
Vampire Hunter || SBI bookby Vex
-In a world where Vampires have hunted humans for centuries- Tommy is born into a family who are famous For their vampire hunting skills, he's forced at a young age to s...
Home || Haitani × Haruchiyo by raitani_
Home || Haitani × Haruchiyoby R A I D E N
"𝙒𝙚 𝙤𝙬𝙣 𝙮𝙤𝙪" ╰┈➤ Haruchiyo happens to have a bad day, leading him to get out of their house out of anger. Little did he know, that was also the day whe...
The Sweetest Poison by nessatheyaksha
The Sweetest Poisonby n.
"What do you mean i'm yours?" Taehyung asked, voice shaking. "I turned you, 200 hundred years ago." came the answer. "Sir, I don't know what k...
LitN: Running Through The Night by jwontoni
LitN: Running Through The Nightby 𝕵
Finale to Lovers in the Night. "The realms are inching toward destruction, and the only way we can prevent that is to change the past." In which Yoojung, the o...
Cravings (STYLE) by kyles_watching
Cravings (STYLE)by KYLE!!1!💯💯
(Stan x Kyle) vampire AU. When both death reports and missing peoples cases start rising in South Park, suspicions are spreading like disease, and rumours are the number...
Lovers in the Night II | Yang Jungwon by jwontoni
Lovers in the Night II | Yang 𝕵
Sequel to Lovers in the Night. "No matter what lifetime you're living in," he slowly presses his body closer to her, softly pressing his dainty lips against he...
Bløød   (Hyunsung) by hyunniesung
Bløød (Hyunsung)by Lacuna♠
" I'll keep you as my favorite incomplete wish...."
THE CROWN [K.MJ x Reader] by Meow_meowmyhae
THE CROWN [K.MJ x Reader]by 🐈‍⬛
She's a rollercoaster of emotions, stirring up everything from hate to desire, anger to lust, and something even more dangerous - love. ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ "And you know...
chiaroscuro extras by moonchildstyless
chiaroscuro extrasby moonchildstyless
continuations of my fic chiaroscuro _______ you can find me on my Tumblr at
Let Us Adore You by 2econd2ight
Let Us Adore Youby 2econd2ight
"Why?" Tommy sobbed, fingers clinging to the fabric of Philza's suit. Fat globs of tears fell down his cheeks and dripped onto his neck as he was forced down o...
bloodline ; seventeen by dykeuji
bloodline ; seventeenby ✵
in which an innocent human is in the wrong place at the wrong time. |seventeen vampire au| |mild gore so if you're uncomfortable with that i don't suggest reading|
Thousand years || JJK vampire AU by beeteeasss
Thousand years || JJK vampire AUby beeteeasss
"Who are you" "Someone you look into my eyes, you'll forget that I saved you, you have to stay away from me. I can't lose you twice" -Jun...
Drippin' ✘ Skz by j_svng
Drippin' ✘ Skzby julian
They first appeared in her dreams, now they're a reality. They might be dangerous, but they're passionate, too. One day, Somi's life is perfect, the next, it's drippin'...
Love Bite| Vampire! Eijiro Kirishima x reader by MeganTrancy
Love Bite| Vampire! Eijiro ♡~Megan~♡
by 19, vampires need to meet their soulmate and if they don't have anyone then they'll never be able to love. with kirishima having a crush on y/n, his urges get worse a...
Vampires.. Real? by SpookiGlitch
Vampires.. Real?by SpookiGlitch
Tommy is just a normal teenager... well as normal as you can be fending for yourself on the streets. He has heard reports of vampires in his area, but he know vampires a...
Blood Brothers- MCYT Vampire AU by onadownwardspiral_
Blood Brothers- MCYT Vampire AUby Eddie
Tommy gets turned into a vampire and his whole world turns upside down with it. When he's invited to join a sinister family of 3, does he? And what about the famed vam...
Vampires Will Never Hurt You |Yoonmin au| by btsgotnojuice
Vampires Will Never Hurt You | btsgotnojuice
AU where Yoongi, a vampire, falls in love with a human, Park Jimin, who just so happens to be terrified of vampires. (Angst warning) THIS BOOK IS FINISHED. - ***Ranked...