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(Scarian) enemy or lover?? by Dnawolf790
(Scarian) enemy or lover??by Goodtimesinthewoods
Scar is the number one hero and which he is in college, he has a best friend named Grian who is the number one villain but scar doesn't know. Doc and cleo are the ones w...
Oneshots Scarian by Bryanzora
Oneshots Scarianby Bryanzora
First story prompt Scar tries to preen Grian's wings but his wings are sensitive. !Characters not mine I only ship the personas!
A New Ally by RandomReader1243
A New Allyby RandomReader1243
This is a hero villain Hermitcraft AU. Scar and Cub captured the villain "Poultry Man" a couple months ago but Scar likes to go visit a lot. Scar and Cub are...
Two Different Worlds (Re-Write) - A Hermitcraft Mermaid AU by starlit_voids
Two Different Worlds (Re-Write) Xan
A pirate who doesn't believe in merpeople. A half-merman who isn't allowed anywhere near humans. Not exactly the kind of people you'd expect to meet, let alone fall in l...
Hermitcraft ice skating au! by Greenpea-the-drawer
Hermitcraft ice skating au!by •~ greenpea ~•
This is not my idea, go sub to Yan on YouTube! They make really good videos that I love so much, please do subscribe to them! Some warnings before you read. There will b...
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Love found within the enemy - Scarian by Shadow_Sin01
Love found within the enemy - Wither
I was board so HC 7, probably go how you'd expect it to go, but who cares? I am Dyslexic so grammar and spelling errors will occur in this book.
The Turf War Twisted by rainenymphaea
The Turf War Twistedby ✩‧₊ raine ₊‧✩
Scar's stressed about the Turf War, and Grian even more so. An unlikely admiration blossoms when the two leaders realise how similar they really are. The Turf War keeps...
as the world caves in - grian angst (scarian) by stellarpoint
as the world caves in - grian stellarpoint
Cover is probably temporary? "and here it is, our final night alive as the earth burns to the ground..." Grian lives a normal life in the town of Hermitville...
Silence and pining - Scarian by How_The_Time_Flies
Silence and pining - Scarianby Mr Lemon Man.
A story based back in season six, around mid way through the demise game as this was when I started writing it (I've only decided I may as well submit it here now). It d...
Memories meet Present//Scarian story// by Kxr3s_R0s3_Garden
Memories meet Present//Scarian Kxre
A Scarian story Pg-13 Swear SA/r@pe kidnapping murder Cannibalism smut(meantions of it) abuse(sexual,physical,verbal,emotial)
Unrequited love (Scarian) by AubrieHalo_
Unrequited love (Scarian)by Aubrie Halo
A book about the Hanahaki Disease! (A disease that happens when a person falls in love with another, but the other doesn't feel the same way) Grian was finally going to...
Hermitcraft / Life series oneshots by TalynK
Hermitcraft / Life series oneshotsby TK
hello, this is my lil' book of oneshots, mostly about Hermitcraft, but also might be some Life series oneshots and AUs. I'll take requests, but no promises Im actually g...
Truth (GoodTimesWithScar x Grian) by wickedgamer2009
Truth (GoodTimesWithScar x Grian)by Rae
Scar has been struggling keeping his crush for a specific dirty blonde avian a secret, he doesn't know how the avian would react if Scar told him how he felt. But Grian...
hermitcraft meet's double life by Dontaskmewhyididit12
hermitcraft meet's double lifeby ⟟ ⋏⟒⟒⎅ ⏁⊑⟒⍀⏃⌿⊬
hello i hope you enjoy this is what the title says I take constructive criticism but please do keep in mind that this was made a long time ago anyway enjoy byyyyye~ 8t...
Stuck with you [Grian and Scar] by Paperbypaper
Stuck with you [Grian and Scar]by Paper
Grian finally old enough for the great blessing to find his soulmate and have the holy string attached to him and whoever the Gods above decide is worthy of him. To hold...
Teammate headquarters  by Mushruu101
Teammate headquarters by Mushruu101
‼️COVER ART MINE‼️ A famous hero lived a great humorous life in his city that adored him, however competition appears and now he isn't the only hero. Will they be able t...
Scarian Oneshots [Request's open] ❤️🤎 by Lunatic_Was_Taken
Scarian Oneshots [Request's open] Kaveh
HIIIIII yeahhhh I decided to make a scarian oneshot because the ship is underrated >:( Hope u enjoy lmao Ranks: #3 goodtimewithscar, #2 Doublelife, #13 Shipping The c...
Grian Oneshots!! by ELemonsssss
Grian Oneshots!!by GrainOfBread
This is a set of oneshots written by me! They may not all be Grian-centric, but most will be. As of now, I will take requests (I write angst, fluff, hurt, comfort, etc...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by japaneseTOFU
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby ._.its._.l1am._.
This is going to be a whole bunch of random one shots, I am sorry if I get anything wrong, I will also be writing about the other seasons as well. There may also be smut...
Corruption Of Our Minds and Hearts Underneath The Masks by purrfect_kitty
Corruption Of Our Minds and Purrfect_Kitty
Fifteen years ago Hybrids were given rights. Now a danger has overtaken the city. An illness turning random citizens into villains and killing them once they have ca...