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《BL》I've Become a Big Boss's Little Dragon Egg by xiansxi
《BL》I've Become a Big Boss's cucumber bro
《 MTL 》《 ✔️ 》《 Modern 》 Author's name: Kuan Hansu Status: Completed (80 Chapters + 4 Extras) ~~~ Introduction: Luo An was reborn, but there seemed to be something wrong...
Kion and Rani have cubs by forestcaller123e7
Kion and Rani have cubsby Saanvi J. Hud
Kion and Rani Have cubs. But it turns out it isn't as easy as it looks. Protecting cubs are hard. Many old enimies come back from the past. And the person who's behind i...
《BL》The Little Mermaid Got The Wrong Script by xiansxi
《BL》The Little Mermaid Got The cucumber bro
《 MTL 》《 ✔️ 》《 Interstellar 》 Author: Lang Kong Yishi Status: Completed (107 Chapters + 1 Extra) ~~~ [mtler/n: 2k letter limit, full ver in ch 1] Introduction: Ruan Chuj...
{BL, MTL} I Summoned An Egg [Interstellar] by Creating_Future
{BL, MTL} I Summoned An Egg [ Danmei Fans
Author: 糖莓 Status: Complete In Interstellar 6418, in the first summoning class of Corrick College, the students summoned their own summoned beasts one after another. For...
MiChaeng - One Shots by Mi-Chaeng2324
MiChaeng - One Shotsby Unknown_Me
MiChaeng One Shots ✓Fluff ✓Angst ✓Smut ✓anything that comes to my mind -2021-
Doki Doki Lesbian Club by RainyPrime2468
Doki Doki Lesbian Clubby RainyPrime2468
Mainly a natsyuri, but do not threat! Sayonica will be included, I'm not a monster. If you want to know what happens you'll have to read it because I'm not good at descr...
Hermitcraft: Oneshots, Headcannons and General Shenanigans by ausforyou
Hermitcraft: Oneshots, AC
~Hermitcraft~ That's it, that's the description : D But no, really, all I can say is that this book is full of STUFF and THINGS about Hermitcraft, OC lore and my HC mult...
grian (angst?) centered one shots  by ciel_gege
grian (angst?) centered one shots by DmMe?
basically a vent fic for all the ideas wrapped up in my mind but with grian as the MC. some may go OCC bc of plot but pls. bare with me. it doesn't have a schedule, req...
Planned Bet (Flippy x Flaky | Flaky x Flippy) by MissTired88
Planned Bet (Flippy x Flaky |
Preview from chapters "...So, what you girls talking about?" The yellow rabbit said as he pulled a chair to their table. "Oh, we were going to help Flaky...
Alex Rider one shots by Smld15
Alex Rider one shotsby Smld15
Just some Alex Rider one shots. *taking requests*
Always Look Twice (Michaeng) ✔️ by Pengu_Cub
Always Look Twice (Michaeng) ✔️by Pengu_Cub
Mina has a twin | Michaeng love story ft TWICE & GOT7
Hidden is Better Than Seen||Hermitcraft by ShishKebeb
Hidden is Better Than Seen|| Arson Queen
Grian is one of three top tier admins, and he's always stayed hidden. That is, until he finds the server Hermitcraft and all is revealed. Just a little more in detail th...
This book contains Zodiacs but Happy Tree Friends edition! Nothing here is not meant to be accurate and is just meant for entertainment purposes only! I do not own H...
The lies behind their masks - A(nother) Hermitcraft and Evo AU fanfiction. by EmberDragon34
The lies behind their masks - A( Ember, the queen of angst 👻
GUESS WHAT? It's time for another Hermitcraft fanfiction I'll stop liking halfway through! The watchers are coming, and Hermitcraft's chaos. Permadeaths, deadly glitche...
Maddest Kind of Love- A Hermitcraft Fanfiction (Book 1) by Acewolf31
Maddest Kind of Love- A Acewolf31
Evil X returns to Hermitcraft, causing chaos to break loose. The smell of impending doom is in the air. The most unexpected things happen... yada yada yada. If this is t...
Grian focused oneshots/stories by WinterIcedTea
Grian focused oneshots/storiesby Xian
hello! this is my first story so please be gentle-- I'll take constructive criticism tho! if I get any characters wrong please tell me, its because I mostly watch gria...
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two collides | hermitcraft & bench trio by floriq
two collides | hermitcraft & ┆ ° ♡ floriq 🌸
the three iconic boys, tubbo, ranboo and tommy travel (via nether) to the wonderous world of hermitcraft! (totally planned) only one question remains, how do they get ba...
That One Alleyway by Pillopuppy
That One Alleywayby Pebble the Mudwing
Hihi! I'm writing another story! Hooray! So, a little background information, this story was inspired by a price of art by @wassupimE_twt on Twitter, but their friend p...