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Rejecting The Omega by Matkins26
Rejecting The Omegaby Marissa Atkins
Clare Jackson made one mistake when she was 14 which affects her entire life. Her brothers disowned her and turned everyone else against Clare also. She was abused and...
The Soulmates From The Third Gym by Story_Archer
The Soulmates From The Third Gymby Madam Story Archer
This is a Bokuakakurotsuki soulmate au where when you write or draw on yourself with marker or pen it transfers to your soulmate in the same place. It only works when yo...
The Archon of Wayward winds [Honkai Impact Fanfic] by ThoughtfulForest
The Archon of Wayward winds [Honka...by Thoughtful Forest
The dark stigma of Schicksal's 4th noble house remains strong after 500 years. The young man from the clan hated by all just wants one thing. His classmates and the val...
Scarlet Heart Ryeo: 3rd Prince Wang Yo fanfiction by ImaginationsRuns
Scarlet Heart Ryeo: 3rd Prince Wan...by ImaginationRuns
A 25-year-old woman from the year 2015, Kim Yu Ri fainted in a shopping mall's toilet after she saw a reflection of a lady in traditional hanbok. She was sent to the hos...
Hall Of Fame 2022 by Chapel6
Hall Of Fame 2022by The Hall Of Fame
Hall of Fame Awards 2022 is now open! Come submit your book and get a chance to win some awesome prizes! Open(🦋) Judging( ) Closed( ) Wattpad has no affil...
Honkai Impact 3rd:Quantum Siblings by shadowgamer254
Honkai Impact 3rd:Quantum Siblingsby Shadowgamer
the world is plagued and is being ransacked by an enemy from a different time,the Honkai,an entity,that can take the form of many things,object,diseases,mindless beasts...
A Capitan's Journey (Honkai Impact 3rd x Male oc) by newone036
A Capitan's Journey (Honkai Impact...by new one
On earth, a catastrophe known as the "Honkai" has plagued mankind throughout history. The Honkai was created alongside civilization, and creatures known as the...
Honkai Impact Dread by ForeverBlackRose20
Honkai Impact Dreadby DreadfulRose
This is fanfic about my favorite mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd. Only Character I own is Mars and his sister Scarlet. (I have other original characters but Im still maki...
Konichiwa bitches and bastards //naruto neglect fanfic by yonadragoneel
Konichiwa bitches and bastards //n...by Jiminismybias
Naruto uzumaki namazaki, this poor boy never did anything to the word but the world and everyone around gave him pain. He knew nothing but pain ever since his birth he h...
Senior Year •HSM book 3/Ryan Evans•  by Sadie_2024
Senior Year •HSM book 3/Ryan Evans...by Sadie
Bri, Ryan and the East High gang are back...again but this time they are taking on their Senior Year. Join Bri on her journey through her Senior Year in high school wit...
Whiskers and Paws // HI3 by Makuseii
Whiskers and Paws // HI3by Makuseii
{ bronseele again THE LAST ONE I SWEAR!!1 } Seele lived a normal life inside her flat. She was half cat, somewhat, and she had just woken up like that one day. It didn't...
mother of the tailed beasts(a Naruto fanfiction) by electricbluelove
mother of the tailed beasts(a Naru...by Selena
a goddess the goddess of protection to be exact (i don't own Naruto or the original story line)
Honkai impact: The black barrel by ThoughtfulForest
Honkai impact: The black barrelby Thoughtful Forest
The old Civilization of 50,000 + years ago was destroyed. Its remnants remained with the Mantises and the moths who till this day still protects the world from the Honka...
Artbook 1: breaking worlds by Nettle-Fox
Artbook 1: breaking worldsby ꧁▸▹𝓢𝓾𝓶𝓶𝓮𝓻◃◂꧂
my art book, this one will contain art. yeye. :3
The Forgiveness That I seek( Published) by shruthiravi13
The Forgiveness That I seek( Publi...by Shruthi
Lakshman celebrated as the most ideal brother of Ramayana questions himself on whether he was a good husband. As trumpets are blown on his spectacular support as a broth...
Pokemon Fakémon by Usher3000
Pokemon Fakémonby Usher
three boys but different
Honkai Impact War by ForeverBlackRose20
Honkai Impact Warby DreadfulRose
Honkai Impact War is fan friction base of the mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd. This book is the second book of Honkai Impact Dread. Only Character I own is Mars his siste...
Saving the Starks by Comin2U
Saving the Starksby Comin2U
The Avenger's died. 7/10 JA's too. The world has fallen, good has fallen and evil won. 25 years later its time to fix that and screw with the timeline a little, and of c...
Cancer Takes Another One by BeanPadd2283
Cancer Takes Another Oneby Syndria
Naruto Uzumaki Namekaze has lived a life of pain abuse of all kinds. He is hated for what he is and people beat him on a daily basis. On the night of his 13th birthday h...