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Re:Tempest  by Xenomyguy
Re:Tempest by Xeno
This is a story based on Re:forgotten, Subaru after being tortured finds himself having a voice in his head, he also has some new slimy powers, what will happen in this...
RaYa 2.0🦋 by Vmljs009
RaYa 2.0🦋by Vmljs009
Its about how 5 years later Ram and Priya sort out their differences and get back together along with their daughter even after facing so many hurdles. 💜
The Witchs by Nidal456
The Witchsby Nidal456
In this world Satella and the rest of the witchs in the dream castle summons subaru and are now inside of him Helping him over come his challenges This is a story where...
Darmiyaan by DianaMight
Darmiyaanby DianaMight
A RAM AND VEDU LOVE STORY SHOW- BADE ACCHE LAGTE HAI- SEASON 2 Instead of writing about our beloved RAYA- because we are gonna get a lot of that content on the show- I a...
Re:Zero , The Witches Child by OribaNS
Re:Zero , The Witches Childby OribaNS
This is an action, harem-ish story about, the child of the 7 witches of sin after they combined their powers into one entity. After his creation, Seren is sent into a wo...
Rezero The fist of evil by OtakuXXX7
Rezero The fist of evilby Otaku XXX
What would happen to Subaru if he was completely different and was in the one punch universe and was the disciphle of the Hero hunter garou but for some unknown reason w...
Berserk of Re:Zero by JumboIgnir
Berserk of Re:Zeroby JumboIgnir
Guts....the person with most tragic life....since ever his birth he was overcoming difficulties that no one could at his young age of five he already was able to kill...
COTE REACTS! ReZero: The Mastermind and the Simp by ihatepotatos377
COTE REACTS! ReZero: The Mastermin...by potatohater
The COTE cast is reacting the the fanfic: ReZero: The Mastermind and the Simp by: @angle99999. This is happening after the second island exam after they returned to sch...
The Princes of Ayodhya-The Ramayan Through Short Stories by Mochis4lifeq52627
The Princes of Ayodhya-The Ramayan...by Mrinalini
Ancient India. Approximately 7 thousand years ago. The Kingdom of Kosala. A dutiful crown prince exiled from his kingdom for fourteen years. A loving wife who follows hi...
RaYa TS: There is no end to love! by RaYamaniac
RaYa TS: There is no end to love!by RaYamaniac
It may not follow the traditional happy ending.....as there is no end to love....!
The Reconcilement by madcaps1976
The Reconcilementby Madcaps
Fanfic on BALH2 post leap
Re:ZERO Lemon Harem (Male Insert) by Bobdudeisverycool
Re:ZERO Lemon Harem (Male Insert)by Bob dude
As the name says it's a male insert about YN's sex filled journey through the world of Re:ZERO. Will be one long running story, however I might do oneshots. If that hap...
(Rem x Reader) Re:Reader - Starting YOUR New Life in Another World by _Kaip0
(Rem x Reader) Re:Reader - Startin...by _Kaip0
After being teleported to a world filled with magic and fantasy, YN (Your Name) meets a girl he had no clue could exist. Inexplicably infatuated for the blue haired maid...
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PriRa FF: Will You Grow Old With Me? by Anee_M
PriRa FF: Will You Grow Old With M...by Anne
This story is about the journey of two people who got betrayed in love , How an arranged marriage made their life meaningful and how they got their soulmate. A journey f...
Happiness you never felt // Golden Duo by LanaFuri
Happiness you never felt // Golden...by Lanafuri
-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Tommy was left alone, or so he thought. His family left him, his best friend replaced him and everyone seemed to hate him. He was promised to be happy...
Re:Zero Male Insert by BooksLored
Re:Zero Male Insertby BooksLored
Y/N, a normal guy, is one day sent to the world of Re:Zero! He's watched the anime, so he knows that tough times are ahead. Come along the journey as you meet and help...
Re:Zero Cast Watching Natsuki Subaru's Adventure to Death by GoldenFang17
Re:Zero Cast Watching Natsuki Suba...by GoldenFang17
After being transported into another world, Natsuki Subaru has gone through all kinds of pain and died many times but still returned to life for a very enigmatic reason...
Re:Gamer! Gaming in another world! (Re:Zero) by Yesnth
Re:Gamer! Gaming in another world...by Minecraft Explorer 2.0
What would happen when a shut-in gamer is dumped into another world with crazy cultists, world ending beasts and witches, with the ability to live his life like a game? ...
Re: Slayer - The Flame Tsuguko in Another World by GranCadejo
Re: Slayer - The Flame Tsuguko in...by TokuJensen
Things have been hectic in the Demon Slayer Corp as news quickly spread of a demon's pardon by their leader. Kaoi thought things could not get any more crazy. Little did...
GAP BETWEEN US by keuliseutinnn_Eris
GAP BETWEEN USby keuliseutinnn_Eris
Finally! English Translation is here!! This novel focused only to my babies #RamKing from My Engineer The Series. Credits: To The RIGHTFUL OWNER