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Frozen Flower (Flower Husbands) by Raccoonboi66
Frozen Flower (Flower Husbands)by Raccoonboi66
Scott was flying around one winter day and all of a sudden someone shot Scott in the wings and he fell into a frozen lake... Will someone help him? Will he survive the f...
Killing Butterflies - Empires SMP by daisy-mooon
Killing Butterflies - Empires SMPby daisy-mooon
Xornoth, local demon and mass murderer, is defeated in battle. It's humiliating, but it gets even worse when they learn about the conditions of their captivity, which ha...
Empires SMP S1 Oneshots by LunarThing
Empires SMP S1 Oneshotsby LunarThing
[ Note: This Book Will Have Some Slower Updates From Now On Due To ESMP S2 Having Started, I Hope You Understand ^v^" ] Hello There! I Know My Account Is Very Wobbl...
The New Origin by Nonbinary_Leaf
The New Originby BlankIsCrying
A weird meteor gets spotted in the sky and there is something in it...
Starboy by _Steampunk_3
Starboyby Steampunk
Just a short written piece based off of Smajor's Origins SMP skin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a sample of my writing and I do have others. If you are interested in wor...
"Hey, Who's Got My Hat?" by DJJordanne
"Hey, Who's Got My Hat?"by DJJordanne
"All of you fly home safely now," Jimmy said, reaching up to tip his hat downwards in farewell. Jimmy nearly gasped when his hand gripped onto nothing. His she...
Corrupting the incorruptible  by MysticalStarz
Corrupting the incorruptible by Star
Empires smp S1 fanfic <3 They finally banished Xornoth 'for good' and everyone one is finally happy, bar one. Scott makes a discovery, but this discovery may lead to...
Truth Or Dare by ThaMemelikesorcas
Truth Or Dareby œřçæ
Fgsvhyfsvfutsvjfys couldn't decide a damned name for the story also could not find who did the fanart of the cover so if anyone has a clue then please tell Yayy first bo...
a bad idea to put the empires in highschool by crazy_pe3p
a bad idea to put the empires in Ori.Relish
[fWhip created group "Best class [E2]"] [fWhip added Jimmy Solidarity, Joel, Pixlriffs, and 8 other people] fWhip: HEYO ----- Or; A mostly-chatfic, partially-g...
Valley of the Damned by Alphanightrunner
Valley of the Damnedby Fang
TechnobladexReader This takes place in the origin smp.
Flower Husbands (Hiatus)  by PlusUltraTea
Flower Husbands (Hiatus) by That_Sad_Bitch__
This is a bunch of one-shots of Scott and Jimmy, (or flower husbands). They are manly Scott centric. I will be doing suggestions as well! So let me know! If I feel uncom...
Pale fire (Scott x Jimmy flower husbands fanfiction) by koolantlerz
Pale fire (Scott x Jimmy flower Mysterious writer
(COVER ART IS NOT MINE, VYOEH ON TUMBLR CREATED IT!<3) A story based on the Cod father, King Jimmy and His royal highness, king Scott of Rivendale. This fiction is pr...
I'll call you.. Poppy! by AuthorKranz
I'll call you.. Poppy!by AuthorKranz
Flower husbands but they have a daughter <3
Getting To Know you Better {Hermitcraft --- Dubble Life} by nightfury2334
Getting To Know you Better { nightfury2334
● All credit to the artist of the cover fishieJay on Twitter. ● This story is not about the CC its about the characters. And no the personalities aren't completely acc...
Empires Secondary School/ High School Au by good_times_with_echo
Empires Secondary School/ High echo
HII GUYSSS. THIS IS MY FIRST EMPIRES SMP BOOK YAY! So this is just a high school AU, featuring cannon ships, and potentially nature wives.
A Mile In Another's Shoes by yupVinnieWrites
A Mile In Another's Shoesby Vinnie
"Arcane Academy, you beautiful sight," Pixl Riffs breathed as he stood at the gate of said school. A mischievous grin spread across his lips. "The dean is...
Harry Potter x Origins SMP by CandyTh3D0g
Harry Potter x Origins SMPby CandyTheDog null
What if the Golden trio, Draco, McGonagall and Dumbledore get stuck in a world they don't understand? Where everything they want is earnt and not given on a platter? Whe...
》☆"Lily White and Poppy Red"☆《 by ImGayButNotForYou
》☆"Lily White and Poppy Red"☆《by Ray
》☆~~~~~"This feels right.."~~~~~☆《 In which Scott Smajor, the crown prince of Rivendell, falls for the second child of the Ocean Empire, Prince Jimmy Solidarit...
Flower Husbands Oneshots (Empires) by 1-800-crystalball
Flower Husbands Oneshots (Empires)by ~ 𝐂𝐑𝐘𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐋 ~
*REQUESTS OPEN* Flower Husbands oneshots based off of the Empires smp!! *COVER FANART IS NOT MINE*
Empires smp fanfic by Shibbydoodles
Empires smp fanficby Shibbydoodles
This is an empires smp season 1 fanfiction I wrote, mostly centered around the Wither Rose Alliance. This aren't oneshots. Disclaimers: None of the characters belong to...