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Desert Duo Swap (Scarian by Jelli502
Desert Duo Swap (Scarianby Shipping Queen
Exactly what the title is
For Fun (Grian x reader) by ParanormalActivaty
For Fun (Grian x reader)by Para (They/them)
You are to simply put it, a member of Hermitcraft. You have been since season 4, but what happens when a certain bird boy joins the server? (They them pronouns) (All art...
Scarian Oneshots [Request's open] ❤️🤎 by Lunatic_Was_Taken
Scarian Oneshots [Request's open]...by Kaveh
HIIIIII yeahhhh I decided to make a scarian oneshot because the ship is underrated >:( Hope u enjoy lmao Ranks: #3 goodtimewithscar, #2 Doublelife, #13 Shipping The c...
Flower Husbands | one shots by Xelthus
Flower Husbands | one shotsby Eskeigel
hallo, this book is basically about the flower husbands aka scott and jimmy. this will not be updated regularly basically meaning very slow updates. also don't expect t...
Stuck with you [Grian and Scar] by Paperbypaper
Stuck with you [Grian and Scar]by Paper
Grian finally old enough for the great blessing to find his soulmate and have the holy string attached to him and whoever the Gods above decide is worthy of him. To hold...
The Life Series Oneshots by cxxyz_c0r3
The Life Series Oneshotsby ✰lumi/cxxyz✰
Welcome to a series of Life Series Oneshots! Started - 02/11/24 Ended - I only ship the Minecraft personas. Not their real life selves. I do NOT write smut. There will...
Desert Duo //Scarian (Scar x Grian)\\ by Rosa_2406
Desert Duo //Scarian (Scar x Grian...by Rossii_the_Bee
A "3rd life" fan-fiction from Scar's and Grians perspective, as a ship (because I think they're cute together (ONLY THEIR MINECRAFT CHARACTERS! NOT THE PEOPLE...
 𓈊 Petal's Diary by bumblvee
𓈊 Petal's Diaryby Vinnie
*COMPLETED* An insider into APBAON!Scott's mind and his side of the story. Please read A Poppy By Any Other Name first before reading this. *** Lowercases are intention...
Life Series one shots by DreSTizzally_
Life Series one shotsby DST
I need to stop making these oneshot books _____________ Started this book on 24/6/2023 - _____________ #8 in limitedlife (27/6/2023)
Battle Life SMP by YanDanTDM
Battle Life SMPby Dan To The Double
Twelve Robloxians awaken to find themselves in...Minecraftia, of all places!? But if you thought waking up in a whole other dimension that works on completely different...
What Are You?//Listener Jimmy au//Flower Husbands by The_Trans_Mushroom
What Are You?//Listener Jimmy au...by Shroom K.
What happens when the people of Empires smp find out what the sheriff actually is? /////////////////////////// -This is in the process of being rewritten!!! -Completely...
Flower husbands💖💖 by Icicle1131
Flower husbands💖💖by Icey
Ok so im gonna sink hours into writing shit about flower husbands instead of school work 😍😍
C!Mcyt Oneshots (REQUESTS ARE OPEN) by Iamalazypandaaa
C!Mcyt Oneshots (REQUESTS ARE OPEN)by <3
(REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!) Fandoms: Life Series (Traffic Light Smp) Hermitcraft Empires 1&2 New Life Smp Afterlife Smp Pirates Smp
Scarian oneshots / DISCONTINUED / by justtwohomies
Scarian oneshots / DISCONTINUED /by homiesexuals 🏃
This book has been discontinued, officially, thank you so much to both past, present and future readers! •~scarian oneshots~• (7 completed oneshots) ~~ Personas only. I'...
-{ 𝑳𝑰𝑭𝑬 𝑺𝑬𝑹𝑰𝑬𝑺 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒘...by 🔥 𝓜𝓲𝓴𝓮𝓧𝓓 🔥
You heard/saw what the title said, It's gonna be The Life Series by Grian, except.. The cast are going to be fictional characters.. like BFDI, Helluva Boss, Murder Drone...
Mcyt Oneshots &lt;3 by BumblebeeFangirl27
Mcyt Oneshots &lt;3by Lavendar
Fandoms include: Empires SMP; Rats SMP; Hermitcraft; Witchcraft SMP; 3rd, Last, Double and Limited Life; etc Requests open! I do not write about Dream SMP, sorry! This w...
Grumbo + Scarian Oneshots by RatPrints
Grumbo + Scarian Oneshotsby {Onyx/Rat}
Requests always open. No 18+ I will try and write as much as I can. Please read my other stories ❤️
Flower Husbands Reunited by Writer160
Flower Husbands Reunitedby Creator
After the tragic loss of his husband, Scott is given a fresh start. As Empires starts, he makes it his mission to avoid Jimmy as much as possible. He worries that Jimmy...
Knifepoint (A Life Series murder mystery AU) by RubyBlueWrites
Knifepoint (A Life Series murder m...by Blue
<???: Let's play a little game> There's thirteen of us and one of them. <???: Make it fun, won't you?> One by one, we all will go down unless we remove the...
The Apocalypse - Secret Life SMP by 0bviouslyme110
The Apocalypse - Secret Life SMPby 0bviouslyme110
When Gem opened the portal to the End, it gave her power; A power that corrupted her and transformed her into a zombie. The first human is infected, and it causes the re...