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3rd Life/Last Life One-Shots by Soft-estSoundFan
3rd Life/Last Life One-Shotsby Soft-estSoundFan
Deep down, we all know, I have no functioning remaining brain cells. Also, I apologize in advance. (REQUESTS TEMPORARILY CLOSED)
Flower Husbands Reunited by Writer160
Flower Husbands Reunitedby Creator
After the tragic loss of his husband, Scott is given a fresh start. As Empires starts, he makes it his mission to avoid Jimmy as much as possible. He worries that Jimmy...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Hermitcraft_Queen
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby Queen Eevee
It's not all Hermitcraft, though, there's gonna be some 3rd Life/Last Life and probably Among Us in here too UwU Highest Ranking: #1 in tango - 9/29/21 #1 in martyn...
Desert Duo Swap (Scarian by Jelli502
Desert Duo Swap (Scarianby Shipping Queen
Exactly what the title is
DSMP X 3LSMP Group Chat (WIP Rewrite) by Erix_18
DSMP X 3LSMP Group Chat (WIP Rewri...by TheBlueBeatle
A group chat with two of my favorite Minecraft series involving lore, aka Dream SMP and 3rd Life/Last Life SMP. This fanfic will be in a High School AU. There will also...
A Poppy By Any Other Name by yupVinnieWrites
A Poppy By Any Other Nameby Vinnica
「"What are you doing?" Joel laughed at the awkward sight of Jimmy staring blankly down the hallway. "You look ridiculous." Jimmy blinked and turned t...
"Please Remember Me" || Flower Husbands Fanfiction || by Lobess123
"Please Remember Me" || Flower Hus...by Nix
~Scott x Jimmy fanfic~ ~Includes 3rd Life and EmpiresSMP~ ~Fluff and angst~ Scott has a weird dream one night about a world of chaos and explosions. A blond haired man w...
Flower Husbands | one shots by Xelthus
Flower Husbands | one shotsby Eskeigel
hallo, this book is basically about the flower husbands aka scott and jimmy. this will not be updated regularly basically meaning very slow updates. also don't expect t...
Love Never Felt So Right by Luk1e_Puk1e
Love Never Felt So Rightby Luk1e_Puk1e
"Love is supposed to hurt right?" Scott sobbed as he collapsed onto the floor and continued to breakdown crying while his Jimmy was somewhere else with someone...
Together forever {Grian/Hels/Ex ONESHOTS} by XxMystro_M00nxX
Together forever {Grian/Hels/Ex ON...by XxMystro_M00nxX
One-shots of Grian!Evil Xisuma! And HelsKnight! This ship was originally owned by @WelshKitsuneEtho Their an amazing Author with lots of amazing books, please show them...
The Loss Of My Love  by Fandomqueen85223
The Loss Of My Love by Vanessa
Scott hasn't spoken to his husband since 3rd life. He failed to keep him alive, and surely he hates him, right? So he does everything in his power to avoid seeing him, u...
Flowers, I remember fields of flowers *discontinued* by qtashru
Flowers, I remember fields of flow...by Ashoodle
A lonely elf king, missing his husband he lost in a past life. Although he's in the same, new world as him the last time he saw him he was mad at Scott. But everything c...
Flower Husbands Oneshots (Empires) by 1-800-crystalball
Flower Husbands Oneshots (Empires)by ~ 𝐂𝐑𝐘𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐋 ~
*REQUESTS OPEN* Flower Husbands oneshots based off of the Empires smp!! *COVER FANART IS NOT MINE*
Hopelessly addicted to you|(#1 in the Happily ever empire duolodgy) by A_dam_Poseidon_kid
Hopelessly addicted to you|(#1 in...by River:]
What happened after 3rd life? Empires, but what happens after Scott's final? Well Despair has overtaken the server, Joey no longer has an empire, the ocean was drying ou...
The Ghosts are Coming (A Last Life Fanfiction) by slytherrrinnnn
The Ghosts are Coming (A Last Life...by Kyle💕
Grian leads everyone to this abounded house not knowing what was going to happen.. Just to clarify, this is not a Grian x Mumbo story but I'm putting both of them as the...
A blurred past - Flowerhusbands by qtashru
A blurred past - Flowerhusbandsby Ashoodle
4th chapter out now :00 Jimmy keeps having dreams with a cyan haired man in it, he tries to figure out who the man is but his face is blurred. One day he and other princ...
Mcyt incorrect quotes (BOOK 2) by sO_nOt_A_sHiPpEr
Mcyt incorrect quotes (BOOK 2)by Hanna banana
Hi this is the second book to my mcyt quotes! If you don't know me I'm sO_nOt_A_sHiPpEr, you can call me Hanna if you want, I don't mind. Anyways! There's going to be a...
Flower Husbands AU 🌼🌺🥀 by Cinnamonthistle1234
Flower Husbands AU 🌼🌺🥀by Cinnamon
What happens if Scott kills Jimmy? a short flower husbands AU.
Random Stuff by taya_boxly
Random Stuffby 0boox
this is just a random book its just going to be my gacha ccs random ships and alot of fandoms im in
Mcyt Randomness || Oneshots || ON HIATUS/DISCONTINUED|| by NightlyLightbulb
Mcyt Randomness || Oneshots || ON...by Bulb
Uhm.. This book contains : Angst, fluff, probably ships and other stuff- If the chapter needs a TW, it'll always be at the start of it. If you feel like a chapter withou...