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- Just Friends? -  by GTWL4YLA
- Just Friends? - by Loser ^
desert duo fanfic :D - Scarian - This is my first project so it might not be the best! #8th in Jizzie - 05.04.2024 #1st in desertduo - 17.04.2024
a Scarian Fanfic: The Parrot Next Door by aNamelessBread
a Scarian Fanfic: The Parrot Bread
(Scarian) Friends to Lovers (Personally my favorite) TW> Panic attack, Strong language, Sexual harassment, Attempted murder. Notes to Self: Started writing: 09/11/22 ...
Cuts Leave Scars by Bad_times_with_me
Cuts Leave Scarsby Bad_times_with_me
Some scarian/desert duo content :)
Empires Smp / Life Series Incorrect Quotes! by nicolesaidhellooo
Empires Smp / Life Series someone
incorrect quotes :) breathe air everyone
Never Meant To Be: yet another Scarian fic by Seth189
Never Meant To Be: yet another 𝐒𝐞𝐭𝐡 𝐉. 𝐑𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐬
Scar, a popular senior at his high school, has two very close friends. Mumbo and Martyn. They hang out a lot and they often crack themselves up. Mumbo is the nerd of the...
°•○《☆Blood moon☆》○•° by GrianAngst
°•○《☆Blood moon☆》○•°by 《☆ Giyu angst ☆》
Grian angst (ofc) The Hermit everyone knows and loves has been isolating himself from the other hermits for a few weeks. when he steps foot outside of his base for the f...
The Life Series Oneshots by cxxyz_c0r3
The Life Series Oneshotsby ✰lumi/cxxyz✰
Welcome to a series of Life Series Oneshots! Started - 02/11/24 Ended - I only ship the Minecraft personas. Not their real life selves. I do NOT write smut. There will...
Scarian/desert duo oneshots by growiththeflo
Scarian/desert duo oneshotsby flo_is_goose
This is my first try at Wattpad writing so please be nice but I would love any criticism! I will write fluff and maybe angst but no lemon/lime/smut.
Creation Of Cremations - Mumscarian Superhero AU by wallpaperedwalls
Creation Of Cremations - Paintedwalls
Grian and Scar are the notorious CuteGuy and HotGuy, defending the city from the devilish villain DeviousMan. Little do they know, their crimefighting partner is closer...
What Happened? Desert Duo by Seth189
What Happened? Desert Duoby 𝐒𝐞𝐭𝐡 𝐉. 𝐑𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐬
WARNING: This is the second fanfic I have ever written so it may be bad. This is a short story about the Desert Duo in Double Life. I left out some parts, but I got most...
[Oneshots] scarian/desertduo and possibly other ships by Kip_The_Fox
[Oneshots] scarian/desertduo and Kip Faer
[I do not ship nor condone shipping of these two other than the personas they portray in game! only angst and fluff!] possible mature rating for: language and violence i...
Bloodied Wings by Stintvar
Bloodied Wingsby
Behind him was the border, a strange thing that kept them stuck within the small map. Grian spoke up, drawing his full attention to him. Every word came out with more de...
Always Watching by LettyDoesWritting
Always Watchingby LettyDoesWritting
Grian, a watcher who has been sent too destroy a server called: Hermitcraft, Will he complete the task he was given or will he Fail and suffer the consequences of this...
‼️🗯️ LIFE SERIES ONESHOTS 🗯️‼️ by VoidsHere
‼️🗯️ LIFE SERIES ONESHOTS 🗯️‼️by ⭐Voids/Liz⭐
-⭐ Random oneshots about 3rd / last / double / limeted life ⭐-
I had a dream! (Scarian) by RyeIsBritish
I had a dream! (Scarian)by Jasper!
grian, a caring Boy broken by the world and not wanting to hurt anyone Scar, a dramatic, Sweet, person who would do anything to make grian happy. Yet, the universe lik...
Skybound - A Hermitcraft Superhero AU novel by MrSquareRunning
Skybound - A Hermitcraft MrSquareRunning
Grian is a collage professor who teaches structure analysis. He lives in a world made up of humans and creatures known as Mutants. As a mutant himself, Grian, in his fre...
Tokyo soul in Canada by XxAlex_petxX
Tokyo soul in Canadaby Alex
Scar transfers schools and meets the troublemakers that have ruled over the high school for 2 years, they had no mercy over any student there. The avian however saw some...
The Void's Song.- Desert Duo. (slow updates) by C0mm0n_P1ace_
The Void's Song.- Desert Duo. ( Common Place
They sat atop the hill, close, but not quite touching. His voice rang out loud and clear, like a lightning strike on a clear day. "Grian, everywhere the light touch...
Lilacs in the Desert /scarian/ by AmrynKaur
Lilacs in the Desert /scarian/by Coal🕸️
Grian and Scar share a dorm together along with Tubbo and Tommy.Grian and Scar don't really enjoy each others company,whilst in secret they do. Grian was adopted into a...
Lilacs And Poppies by _iNena_
Lilacs And Poppiesby ThatStupidName
Imagine you just got to your new house and find out that the guy who lives in front of you is new too... Now imagine it again but with Scarian. This is my first story so...