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Battle Scars - A Watcher-Grian AU story by XeraTheWatcher
Battle Scars - A Watcher-Grian Xera
He thought it'd be easy, just go into a server and keep a eye out for glitches... Spoiler alert: It was not. He didn't factor in lying to the whole server, hiding his ma...
Repaired by V10l3t_wr1t3s
Repairedby V10l3t_wr1t3s
SBI gets transported to HermitCraft where they fix the broken bonds with the help of the hermits, but Dream has other plans. Dream plots to destroy Hermitcraft to ensure...
[✔] The Watcher's Downfall ORIGINAL (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ariyaquila
[✔] The Watcher's Downfall Quill
"One day, Grian, I'll make it happen." "If you do, it'll be your downfall." Ariyaquila's first finished book. As the title says, this is fanfiction...
[Confirmed hiatus, I guess??] The Fall Into Darkness - HermitCraft fanfic by Cloudheart1117
[Confirmed hiatus, I guess??] Cloudheart
Update: Motivation died LOL School, stress, and depression hit me like a truck Chapters 49 and 50 will be out... Eventually I guess --------------- From the Light into t...
The Secret of the Wings - A Hermitcraft AU (Discontinued) by I_Exist_Ig
The Secret of the Wings - A Oli
Grian has successfully hidden his wings for over 2 years now. Though he's had a few close calls, he has yet to be discovered. But when the watchers return, he realizes t...
Wings- A Grian/watcher AU (DISCONTINUED) by TigerLilly7278
Wings- A Grian/watcher AU ( Aimee (NO LONGER ACTIVE)
Watchers are powerful beings. All hermits live in fear of them, and if one ever came into hermitcraft, it would be killed. That's why Grian has to hide his past, and he...
Watched |A Watcher!Grian Au by RDFROST
Watched |A Watcher!Grian Auby Cyber Frost
Secrets, mysteries, friendships, and wars... What is the worst of it? The best? Will betrayal come? Or love? With friendships last when secrets are revealed? I know, su...
Lies, Deceit, and Secrets by Starberry170
Lies, Deceit, and Secretsby
A long time ago Grian was an admin of an amazing server, but he was kidnapped from it, never to see his friends again. Then, he escaped, but everyone was gone. Now he's...
The Chained Watcher by Dragon_H3art
The Chained Watcherby Damia Greelish
They'd gotten out. After being stuck as gladiators in that god-forsaken arena for who knows how long, they got out. Now the only problem is staying out, but how? None of...
Missing? W@tcher Grian AU by Hanna7379
Missing? W@tcher Grian AUby Hanna7379
When Grians powers act up he is forced into watcher form and can't get out. He has to go into hiding to protect his secret. What will happen if the other Hermits get sus...
A Crown of Broken Runes (ACOBR) by TheJadedDragonArts
A Crown of Broken Runes (ACOBR)by TheJadedDragonArts
It was another normal day. Grian worked on his base. Mumbo hopped around. Scar died. Twice. And that's when the world broke. Now, Grian has a terrible secret, something...
[✔] Someone Named Xelqua (Hermitcraft Fanfiction) by Ariyaquila
[✔] Someone Named Xelqua ( Quill
MaGiC sUcKs ~Yes, this is another Watcher/Hermitcraft story. ~No, there is no shipping. Set during Season 6 because this story came out two days after Season 7. -I only...
~The First Step~ a Hermitcraft AU by EteTheWildsoul
~The First Step~ a Hermitcraft AUby Ete
Grian's found refuge and safety in Hermitcraft Season 6. However, his past is quickly catching up to him, resulting in trust breaking, pain, and hardship. As Grian tries...
Welcome to the Family - SBI + Ranboo + Tubbo (no shipping!) by boohoo_cracker12
Welcome to the Family - SBI + Crackers
"Mr. Beloved, I'm close to giving up on you. Nobody wants you." Um, excuse me. Rude. Being that Ranboo is seventeen, he is almost out of the foster care system...
Never Really Gone by XandeaTheWatcher
Never Really Goneby Xan
Those born on the first day of the first month are said to be cursed. Most are chosen to be powerful Admins, ones who will lead servers and inspire others. Every parent...
Griangst One-Shots by Totally-Not-Grian
Griangst One-Shotsby Totally-Not-Grian
Sad Bread. Angst book of one shots about Grian. The art IS mine. Basically, I love Grian angst and cannot get enough, so I am making this to satisfy my Griangst needs. H...
Schooled- a Hermitcraft high school AU(with watchers and stuff) by LuthTheWolf
Schooled- a Hermitcraft high A fan of the sentient bread
-No shipping, only brotherly/sisterly love- Grian is a normal 16 year old teenager. Or, well, that's what it looks like. Grian is the new kid at Munchester High. He tran...
Spiderman Bites Back by TristanArkid
Spiderman Bites Backby TristanArkid
Spider-Man has caught the attention of many, including the Watcher. Now the Watcher has decided to focus on the young hero as his world begins to spiral out of control...
Soulbreak - A MCYT 3rd/Last/Double Life FanFiction by WiseWing77
Soulbreak - A MCYT 3rd/Last/ WiseWing77
They've all suffered... they've all lost loved ones to the watchers. But it's over now... and Mojang has defeated the watchers. But at what cost? And 19-year-old profess...