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Meet Me At The Coral Isles  by bumblvee
Meet Me At The Coral Isles by Vinnie
Martyn was born into a family of bounty hunters that mercilessly killed all kinds of mythical creatures for a reward. And he just got his first job. But what happens wh...
MCYT One-shots (Mostly Smajor / Scott) by AlphaWolf1_
MCYT One-shots (Mostly Smajor / Cosmara
Alrighty then, this is my second one-shots book, and I'll write with literally any MC YouTuber that I know decently well (Except for the Hermits, those go in my first bo...
☆ The starborne ☆ by starrler
☆ The starborne ☆by star !
What if a supernova wasn't the way Scott appeared in origins smp? What if he wasn't as smart as he is seen to be? What if he was more shy than extroverted? Phil and Nik...
Scott's Eternal Winter by PacificSeaOtter
Scott's Eternal Winterby PacificSeaOtter
Scott knew he had never been truly wanted or liked by the other empires. And now they would want him even less. Why wait for them to leave him behind? Scott was going to...
Another World || Hermitcraft & Empires SMP by ThatRandomFoxLover
Another World || Hermitcraft & Foxx
The Wither Rose Alliance sat in a secret meeting room hidden in the Crystal Cliffs, discussing some complications between the alliance and server. Suddenly, a portal ap...
Royal or Rebel (A Disgraced Prince Scott AU) by Kai_The_Poet
Royal or Rebel (A Disgraced Kai_The_Poet
When two of the three heirs to the Kingdom of Avias come out as queer it is in their best interests to run far and run quickly. A story about p!Scott and p!Acho and how...
"Operation sXj" || Jizzie  by iwrote_book
"Operation sXj" || Jizzie by charlie
lixzzie_s you're one of Jimmy's friends, right? jjoelsbeans yeah? and who are you? lixzzie_s Scott's bsf-we gotta do something before i throw up Jizzie texting story S...
The Festival! by Seth189
The Festival!by 𝐒𝐞𝐭𝐡 𝐉. 𝐑𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐬
I feel like when people look at the royals, they think that we have it good. We're rich, have a lot of power, and can do basically anything we want! Well...that's partly...
Do him? (Scott x Jimmy) by Writer160
Do him? (Scott x Jimmy)by Creator
Scott is on the hunt for a Queen in order for him to take over Rivendell as King...Or so he was meant to be. He hadn't come out to his family yet, but it was too late fo...
Long May She Reign by Kai_The_Poet
Long May She Reignby Kai_The_Poet
France 1557; Owen Stuart, Queen of Scots, had been hidden away at a convent for her safety since age 9. Engaged since childhood to the future king of France, she awaits...
Love Blooms Now - A Hanahaki Olix Fanfic by AnnieLesbean
Love Blooms Now - A Hanahaki 𝔸𝕟𝕟𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒
Pixlriffs. An archaeologist. A historian. Focused on the past. He doesn't care for the present or the future, the past is where his mind lies. With the issue of potentia...
Mcyt Oneshots <3 by BumblebeeFangirl27
Mcyt Oneshots <3by Lavendar
Fandoms include: Empires SMP; Rats SMP; Hermitcraft; Witchcraft SMP; 3rd, Last, Double and Limited Life; etc Requests open! I do not write about Dream SMP, sorry! This w...
The Majors, Rebuild and Reunite (Book 3) by Rainyjoi2009
The Majors, Rebuild and Reunite ( Rainy Joi
*ON HIATUS* [Cover credit to @Allium687 :D] It had been three years since the Great Catastrophe and the downfall of the empires. Under the tyrant reign of Joey Graceffa...
KRYO // An Empires SMP Highschool AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
KRYO // An Empires SMP Kiara :>
Kryo; (noun) 'cold' in Greek ... ... Cold; (adjective) lacking affection or warmth of feeling; to be unemotional -- Scott had always been the 'lesser' of the twins. Not...
Cursed || Scott Angst by ThatRandomFoxLover
Cursed || Scott Angstby Foxx
Cover drawn by: @Salkomakes art (On possibly twitter since I found the art on google) In the final battle right before Gem's spell hit Xornoth, Xornoth had cursed Scott...
Flower Husbands Reunited by Writer160
Flower Husbands Reunitedby Creator
After the tragic loss of his husband, Scott is given a fresh start. As Empires starts, he makes it his mission to avoid Jimmy as much as possible. He worries that Jimmy...
 𓈊 Petal's Diary by bumblvee
𓈊 Petal's Diaryby Vinnie
*COMPLETED* An insider into APBAON!Scott's mind and his side of the story. Please read A Poppy By Any Other Name first before reading this. *** Lowercases are intention...
Thanks to Smajor (Tommyinnit x OC) by miss_brock
Thanks to Smajor (Tommyinnit x OC)by Maddy
Maddy is an Australian streamer and youtuber. She is a massive fan of the dream smp and everyone in it. She isn't the crazy fan that wants a piece of your hair but she's...
Trust ( Adopted by DangThatsALongName ) by DemiTDM
Trust ( Adopted by Daisy
ON HOLD You were 9 when your mother died in a fire accident and your father started drinking and abusing you. Soon he got in a car accident and your were put in a orphan...
mcyt oneshots by KekooAn
mcyt oneshotsby kek
(cover art by me aka @kekankekoo on twitter) irregular updates, just somewhere to store ideas lmao ignore how the cover just says grian centric it's got empires and ll a...