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Convergence of Thrones: An Empires SMP AU by Always_Indigo
Convergence of Thrones: An Empires...by ✨Indigo✨
What do you do if a past version of yourself suddenly appears in your empire? Scream and jump into a tree, obviously! ~~~ Lizzie was just going about her day in Animalia...
Empires Smp High School Group Chat by MythicalSausage
Empires Smp High School Group Chatby Sausage
A silly little group chat series! And they are all fruity as fuck
wither husband  by BeefandCheese01
wither husband by
King Sausage from Mythland falls for his best friends brother King Fwhip from Grimlands
Royals Highschool (NEW) / empires S1/ Wither husbands  by The_Chaos_Siblings
Royals Highschool (NEW) / empires...by Chaos Siblings
NEW AND REWRITTEN Finally a new school. Sausage, Pearl and Gem are really hyped about the idea of going to school with other Royals. Finally no more getting homeschoole...
Hermitcraft, Empires Smp & Life Series One-shots by AnnieLesbean
Hermitcraft, Empires Smp & Life Se...by 𝔸𝕟𝕟𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒
Just some oneshots I wrote for Hermitcraft, Empires, and the life series. Hope you enjoy! !This is only shipping of the characters/minesonas not the creaters themselves...
CHAOS- an mcyt story by imjustheretowarnyou
CHAOS- an mcyt storyby ILikePlanes
shitton of ships so here are the main ones boatboys lizzie and herself scarian flowerhusbands witherhusbands naturewives pearlxgem i will put trigger warnings in the ch...
Royals Highschool OLD / empires smp S1 / wither husbands by The_Chaos_Siblings
Royals Highschool OLD / empires sm...by Chaos Siblings
OLD! NEW ONE ON MY ACCOUNT ! The new school opened finally. Sausage, pearl and gem are really hyped about that. Finally no more getting homeschooled. Every rulers childr...
Random stuff by The_Chaos_Siblings
Random stuffby Chaos Siblings
Also oneshots and at this point some incorrect quotes. And beware there's gonna be a bunch of wither husbands oneshots
The tears of an innocent boy - An Empires Smp S2 Story- by DailyJellie
The tears of an innocent boy - An...by Jimmy/Eliza
Well hello there human welcome to this Story this inclueds -flower husbands- -scarian- -mumskall- - olix- -nature wives- -jizzie- and a lot more this Story is mostly abo...
Mcyt high school au chat fic (slow updates) by TheBlueAxolotlQueen
Mcyt high school au chat fic (slow...by Blue
This will mainly be empires smp but I'll also include some from dreamsmp, lifesmp, hermitcraftsmp, evosmp, and possibly others. Ships include nature wives(main ship), F...
The Rise of Rulers by MidnightWolfyeclipse
The Rise of Rulersby MidnightWolfyeclipse
This is an empires smp highschool story. Everyone involved in empires smp season one will be tagged. DISCLAIMER! EMPIRES SMP DOES NOT BELONG TO ME! Neither does the cove...
empires smp school au by sunny_mangos
empires smp school auby sunny_mangos
This will be updated daily (i hope).sorry if i spelled somthing incorrect i am not english but i find it better than german so i wright in english. hope that makes sence...
Abducted Treasure by Always_Indigo
Abducted Treasureby ✨Indigo✨
Fwhip is a Heron who was unwillingly recruited into a Kestrel scheme to find hidden treasure on an unknown island- which he would have gone along willingly to, if the un...
24 Esmp  ✨Christmas✨ Oneshots! (for my Cafe x highschool au) by JustSophNow
24 Esmp ✨Christmas✨ Oneshots! (fo...by Soph
Christmas oneshots ✨✨✨✨btw cover art by meeee!
I don't love you I know I don't (not continued) by TotalNewbie71
I don't love you I know I don't (n...by TotalNewbie71
!!!!this story is not going to be finished, I'm sorry!!!! this is a empires smp season 1 high school au (it will also have some other YouTubers like ones from the life s...
A Road To Stop Him... by GenderJen
A Road To Stop Him...by Little Missy
This is for my AU I made originally! The cover I did make myself! Unlike my One-Shot book this will have no schedule to update! More said one page 1~
High school au! Empires and hermitcraft by MidnightAndSoul
High school au! Empires and hermit...by MidnightAndSoul
None of the art is ours unless we state otherwise! These are high school one shots on empires 1 &2 and hermitcraft! You can request anything and we will try our best! So...