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Shadows of the Night (Unforgiving AU) - An Afterlife SMP Story by AmberDickie
Shadows of the Night ( Amber/Shiloh
This story is created in collaboration with MystroBlade_ This is technically a continuation of the One Life S3 story, so feel free to go read One Life S3. ...
FANGS [Afterlife SMP au] by PhantasmaCreeps
FANGS [Afterlife SMP au]by Phantasma
Just an Afterlife au with Scott but if his vampire origin could bite and infect people. You'll be getting some gore, probably no swear words. But yknow, a warning. Angst...
Random stuff by The_Chaos_Siblings
Random stuffby Chaos Siblings
Also oneshots and at this point some incorrect quotes. And beware there's gonna be a bunch of wither husbands oneshots
C!Mcyt Oneshots (REQUESTS ARE OPEN) by Iamalazypandaaa
C!Mcyt Oneshots (REQUESTS ARE OPEN)by <3
(REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!) Fandoms: Life Series (Traffic Light Smp) Hermitcraft Empires 1&2 New Life Smp Afterlife Smp Pirates Smp
diff minecraft smp Reactions by aaehikira
diff minecraft smp Reactionsby Kas >X]
so i saw a reaction book thing and thought OMG YASSS I WANT TO DO THIS I MAKING A BOOK LIKE THIS!!!!
AfterlifeSMP eh? (DISCONTINUED) by zzcolors
AfterlifeSMP eh? (DISCONTINUED)by ez/soli !!!
I'm bored and stressed, have a book. Enjoy :D -Rankings- #1 Origins Mod as of 4/16/22 #7 AfterLifeSMP as of 05/05/22 #40 Smajor1995 as of 4/16/22 #377 Smp as of 4/16/22
MCYT Oneshots! REQUESTS OPEN by FruityLynn
MCYT Oneshots! REQUESTS OPENby FruityLynn
i take requests! ill mostly do empires, life series, rats smp, after life, and new life!
After an Empire (Empire x Afterlife) Currently discontinued... by Leannagarmadon1
After an Empire (Empire x Ella Shade
This story was originally by @A_Fanfic_Queen make sure to check her out, this takes place in afterlife only their first origins will be in play & keeping shipping & sibl...
Empires SMP Oneshots <Requests Permanently Closed> by ZYT_Twilight
Empires SMP Oneshots by ZYT_Twilight
requests are permanently closed due to reasons explained in recent chapters you can request in the comments of any chapter read the rules for requests please and also do...
Dying together for eternity by Tj8thewatpad
Dying together for eternityby Tj
On board the Among us ship once more, Scott can no longer deny he doesn't hate Jimmy, because he never did
Abandoned in death by Tj8thewatpad
Abandoned in deathby Tj
Scott didn't regret a thing. Leaving Shelby, leaving Sausage. He was a vampire. He shouldn't care. Didn't care. If only that wasn't a lie he told himself.
"The cat is what Im hunting Dave strider (Nick) <3
Cat Jimmy aka Jimmy cat is starting school with other creatures after being in school with just cat people. What He didnt expect was He was being hunted AT SCHOOL. Will...
MCYT One-Shots by t3ddybearss
MCYT One-Shotsby theo ✮⋆˙
You saw the title, we're here for some mcyt one-shots baby
Hermitcraft/Empires SMP/Third Life/Afterlife Randomness by IndigoSilver08
Hermitcraft/Empires SMP/Third Indigo
it's pretty self-explanatory :) pretty much just oneshots, drawings, and other randomness related to Hermitcraft, Empires SMP, Third Life, and Afterlife Also, I'm a stra...
Fight or Flight- An Empires SMP Superpowered Highschool/Hermitcraft Superhero AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
Fight or Flight- An Empires SMP Kiara :>
"Hey, it's not my fault I'm late starting in the school year." Oli said pointedly as Lauren laughed. "I meannn you did borrow the power of a guy with fire...
✎Empires smp x Afterlife crossover 𓆩♡𓆪 ' New world, new life, new us ' ☄. *. ⋆ by n0tSto0py
✎Empires smp x Afterlife Vyisgay
•❅───✧❅✦❅✧───❅• ✬ A whole different world, so many exist where their lives are more different.. Both for the worst and for the best. ✬ 🌠₊˚ʚ ᗢ₊˚✧ ゚. 『Why not explore a w...
The happily ever empire of our lives[~2 in the Happily ever empires duolodgy] by Shogunnotmymom
The happily ever empire of our Vae✦
Everything is perfect, the empires are restored. We have all 12 original empire owners. Their all happy. That's it right.. the cod war is forgotten.. Right? Perhaps bet...
Carving Out a Space for Us (COSU) by C_SeaPeeSound
Carving Out a Space for Us (COSU)by C_SeaPeeSound
SeaPeeKay just wanted to find the love of his life. So how did he end up in a completely different dimension where he seemingly doesn't exist? It's worse when the love o...
A new world~empires s2 fanfic~theorionsound  by ILOVEPANDAS817
A new world~empires s2 Seja..juice.
The only thing oli remember's was falling from the sky His head hits the sand..