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A new ruler- a flowerhusbands book by AuthorKranz
A new ruler- a flowerhusbands bookby AuthorKranz
'Are you sure about this Katherine? My brothers not good with new people, especially groups.' Lizzie whispered. 'Oh it's fine, it's not like he's going to fall in love w...
Put Your Head On My Shoulder by DJJordanne
Put Your Head On My Shoulderby DJJordanne
A smile found its way onto Scott's face at that thought. It was absolutely adorable how much Jimmy worried for his safety. Even though the sheriff likely wouldn't admit...
Frozen Flower (Flower Husbands) by Raccoonboi66
Frozen Flower (Flower Husbands)by Raccoonboi66
Scott was flying around one winter day and all of a sudden someone shot Scott in the wings and he fell into a frozen lake... Will someone help him? Will he survive the f...
The Snapdragon by DJJordanne
The Snapdragonby DJJordanne
An Empires SMP season 1 AU where Xornoth escaped their prison of crystal and ice before fWhip and Jimmy brought on the end of the world. What does this change? There's o...
Jimmy Makes A Discovery by DJJordanne
Jimmy Makes A Discoveryby DJJordanne
"Greetings Scott," Jimmy said as he tipped his hat politely, "What brings you to Tumble Town this time?" "Is wanting to see my favourite Sheriff...
Jealousy by DJJordanne
Jealousyby DJJordanne
With another sigh, Jimmy walked over to the chair. Unceremoniously plopping down on it after opening the window. The fresh air now flowing in did nothing to stave off th...
Scott's Freaky Party Trick by DJJordanne
Scott's Freaky Party Trickby DJJordanne
"Watch this everybody," Jimmy said as he held the apple in both of his hands with his thumbs over the top of it. He then pressed down on the apple and in one f...
a charade of hearts || flower husbands  by teller_of_tragedies
a charade of hearts || flower husb...by Ace of Spades
Flower Husbands Fake Dating AU ✒ Jimmy has a bad habit of biting off more than he can chew. Turns out proposing to your fake boyfriend just to spite him has some unfores...
"What An Ugly Flower" by DJJordanne
"What An Ugly Flower"by DJJordanne
Scott broke out of his thoughts as he almost trampled a lonely red flower. He bent down and gently plucked it from the earth. Bringing it closer to his face to inspect i...
Why Do You Have  A Plushie Of Me? by DJJordanne
Why Do You Have A Plushie Of Me?by DJJordanne
Once Jimmy had finished his business and thoroughly washed his hands with Scott's rose scented soap, he exited the bathroom. He pulled the door closed behind him and beg...
Who's who? || Empires Swap AU by Punz0r
Who's who? || Empires Swap AUby Old user: ElliotKuno
This is an AU where everyone mysteriously swaps Empires! I am working on this story with @PhantasmaCreeps and @FlickeringCandle1, so don't go saying I copied them or the...
my [one]shot[s] by enderwoah
my [one]shot[s]by ender
mcyt (dream smp, hermitcraft, double life, empires, you name it) oneshot book! crossposted onto ao3, still updating! i promise it gets a lot better as you get further in.
I'd Spend An Eternity With You (and now I actually get to) by GalaxyWr1tesSh1z
I'd Spend An Eternity With You (an...by Galaxy
What happens when the games end? When the Watchers got tired of it? Well, the players would be stuck in the void for all of eternity. She wasn't about to have that happe...
Jimmy (Solidarity) Oneshots because he is my favorite character by I_love_Polar_Bears
Jimmy (Solidarity) Oneshots becaus...by Bear
why doesnt he have more stories written about him, he is a quality content creator. /// this will include my personal seablings theory, flower husbands, rancher duo, cod...
even achilles broke by I_love_Polar_Bears
even achilles brokeby Bear
empires jimmy but with more angst than intended how does this man have this much patience to be fine with all the bullying and harrassment, i would have quit and cried i...
Scott's Adventures Against the Mummy by Anyon-Author
Scott's Adventures Against the Mum...by Anyon-Author
Esmp2!Scott would rob Imhotep's tomb /hj It seemed like a dream come true. Scott was going to have the chance to participate in a dig to the fabled hamunaptra, the city...
[Hermitcraft § Empires One-Shot Series] by achilliesonmain
[Hermitcraft § Empires One-Shot Se...by Achillies
aka I'm still not over s6 please forgive me