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Child's Play - A Hermitcraft 8 AU by TayTayTheHufflepuff
Child's Play - A Hermitcraft 8 AUby TayTayTheHufflepuff
*Cover created by me* Evil Ex-or Corex-has created a problem in Season 8. A respawn glitch-or something they've dubbed the Child's Curse. Each time a hermit dies or serv...
Hermitcraft x Reader by Nixoxia
Hermitcraft x Readerby Nixoxia
A collective of Headcanons, Drabbles and Oneshots from the Nix-Writes-MCYT tumblr account (my account)
The Hermitcraft Daycare AU by KeichiAkechi24
The Hermitcraft Daycare AUby bibble
Tango had a little accident while testing his inators, and turned more than half of the hermit population to 3-5 year olds. The other hermits will have to work together...
Meteor Effect by Crazycatmeow413
Meteor Effectby Crazycatmeow
A mysterious meteor with color-changing sparks lands outside of Sahara changing the hermit's lives forever. (Do I get extra points for being dramatic?) A small group of...
Love and Despair (A Hermitcraft Au) by JustAnAverageFreak
Love and Despair (A Hermitcraft Au)by Mya!?
Evil Xisuma is released from The Void after being banished into the black abyss two years before. Now he's back in Hermitcraft, and the Hermits don't know what to think...
Hermitcraft Oneshots - Season 7, Baby! [COMPLETED!] by Casuallyy
Hermitcraft Oneshots - Season 7, B...by inactive account :)
Oneshots from HermitCraft Season 7! CONTAINS SHIPPING! (minesonas only) All chapters/oneshots will be labelled by ship and genre (for your convenience!) Any Impulse and...
Hermitcraft oneshots by OhHeyItsVes
Hermitcraft oneshotsby Vesper
~This book contains shipping!~ Exactly as the title says! I try to be diverse in my writings by trying things like angst, but this book will probably mostly be fluff. I...
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes  by Coffeelato-system
Hermitcraft Incorrect Quotes by NiCo
Season 9 is here and now the count is on #1 instead of #45! Hey ya! Nico system the authors here! There's a new season, new lore, and new shenanigans! Which means I'll...
Hermitcraft Oneshots!! (Mostly Scarian) by Elliot-Rivera
Hermitcraft Oneshots!! (Mostly Sca...by Elliot
!!cover art not mine!! Uhh yeah so I made a oneshot book! I might collab with some people at some points but I definitely take requests! Love ya 😚✌️
The Crew's Book of Hermitcraft Season 7 Oneshots by EntropicThyme
The Crew's Book of Hermitcraft Sea...by Entropy :D
Welcome to my new oneshot book for the new season! In here you'll find oneshots, small AUs, backstory, mini-series and more, all centred around season 7 of Hermitcraft. ...
The Idea of You (Bdoc Royal AU) by EminenceGhost
The Idea of You (Bdoc Royal AU)by EminenceGhost
Oropolis is the most technologically advanced kingdom in the world, always growing and changing. Artise is the most powerful kingdom in the world magic-wise. Despite bot...
The Unforgettable Hermitcraft 7 by KeichiAkechi24
The Unforgettable Hermitcraft 7by bibble
Hermitcraft 7 nonesense
[✓] the four of us ~ hc by easthet1c
[✓] the four of us ~ hcby east
Highschool sucks, but some good close friends can make everything a lot better. <o> When xB learned all three of his closest friends had also had diaries throughou...
Hermitcraft Oneshots :) by JustAnAverageFreak
Hermitcraft Oneshots :)by Mya!?
Welcome, peoples, to my book of Hermitcraft oneshots, incorrect quotes, and correct quotes. ;) (I drew the cover btw)
The Starverse Hermits by poweraph
The Starverse Hermitsby Ninja Starz 123
This book will be full of one shots, short stories, and randomness involving the hermits. I've got many ideas and I will take requests!
Set My Soul on Fire | A Hermitcraft Fanfiction [✓] by sixth_constellation
Set My Soul on Fire | A Hermitcraf...by .。*✧*。
A firelighter, a cafe, a cake shop, the robbery, his brother. They're all related, but Xay doesn't know how. Doc's past comes back to haunt him, Stress doesn't know what...
Hermitcraft + MCYT AU's  by Nayl0rWritesStuff
Hermitcraft + MCYT AU's by Naya
A bunch of AU's I thought of. Also is a continuation of my other book on my old account.
HermitCraft Things And Shit(Mainly Doc Focused) by JerAndYmeAreGriDs
HermitCraft Things And Shit(Mainly...by AAAAAAAAAAAA-
Hello, welcome to my Hermit hellhole- This is just where I drop my Hermit oneshots and my personal rant-shots I don't do requests because uh..yeah my lazy ass won't do e...
Hermitcraft Oneshots  by Fuckboy_repellant
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Fuckboy repellent
these are old, i see your comments, i'm sorry lmao this is all based in season 7 i'm probably not gonna keep making any of these so :D enjoy what's there tho Damnit I g...
Hermitcraft Nonsense - S8 Oneshots by adrilxa
Hermitcraft Nonsense - S8 Oneshotsby adri
Hi there! Thanks for checking out this book <3 This book contains oneshots, incorrect quotes, concepts, and general content for Hermitcraft Season 8. I update wheneve...