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 > Purple Feathers > Hermitcraft Fanfic by LunaMOOnLightYT
> Purple Feathers > Hermitcraft Lucky
✦ Complete ✦ !DISCLAIMER I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT HERMITCRAFT! me mixing three universes into one. bare with me here. Grian has already had a traumatic childhood. He ran t...
Xelqua Rising || The Lost One AU by SparklingWonderQueen
Xelqua Rising || The Lost One AUby Ruby
Grian is cursed, or at least, that's what it seems. Trapped against his will to play a cruel game and sacrificing himself for his friends, Grian knows little of happines...
Sam's Back || Book 1 of 2 in the Sam's Back series by Xanthicat
Sam's Back || Book 1 of 2 in the Xanthicat
Grian was getting used to the safety of the Hermitcraft server quite well. He still had bad days in which all the memories of his high school life came back to him and a...
Red Flowers //Hermitcraft & Evo\\ by RexCorvus09
Red Flowers //Hermitcraft & Evo\\by Rex
This story takes place in the timeline after Evo, where Grian goes through the update portal and ends up in Hermitcraft instead of with the rest of his friends. Desperat...
Griangst One-Shots by Totally-Not-Grian
Griangst One-Shotsby Totally-Not-Grian
Sad Bread. Angst book of one shots about Grian. The art IS mine. Basically, I love Grian angst and cannot get enough, so I am making this to satisfy my Griangst needs. H...
Griangst One-Shots by RexCorvus09
Griangst One-Shotsby Rex
Just a bunch of random one-shots of my favorite boi Grian being sad or angsty in some way. Enjoy! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED : Have a certain angsty situation you would want to...
My Writetober 2020 by LunaStarSeeker
My Writetober 2020by ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾Allycat☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
I've made my own spin on Writetober. The first 15 days will be whump, and the last 15 are just whatever I want to do. Prompts at the top of the chapter, came up with the...
Hermitcraft one-shots || mostly angst by LunaMOOnLightYT
Hermitcraft one-shots || mostly Lucky
[Complete as of currently. I don't have much motivation to write practically anything here, so I apologize. This will stay up as of right now.] Hi quick disclaimer: Im n...
Poisoned Mind by LilBraidedBirdie
Poisoned Mindby LilBraidedBirdie
When you are watched, does it mean you see yourself? When you are listened to, does it mean you listen to yourself? Do you see yourself the way others see you, say your...
Grian-focused Hermitcraft one-shots and stuff by DepressoExpresso687
Grian-focused Hermitcraft CEO of TechFundy and the Chao...
Uh, so recently I've been sucked into Hermitcraft and it's taking over my normal oneshot book, so Im making a separate book for my Hermitcraft stuff. It'll probably most...
The Memories Of Another | Griangst by PersonIn_Earth
The Memories Of Another | Griangstby PersonIn_Earth
So yeah. Hermitcraft thing. Dsmp x Hermitcraft blah blah. This is going along a completely different storyline than the others. hopefully. This takes place in hermitcraf...
Hermitcraft Grian-centric oneshots by G1owBe11
Hermitcraft Grian-centric oneshotsby Fable's Corner
It's all in the title buddy! Feel free to leave a suggestion, but that doesn't automatically mean I'll do it though. I'm doing this for fun and I won't update super oft...
Funky Hermitcraft Oneshots(DISCONTINUED) by __bootyman
Funky Hermitcraft Oneshots( Nate 😳
Mostly Grian focused because he's the one I watch the most No shipping because shipping real people is kinda weird 🧍 Lots of bromance and homies being homies tho cause...
An Old Friend //Grian&Mumbo\\ (Hermitcraft 6 & YHS Crossover) by RexCorvus09
An Old Friend //Grian&Mumbo\\ ( Rex
Grian has escaped his horrible high school years, finally happy away from Sam in Hermitcraft. One day, Mumbo goes missing, and Grian finds out that an old friend of his...
Missing (Third in An Old Friend Series) //Hermitcraft & Yhs Crossover\\ by RexCorvus09
Missing (Third in An Old Friend Rex
~~Third book in series like title says! Read first 2 first please!~~ Sam is dead, for real this time. And yet, some Hermits seem to be missing. Who could be responsible...
Grumbo One-Shots by MangoTango236
Grumbo One-Shotsby MangoTango236
Just me being a die-Hard Grumbo fan. I try my best with punctuation lol. Enjoy the read and Please share/ Upvote!! Also Please excuse the terrible artwork, I'm not much...
Grian Oneshots (Mostly, if not all, angst) by Isabelle291
Grian Oneshots (Mostly, if not Math nerd
Hello, welcome to the 13th layer of hell. This is where I'm going to dump the crappy by-products of my story When Past Meets the Present. Whenever I get writers block I...
Zombie Fungus (Hermitcraft AU) by AmythistStarr
Zombie Fungus (Hermitcraft AU)by Abandoned Acccount
Scar has just been chosen as mayor of the Shopping District. But, when the true nature of the mycelium covering the island is revealed, the HEP has to work fast before t...
Multifandom Oneshots! by RaspberrysBeloved
Multifandom Oneshots!by Butter Pretzel Cookie✨
Fluff amd angst! Currently focusing on Cookie Run or Hermitcraft oneshots! KEY: fluff✨ Angst💀 Fluff wirh Angst ending🐬 Angst with fluff ending💍
"why?" i ask. | a hermitcraft story by H-HUTAO
"why?" i ask. | a hermitcraft storyby hu tao lover
Darkness surrounded the area, the pitch black adding to Grian's anxiety. Purple wisps and shadows obscuring his vision, all whispering intrusive thoughts. He crashed his...