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The Festival! by Seth189
The Festival!by 𝐒𝐞𝐭𝐡 𝐉. 𝐑𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐬
I feel like when people look at the royals, they think that we have it good. We're rich, have a lot of power, and can do basically anything we want! Well...that's partly...
look... it's Pirates SMP Oneshots by RyeIsBritish
look... it's Pirates SMP Oneshotsby Jasper!
look... I feel like being kind so whole I write that other book(which wollt Ake forever as of constant writers block) I think I should give you some pirates SMP Oneshot...
Empires SMP on crack by MemeDealerK
Empires SMP on crackby methdelaerk
Includes S1 and S2, might also include the invading Hermits
CHRÓNO Í THISAVRÓ // Olix by A_Fanfic_Queen
CHRÓNO Í THISAVRÓ // Olixby Kiara :>
Chróno Í Thisavró (noun phrase); 'Time Or Treasure' in Greek -- When his friends tries to do time travel to get one of their jobs back and Oli walks in on it, it doesn't...
A Lesson To Be Learnt// An Empires S1 AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
A Lesson To Be Learnt// An Empires...by Kiara :>
Regardless of what others thought, Joel didn't consider himself to be a bad person. Sure, he mocked people a lot, and yes, most of his humour consisted of insults, but a...
Empires SMP Headcanons by TinaTots_YAY
Empires SMP Headcanonsby Royally_Snowy
~~*~ Cover Not Mine ~*~~ My Headcanons for Empires SMP S1, S2 AND Scott's Afterlife. I literally have nothing better to do and I need to write these as a separate book b...
The experiments - a Recovery by demigodra07
The experiments - a Recoveryby Not the Chosen one
6 children are taken from their mothers and are subjected to... questionably ethical experiments. The first is Joe Hills, who is raised in total darkness. The next is...
Smp Oneshots !! by starrler
Smp Oneshots !!by star !
Random smp oneshots Most smps in info!! ^^ Requests open read info! :)
Empires SMP by TReadsAndWrite
Empires SMPby Blazing_Breeze
short skits, possible oneshots, headcannons and more Obvious note: story cover does not belong to me and all credit goes to the artist that made the drawing
Mysteries of the Empires by Wintertime_Waltz
Mysteries of the Empiresby Wintertime_Waltz
Mystery; something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain _____ Jimmy had always been a troublesome cod. Born and raised alongside his older twin siste...
Greater Powers- An Empires S1 Wings of Fire AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
Greater Powers- An Empires S1 Wing...by Kiara :>
A new group of dragonets that have to save Pyrrhia and Pantala. Again. And Jimmy, a very confused tribrid just trying to do well at Jade Mountain Academy, has somehow en...
Sweet Tooth (EmpiresSMPS1 one~shot) by Flareongirl360
Sweet Tooth (EmpiresSMPS1 one~shot)by UltimateStoryteller
(Secret Santa for @THE_Smallishbeans) Something about today made Joel giddy. Made him feel fluffy inside. Safe and warm. After all, he felt like everyone deserves a litt...
Rivendell Tales by Zelis_Xel
Rivendell Talesby H I
!!ART ISNT MINE!! [!!disclaimer: if Scott ever says he's uncomfortable with this please do tell and I will delete this immediately!!] NOT IRL!! only the character from s...
Incorrect quotes & Chaotic Chats<3 by _Clovxr_elf_
Incorrect quotes & Chaotic Chats<3by Mrs.Wind
just some incorrect quotes and memes I found also multifandom 💌 Pls pls pls comment TvT
the superior class of esempii by crazy_pe3p
the superior class of esempiiby Ori.Relish
Fwhip created group "The Superior Class (E1)" Fwhip added Gemini Tay, Sausage, and 7 others Fwhip: Hello mother fuckers!! Pixl Riffs: Oh boy. ----- Or; The aut...
Stories from a far away saloon [one shot] by hrtsformishanks
Stories from a far away saloon [on...by M!
In a very far away old town, in a rustic and well concerned saloon, Jimmy, the bartender and cook of the old place, heard, during years working there, the most diverse a...
Embers and Ashes- An Empires S1 Wings of Fire AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
Embers and Ashes- An Empires S1 Wi...by Kiara :>
When FWhip started at Jade Mountain Academy, he'd never exactly expected to be chasing a friend (not really, but you know) turned madman across the continent with most o...