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Asia Argento X M!Naga Reader by Taga-kun
Asia Argento X M!Naga Readerby Taga-kun
Your character is a new member of the Occult Research Club, not being a human you'll see if you can truly fit in with the rest of your friends.
The Dragon Of Chaos by Darel114
The Dragon Of Chaosby Darel114
Y/N, a legendary dragon of chaos has finally awakened from his long slumber. he now see the new world of peace, hundred of years after the great war. how will he face th...
To forgive or not (Highschool DxD x Male Reader volume 1) by alphafox270
To forgive or not (Highschool Wyn Eurus
Devils, angels, fallen angels. We've heard them all, most would say devils are evil and angels are nothing but holy. One individual can agree with the cliché of devils b...
"A Match Made in Heaven" Rimuru x Asia (Tensura x High School DxD) by Spirit-Rimuru
"A Match Made in Heaven" Rimuru Spirit-Rimuru
Asia was a Girl that have Suffered through out her life. when she Thought she have Found a Family that she had been looking for she was Betrayed by the very person that...
Death Against Union by Kezt03
Death Against Unionby Kezt03
Heroes and huntsmen, something everyone aspires to be one day, to be able to save lives, and protect the innocent. they are people that will give their lives to save any...
(On Hold) Like The Phoenix From The ash (My hero Momo Yaoyorozu X Male reader) by Skashi15
(On Hold) Like The Phoenix From Skashi15
Two siblings with powerful quirks, try to be heroes who save the people in need. The only problem, their past slowly catches up to them. Are they able to overcome their...
Always Changing (A High School DxD Fanfic) by ShieldBreaker_18
Always Changing (A High School ShieldBreaker_18
[F/n] [L/n] is a Kuoh Academy high schooler. Good looks, good grades, and he's only been at the Academy for about a week so far. However, as Rias Gremory and the rest of...
The Human With No Bounds (Male Reader x Highschool DxD)   by BlxxdAngel
The Human With No Bounds (Male ☠︎𝒥𝒶𝓇𝑜𝓃☠︎
Y/n L/n, a human born with immense power, not from a Sacred Gear, but from his own strength. He will have to face many trials and tribulations, but on the way he'll make...
A Second Chance in a Better Peerage: HighSchool DXD x Betrayed Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
A Second Chance in a Better ShaNEON_757
This is a HighSchool DXD I wanted to do and it is kinda related to other, but those have made Rias and the others out of character. So, this story is the opposite of tho...
High School DxD: Burcol the last Saiyan (High School DxD X OC Saiyan Reader) by J_Sawbridgeworth_8
High School DxD: Burcol the last JS8
Burcol is a Saiyan who was born on planet Vegeta and was sent to Earth, because of his planet getting destroyed when he was young. But was later found by the Hyoudou Fam...
Fallen from grace (Oc x Futa Highschool DxD Harem) by SCMight145
Fallen from grace (Oc x Futa SC Might
She fell from grace,from greatness.She betrayed her family for the once she loves.But in the end she ended up alone raising their children.What will happen when they mee...
High School DxD: Power by Ikimasu
High School DxD: Powerby The Fool
Akihiko Lucifer is the Direct Descendant of the True Devil King Lucifer although he is a Pure-blooded devil and has a secret only a select few know of and he has no Inte...
Last Hope Of Humankind (Highschool DxD X Oc)  by SYBALA
Last Hope Of Humankind ( Arthor-kun
An Oc named , Levi Hibaru, was training to be 'the hitman', found out that his brother was caught by three supernatural factions. Justice. This was all a main man coul...
Highschool DxD: The New Red Dragon by XxLegacy214xX
Highschool DxD: The New Red Dragonby Sam_Nabors
Hi Names Drake and im just a a music artist with a talent for swords and martial arts let's find out what happens after meeting a certain red head!!
When A Reaper Meets Devils (C) by SunDarkness2019
When A Reaper Meets Devils (C)by
(Inspired by MovieVillain's fanfic on called Dhampir Meets Devil) AU. Ragna fell into the Boundary. Before his end, he remembered a girl he made a promise...
Legend of the Dragon Warrior (Highschool Dxd and Madoka Magica) by DangerousCrystal9805
Legend of the Dragon Warrior ( Jason Reay R. Castillon
Zilong fight to protect his friends and his lovers.Zilong will enroll Kuoh Academy and meet the supernatural to it.Devils,Angels,Fallen Angels will Zilong survive this a...
A View To The Multiverse  by AspectOfTwilight
A View To The Multiverse by PaddleStar
Highschool DxD gets first class on the multiverse viewing schedule
Twin Rivalry of Red and White (HSD×D x OC) by MomoMizrahi94
Twin Rivalry of Red and White ( ミズラヒモモ
Kira Hyoudou is the twin brother of Issei Hyoudou. Ever since his brother got back from his trip with Rias and the ORC, he's been a lot more aggressive toward him. One d...
The Darkness Within by Randomness-is-Here
The Darkness Withinby Myself
You are (Y/n) Estacado a mafia boss, with the power of darkness. You have finally taken care of your dear old uncle Paulie. Now you just gotta find your girlfriend Asia...
Can't touch this (High school dxd x speedster reader) by ketuckyfriedchicken
Can't touch this (High school Anime fanboy
When Y/N get's dumped for a pervert and almost killed by a fallen angel, anything can happen. And it did. Y/N was saved by none other than Barry Allen, The Flash. He is...