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Yuxuan (REMASTERED) by caktwrites4u
Yuxuan (REMASTERED)by Cow Cakt
Alexandrea Noles is the daughter of a rich family residing in London. Despite her family pressuring her to settle down and marry, her stubborn and persistence of wantin...
The Swirl  by AfricanSotho
The Swirl by AfricanSotho
Never in her life did Mabea think she would be with someone who wasn't of colour like her but when she starts to spend time with the new Asian team manager at her work...
Afternoon (Jay Park Fanfic) by HiimK_
Afternoon (Jay Park Fanfic)by K
She didn't know who he was, but that's what drove him to her. Her beauty was nice but she was genuine ... which was all that mattered. I'll work on a better description...
Teach me to love | MXM | BXB  | DISCONTINUED by Nori_Luna
Teach me to love | MXM | BXB | Nori_luna
|SLOW UPDATES| Elliot has been an elementary school teacher for over five years. He has taught almost every grade as an assistant teacher and a full-time teacher. Upon...
Her Name Was Asia [AM/BW] by WritingBee8184
Her Name Was Asia [AM/BW]by Katrina L.
An American girl (Asia) living in Seoul, South Korea meets a rapper (Namjoon) who's the leader of a popular Kpop group.
Loving Mr. Choi by 9mono_seok4
Loving Mr. Choiby 9mono_seok4
Khalessi is a smart girl and is well versed in not only English, but Korean and French. It has always been her dream to go to Korea and teach English to the children. Sh...
AmBw imagines K-actor Edition  by ScarletRed167
AmBw imagines K-actor Edition by ScarletRed167
Hey guys I decided to create this book because before I got into kpop I was exclusively into korean drama. I love them and I still do. There is only one other book that...
BTS smut/fluff/imagines Ambw by supwitches
BTS smut/fluff/imagines Ambwby supwitches
❤️❤️❤️ I know some black women love Asian men (including me) and I'm here for the swirl❤️❤️❤️💓💓 some stories will be random with random characters etc. and some will...
Cold Hearted ~Do Kyungsoo~ |D.O. Fanfic| {ambw} (ON HOLD) by ajourneywiyana
Cold Hearted ~Do Kyungsoo~ |D.O. ιуαиα 🥀
"The hell is your problem?" Amara asked. "I don't know what you're talking about, but it seems to me your the one with the problem." Kyungsoo says v...
Tingles  by kaysuuke
Tingles by icy 🥶
"Fuck baby let me see that pretty pussy." - In which he does 19+ ASMR and she can't get enough of him.
EXO/SuperM Reactions & Scenarios(AMBW) by Jizz_on_your_bias
EXO/SuperM Reactions & Scenarios( 𝐅*𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐇𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐲
This book is specifically targeted to black women, y/n will be described as a black women, you've been warned! If that's upsetting to you, please go find another book. I...
Sector B by caktwrites4u
Sector Bby Cow Cakt
Decha is a genius high-ranking general, called back to Austell from The Outside by the council. Theodore Chen, the director of the Crime Affairs Agency requests for Dech...
Everything You Never Had  by AnnaQuill
Everything You Never Had by Anna
SUMMER HUDSON, daughter of Natalie - a bakery owner - and step daughter of Thomas Hudson, a once famous rockstar in his youth. Summer's life has always been the best as...
☆ Get a Guitar ☆ // Park Wonbin by Shmatian_Ashmerica
☆ Get a Guitar ☆ // Park Wonbinby Christopher Jamal Evans 😛
Soleil had moved last month to Seoul because of school. She started her new journey to be become a midwife. While staying in Seoul she met a guy that caught her attentio...
☕Physical (Interracial) by Truth_Nostalgia
☕Physical (Interracial)by Nostalgia
Sonia is trying to get her life on track after a disastrous marriage with the millionaire Amari Anwar that was nothing but lack of communication and infidelity. She tho...
i am not a robot by tomoesleftcheek
i am not a robotby tojisbigtoe
♛┈⛧┈┈•༶in which, a girl who is employed by her ex to play as a robot to a multi billionaire, who had a very rare allergy to humans༶•┈┈⛧┈♛
The Foreign Teacher by glitterycandy28
The Foreign Teacherby Christina
For the past few months young high school student, Cailyn Davis has been going through a lot of tough situations. Losing her mother to cancer, being dumped by her cheati...
The Seductive Spy ꨄ︎ by MalikaIsQueen
The Seductive Spy ꨄ︎by MalikaIsQueen
Lory knew she was an odd character, she knew she still had something to discover about herself. She was right. Read this story to unpack Lory's journey of becoming the s...
Your Guilty Pleasure by tajajohnson8080
Your Guilty Pleasureby Capricorn08
Anime smut shots ✨Just nasty, unholy, uncensored smut.✨ P.S. its for black girls and all characters are of age. I don't own any anime or people ofc or any characters...