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Puppets (The First Snow) by ptv_angie
Puppets (The First Snow)by ptv_angie
Abigail is a 19 year old adult who lives in the UK (born & raised), but she travels a lot to look for a house out of the UK . She ends up in Scranton Pennsylvania just t...
Band Imagines by mediagirl94
Band Imaginesby Beth Robinson
Band Imagines! Because why the hell not! I'm not picky when it comes to band *NO 1D FOR THE LOVE OF GOD* so I'm pretty open :)
Into the Fire by xbandxficsx
Into the Fireby xbandxficsx
Veronica Banks is the quiet kind of girl, she follows the rules and is respectful. She dislikes the idea of drinking, smoking and breaking the rules. That is until Ben B...
Brustoff One Shots boy×boy smut;) by hellokitty1o1
Brustoff One Shots boy×boy smut;)by hellokitty1o1
This is a book of one shots. This is a ship called brustoff, which is Denis Stoff and Ben Bruce. THERE WILL BE SMUT! you have been warned. In this book Ben is dominate a...
adopted ❂ andy biersack by notinuse120401
adopted ❂ andy biersackby notinuse120401
they deserve everything because they gave me everything. © 2013/14, sharptrip all rights reserved. ((09/10/14 - I can't emphasize enough how bad my spelling is i...
Black Is All That I See (Ben Bruce) by that5sosstan
Black Is All That I See (Ben Bruce)by xoZoexo
I was a good student, I had straight A's, never broke a rule and I always did what parents told me to. But that all changed when I met Ben Bruce.
The Rockstars Adopted daughter, (BVB Fanfic)DISCONTINUED by XIdobelieveinfairies
The Rockstars Adopted daughter, ( Typing Fairy
Rose is in a foster home one day someone famous comes into adopt read n find out who :)
Life Can Do Terrible Things // Ben Bruce by HayleySarahBruce
Life Can Do Terrible Things // Hayley Maddison
Ben and Issy met one night in a night club, both were heartbroken and battling their sadness with alcohol. He was a rockstar, she was a girl trying to follow her dreams...
Ben Bruce is my Neighbor!?! (Asking Alexandria Love story) by pierce_the_cold
Ben Bruce is my Neighbor!?! ( heaven
Ben Bruce has just ended tour with his band Asking Alexandria .They were'nt planning on doing Warped tour this summer and they've decided to move to a small city in Cal...
Band one shots by Moon1616
Band one shotsby Julieth
Random bands from different genres and singers.
I Can't Take Another Disappointment- Ben Bruce by AshHasIssues
I Can't Take Another Taylor
When Ashlyn Walters stumbles across her favourite band and befriends them, she doesn't realise how much of an affect they will have on her life, especially Ben Bruce. ...
a simple love story (ben bruce) by the-picket-fencer
a simple love story (ben bruce)by the-picket-fencer
Ben truly does love her, for once in his life he really actually isn't afraid of the commitment, will she be able to love him back as much as he loves her?
your smile eats me alive (Asking Alexandria) by jungkook_smiles
your smile eats me alive (Asking Mya
Ben Bruce comes into Adira Bruce's life once again seeing how destructive his leave left her in. can they fix their brother sister relationship? Adira has a lot of hate...
Sometimes We Fall... (Brustoff) by Me_TheSinner
Sometimes We Fall... (Brustoff)by Me_TheSinner
[Finished] ~Denis laughed as well. Same old shit no one ever was getting tired of. He laughed. Damn, he was good at this... Lying... ~ Denis is hiding something... And...
Our Little Secret // Denis Shaforostov by AestheticSilencex
Our Little Secret // Denis Silence
Emery Olivia Bruce is the younger sister of Ben Bruce. When they were younger they were almost inseparable, then when their parents got divorced they were both forced to...
Hopelessly Hopeful Danny Worsnop Fanfic by AlexandriaMHolmes
Hopelessly Hopeful Danny Worsnop AlexandriaMHolmes
Adeline Thomas have been closest friends with Asking Alexandria for around 10 years maybe more. Her and Danny have always been aggravated with each other yet dispite how...
Band members on Snapchat. by SkittleAcido
Band members on Puli
Just some usernames I'm going to share with everyone. I've verified them all myself.
Adopted by Asking Alexandria by Gothicgirl1235
Adopted by Asking Alexandriaby Gothicgirl1235
Blade Hope Bell is a goth/emo teenage girl at the age of 12. She lives in los Angeles, California.She has black and purple hair. Comes from an abusive family. One day wh...
band gifs imagines  by carman15
band gifs imagines by carman
Gif imagine of artists and bands Taking requests