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Brustoff One Shots boy×boy smut;) by hellokitty1o1
Brustoff One Shots boy×boy smut;)by hellokitty1o1
This is a book of one shots. This is a ship called brustoff, which is Denis Stoff and Ben Bruce. THERE WILL BE SMUT! you have been warned. In this book Ben is dominate a...
Band One Shots (Request) by XAttack-on-FandomX
Band One Shots (Request)by XAttack-on-FandomX
Collection of band oneshots I have written and also you can request comment down below :D
Sometimes We Fall... (Brustoff) by Me_TheSinner
Sometimes We Fall... (Brustoff)by Me_TheSinner
[Finished] ~Denis laughed as well. Same old shit no one ever was getting tired of. He laughed. Damn, he was good at this... Lying... ~ Denis is hiding something... And...
Top to Bottom by itspartypoison
Top to Bottomby *confused screaming*
In a wonderful universe where everyone is gay, there is a school where a bunch and boys rule the school. Well, a few don't identify as either gender. All of them are mus...
Feminine Gay Band Oneshots  by BandsDESTROYAmylife
Feminine Gay Band Oneshots by 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Boys in bands in skirts This will include: genderfluid AUs, trans AUs, fem boy AUs, genderbent AUs. Basically it's lgbtqia+ boys in skirts, enjoy!
Brustoff Imagines/Oneshots by BandsDESTROYAmylife
Brustoff Imagines/Oneshotsby 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Brustoff imagines! Not much to it, title explains it all. Do not fear I'll whack warnings on for any... Strenuous activities. And trigger warnings, so do not worry NO SC...
101 Letters [Brustoff] by xosdmn
101 Letters [Brustoff]by ᑕᖺᗩᗴᒪᗩ 👑
After Denis died, Ben's been left a mess. To cope with the pain, he decides to write letters to Denis. //trigger warning//
Asking Alexandria one shots. by Hold-On-Till-May-
Asking Alexandria one Bethany
I'm pretty sure the title says it all -Beth
You And I by callmeprincey
You And Iby Prince
When Ben needs to help Denis out of a sticky situation at a bar, will they become something more?
Asking Alexandria One Shots  by gerardwayisapotato
Asking Alexandria One Shots by GeeNote
Just a bunch of gay Asking Alexandria one shots. Enjoy my fellow mints
Untitled by homophobicsaregay
Untitledby Elsword
4:16 AM (Frerard, Peterick, Brustoff,  Kellic, Andley) by homophobicsaregay
4:16 AM (Frerard, Peterick, Elsword
Andy and Ashley are married now and instead of some extravagant honeymoon they use that money to open a gay bar. They were needing some gay friends so this seemed perfec...
Take My Hand (Brustoff fanfic) by brustofffreak
Take My Hand (Brustoff fanfic)by Denjaminbrustoff
Denis and Ben are roommates now. Denis moved to England from his mom to be In asking alexandria. At the first day he realises that he's in love with Ben.....
Asking Alexandria One Shots  by benbrucearmy
Asking Alexandria One Shots by Narlie 💐❤️😭
I am board in class and will write daily ships are my favorite thing to write. You can have Fluff or Smut you can have Cameron,Sam ,James ,Ben ,Danny & Denis really boar...
Garden Of Spring(Brustoff) by XxMintVampiraxX
Garden Of Spring(Brustoff)by Arielle
Against a screen of powder blue skies, You are a spring that cannot be replaced. In this sunbathed garden we explore, I've fallen for you; let's go on a journey.
Feel better (Brustoff oneshot) by brustofffreak
Feel better (Brustoff oneshot)by Denjaminbrustoff
Denis is sick and Ben is taking care of him in couple different ways...