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My Injuries, Your Injuries (Completed) by xoCrashFire
My Injuries, Your Injuries ( Skylar the Introvert
Frank Iero, 17 years old, gets injuries randomly, out of the blue. He doesn't do them to himself and no one does them to him, that he knows of. He doesn't know why it ha...
Follow me home (Frerard) by TaintedEyes
Follow me home (Frerard)by Sky
*Co-written with MyChemicalRachel* Frank is a student at university of south florida, living in a dorm all by himself. on a hot sleepless night, frank decides to go on...
This Could All Be Yours by SAMOtheLameO
This Could All Be Yoursby . s a m ø .
Gerard Way is a rich guy in uptown NJ. His house is too big for one person but there was always someone he wanted to share his wealth with; Frank Iero. Frank never asked...
A Bullet Through A Flock Of Doves by StillGotLegs
A Bullet Through A Flock Of Dovesby 🦂
Frank has done some bad things in his life. Some really bad things. But Gerard, his new cellmate....yeah, he's done worse. Much worse. Frank doesn't know this, though, w...
Lets Dance- Ferard by groovylady
Lets Dance- Ferardby groovealert
(90s) Gerard Way and Frank Iero run into each other constantly.
Frerard One-Shots by givemeraki
Frerard One-Shotsby Pandasaurus
A collection of Frerard one shots. Mostly from Deviantart/ AO3. Enjoy!
Screaming at the Sun | Frerard by raytoronto
Screaming at the Sun | Frerardby boston
"Do you want my signature?" "Why, are you famous, or something?" In which Frank is a music star and Gee is trans. [2019]
November 1st (Frerard) by babyspiders
November 1st (Frerard)by babyspiders
It's the lake in November, and the move closer to the ocean, and Gerard's fixation, and Gerard's compulsions like tidal waves dragging him down, and Mikey's more distant...
Love Vigilantes (Frerard) •AU• by ohholyfrerard
Love Vigilantes (Frerard) •AU•by ✖️As You Were ✖️
~AU~ Set in the 1960's~ <Basically this fic is set in an alternate 1960's, where race is not an issue- but sexual orientation is. Just if there's any confusion> Fr...
Frerard One Shots  by thinkwithmyheart
Frerard One Shots by em
a collection of one shots because i'm always horny
Room To Grow (Frerard) (Completed) by wheatasticwheatchild
Room To Grow (Frerard) (Completed)by Eat Wheat Thins
Frank Iero hates children, with their high-pitched voices and tiny little hands. But of all of the children that irritate him, Ms. Way's kindergarten class is the worst...
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Roommates (Frerard fanfiction) COMPLETED by gullible1234
Roommates (Frerard fanfiction) Taylor2035
Gerard Way (24) is looking for extra money to produce his music. What happens when the famous musician Frank Iero (22) shows up looking for a room to rent? Read to find...
Give Him Hell, Kid (Frerard) by ohholyfrerard
Give Him Hell, Kid (Frerard)by ✖️As You Were ✖️
As the son of Satan, Gerard believed that his life had many perks. Until... As a punishment for his usual uncooperative ways, his father sends him to live on earth- to l...
Oreos | Frerard [Completed] by idkhowbutitsme
Oreos | Frerard [Completed]by ✨🥀ℭ𝔯𝔦𝔰 🥀✨
A (mostly) texting frerard fic. (With Petekey and other ships). "gay boi hides behind the screen of his phone as his crush unknowingly texts him. The two teens are...
TALK TO ME ¯ᶠʳᵉʳᵃʳᵈby 🗝
Frank can't handle talking to people without being struck with a panic attack. The only people he can talk to are his best friend, Mikey Way, and his mom. Ever since Fra...
The Bully (Frerard)(Completed) by xoCrashFire
The Bully (Frerard)(Completed)by Skylar the Introvert
Frank Iero has been picked on everyday in and out of school since he first came in seventh grade. He gets called all the same insults that he did in Maine before he move...
Drowning Lessons by xxxannybars
Drowning Lessonsby Libby
Frank has been having some troubles. The day he meets the mysterious black haired boy that every one else seems to steer clear from changes everything. The boy will eit...
Frerard Smut book by icountricegrains
Frerard Smut bookby dead account lol xd
Request are closed because hobo is a better person now.
Kiss Cam💋 ~ Frerard by lonelyxxlemonade
Kiss Cam💋 ~ Frerardby 404: not found
What would you do if your girlfriend rejected you on the kiss cam? ~ Frerard ~~~~~~~~ #14 ON THE FRERARD TAG RN 12/25 #3 ON FRERARD WHAT 1/2 Be sure to check out my othe...
Before Killing Was Cool ➊ FRERARD by thanksfrank
Before Killing Was Cool ➊ FRERARDby a sad ending
Frank Iero reckons there are a hell of a lot of people he'd do away with in a school shooting. He has a vivid imagination and what he finds to be a pretty reasonable ven...