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Perseus: The Omnipotent by TheCreatorofReality
Perseus: The Omnipotentby The Creator
In the beginning, there was one being: this being had an unlimited amount of power that it could not use. So it wandered around nothingness searching endlessly for somet...
Astrology and Birth Charts ~ everything you need to know :) by 1MysticAngel1
Astrology and Birth Charts ~ 1MysticAngel1
Topics: ~Astrology basics ~Sun signs ~Moon signs ~Rising signs ~Modality ~Elements ~Houses ~Planets ~Aspects ~Nodes ~Etc.
Other... World...? [Brutal Hero Fase 1 x Viva Fantasy by Miko6218
Other... World...? [Brutal Hero Amaya
HALO GAYS INI ADALAH BOOK YG DIREMAKE,JADI NIKMATI LAH BOOK YANG DI REMAKE😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👉👈👉👈👉👈🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 ___________________________________ Misi : get a 50...
Oh, Our Kim Roksu Can't Come To The Phone Right Now by brokecranberry
Oh, Our Kim Roksu Can't Come To brokecranberry
Why? 'Cause he's busy cleaning up someone else's fuck ups, that's why. Call back again later. Or the fic where Kim Roksu has a job that befits, 'I don't get paid enough...
Arcane: Thorn (Male Reader Insert) by DEMGSC1920
Arcane: Thorn (Male Reader Insert)by Daniel
The Aspects were created by beings beyond Runeterra, capable of doing massive destruction... but there's one Aspect which the others don't talk about out of fear, one th...
Emotions and Aspects by Writermagmortar
Emotions and Aspectsby Max the Magmortar
A story of discovery all to find just what his purpose is and does he even have one
Book Club: Review and Critique Shop by joblessbtch
Book Club: Review and Critique Shopby elizie
This book club is open for Filipino writers who are looking for genuine feedback and honest review. [] open [ ✔️] close for catch up Note: reopens again after I complete...
Debating & Thinking  by LettersBeyond
Debating & Thinking by Lá Phong
In this book, I will write about topics/ aspects of life which I am aware of and I think I should raise awareness or I think it is an interesting topic to write about. I...
He's lonely. Has been & thinks he always will be. Until he grants the heartbroken soul of a woman, a boon. Now he's the sworn protector of a girl with a whole lot of ba...
Information for Homestuck by TKDgirl100
Information for Homestuckby A Devoted Homestuck
Welp. As you can tell, I wanted to just write a thingy about my random Homestuck ramblings. As for my title, as of the time I am writing this, I have no idea what it is...
A Christian Girl's Guide to the Aspects of Life by secretly_a_pines
A Christian Girl's Guide to the alexei is my child
Have you ever wondered how I as a Christian feel about the many aspects of life? Read on to find out and to learn important things about the Christian lifestyle! I know...
get burned by damia03
get burnedby Bite Me
sorry but I ain't got no mercy but get flamed up in here inspired by the roast book GETCHO BIG by @maikeo_4L