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Constellations' Musing [TCF fanfiction] by RoyalKareem
Constellations' Musing [TCF Royal-Chan
The Constellations are bored. Cale was sure they're on cracks. And the whole continents are witnessing more sides of the hero that shall never be seen again-- they surel...
Dear Dearest Death by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Dear Dearest Deathby LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Meet Kim Rok Soo a 8 year old orphan who is also a Saint of Death In Another World Meet Cale Henituse 10 year old young master. Also a Saint of Death neither knew they w...
Your My Baby.... by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Your My LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Kim Rok Soo did not know what to do 1.He transmigerated into Birth of a Hero a A/B/O novel as Cale Henituse an omega 2.Cale seems to have been dead for 3 months 3.He has...
Flushed Ears by IloveCaleandWinter
Flushed Earsby gsgsstsg
How Cale developed his habit when lying. --------- A TCF oneshot. I really like the Soo trio so I decided my first oneshot would be about them. (●'□')♡ Disclaimer! The...
The tortured one by Caleism_7
The tortured oneby Yoojin’s axx
A torture single lifer krs was saved by og.Cale
TBOAH react to TCF (SLOW UPDATE) by MikazukiDoumei
TBOAH react to TCF (SLOW UPDATE)by Ario Doumei Mikazuki
The Birth of Hero react to Trash of the Count's Family. This story contains an alternative universe that I personally created. The Alternative Universe that I created co...
React to TCF by Lucathy4life
React to TCFby Aoi Asteria
yeah, react to TCF. that's it. that's the book. our dear young master and his fam with others will react to the life story of the most overworked slacker in all the eart...
Constellation's SSS-Level Test [TCF Fanfiction] by RoyalKareem
Constellation's SSS-Level Test [ Royal-Chan
'I know that I shouldn't have trusted them' as that bluish half translucent screen hovers above his head, Cale realized that he really should learn to stop jinxing himse...
The gods chosen one  by _Simp_3
The gods chosen one by _simp_
Cale Henituse turn back in time after 20 years of war. Thanks to an unknown someone he would find out some family secret and more. He will sacrifice everything to see th...
Revealed Secrets [ Discontinued(Maybe) ] by Nik_Owner
Revealed Secrets [ Discontinued( Time
"Cale Henituse..who are you?" . . . ⚠Warning!! Will contains mature stuff including graphic violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes. R...
One Of Us by Nik_Owner
One Of Usby Time
Shang... A bright light covers the whole world, leaving only few of those who are chosen to be transported somewhere in the universe. A room looks like a cinema from the...
Cale Henituse's 3rd life by EM23277868
Cale Henituse's 3rd lifeby EM;)
Cale Henituse wakes up in his bed after stabbing himself with the dagger of the world tree and killing the white star but... Did I die? Cale Henituse "dies" an...
How It Was Supposed To Be by RoyalKareem
How It Was Supposed To Beby Royal-Chan
Cale Henituse. That red-haired hero could be one of the sharpest person ever exist except when it was about things regarding himself. 'It's not a big deal' He always sa...
RokSooCale : My Heartbeat Goes Boom by MarvieShang
RokSooCale : My Heartbeat Goes Boomby Marvie Shang
Kim Rok Soo with his teammates are on mission for finding goods, in the midst of the mission he found a good for him though it doesn't have a beating heart anymore he fe...
Good Night, Sleep Tight. by RoyalKareem
Good Night, Sleep Royal-Chan
Just compilation of Tired Cale/KRS and his simps. Made to encounter [Overworked]
Triplets of the Count's Family by KTama20
Triplets of the Count's Familyby Kisa Tamao
Triple Red Three special abilities Trice the trouble Who doesn't know the name of Henituse? The family descends from Count and then suddenly ascends to Dutch? Or the fac...
Cale is dead and he is well aware of that fact "What do you want now?" the god of death ask He open his mouth "Let me start a new life without any old mem...
My over-imaginative Brain. by UrLocalAtrocity
My over-imaginative UrLocalAtrocity
Basically me having a big imagination about Tcf This would either be crossovers, AUs or my thoughts and ideas The art doesn't belong to me, it belongs to their rightful...
Constellation's Test [TCF Fanfiction] by RoyalKareem
Constellation's Test [TCF Royal-Chan
The Constellations are bored. They want to see new scenarios played by new interesting pion. Who else better target than our Crimson Commander, Cale Henituse~? 《Inspire...
Palette of Vermillion by WhoTao_
Palette of Vermillionby WhoTao_
Heaven only knows that there is, but only one way out. For the mortal realm, holds many secrets, as such, a 'mortal' roams the streets, going by the name 'Cale Henituse'...