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The Hijabi's Best Mistake by Razia101
The Hijabi's Best Mistakeby 👑R A Z👑
Copyright© "Leave me alone!" I said pushing at his chest so he would let me go. Every step I took back he took another closer towards me. "I knew I could...
Lost by WhisperingJ
Lostby Whispering J
HR: #10 (09/11/2018)#13 (08/22/18) #14 (08/21/2018)(09/08/2018) #18 (03/23/2017) "No!" Zayn shouted. He was pale as if he had seen a ghost. Eyes wide, lips par...
Take off your Hijab #wattys2020 by xxAyshaxxx
Take off your Hijab #wattys2020by HerThoughts
Almost everyone wants her to take of her "Hijab" because according to them, she looked like a member of "ISIS" and Maybe just maybe, she might take i...
Godless Girl by postalcervix
Godless Girlby call me Aurora
"What happens at church camp stays here, right?" Hope whispers. Aurora laughs and nods. "You don't have to tell Father Gabriel about this," Aurora sm...
Metal Family [alternative] by izukumidoriyaaaaaa
Metal Family [alternative]by .
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING: ED, RELIGIOUS TRAUMA, AND PROLLY OTHER ANGSTY STUFF⚠️This is almost a metal family fanfic, however it will focus more on me & my friends OCs, primaril...
Caelum | DreamXD x GeorgeNotFound by KindArson
Caelum | DreamXD x GeorgeNotFoundby Kind Arson
Caelum : Noun | Meaning: (Latin) the sky; the heavens - The mortal 'looks' in the eyes of the god. "so... there truly are gods?" he utter under his mere breath...
believe - some bible facts by jazmeu70
believe - some bible factsby jazu
-🌌- ever looked up at the stars and wonder where it all came from? How everything really came to be and wondered if there really is a being out there who put it all to...
philosophical Thoughts, Life Advice, and Unpopular Opinions by Melanies-Writing
philosophical Thoughts, Life Melanie Kollmeyer
I give a series of some of my thoughts and life advice based on experience, observation, and research. Please read with an open mind. Trigger warning: unpopular opinions!
The Uninvited ✝️✔️(Completed) by HappyAnu11
The Uninvited ✝️✔️(Completed)by HappyAnu11
The story of The Angel & an ordinary girl ! 🌠Never lose hope because God's Angel's are always close to you ! 🌠
Discussions On God by Aurora2
Discussions On Godby Aurora2
Maturity is valued, please. And, if i offend anyone, please tell me because that is NOT my intention.
The Best Religion by GetChanged
The Best Religionby Mr.Genius
Read to know about your life, and everyone's life! Where will you go after your death? Who made you first? Why are you on this earth for a maybe 60-80 or more years? Wh...
Peculiar by LPShell
Peculiarby Liam Percival Shelley
Once there was a planet of peculiar creatures who thought they were very very important.
He by mduroojabdullah
Heby urooj
Does God really exist?
HUNTERS by HijabiFreedom
HUNTERSby Ismaat
The Day of Ashes was the day that everything on Earth began to fall apart. The Hunters were suddenly everywhere. And they weren't quick to give up their plans. They want...
Just A Storybook by Midnight-Robotnik
Just A Storybookby Midnight
I wrote this poem a couple of years ago, and hesitated to post it. It's a sort of perspective on Christianity. Honestly if you are Christian and this offends you, I'm ve...