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A U D R E Y | | J A D E N W A L T O N by Asbookstore
A U D R E Y | | J A D E N W A L A <3
Audrey Beaumont, a fifteen year old girl who moves all the way from France to Atlanta Georgia meets, Jaden Walton, a sixteen year old boy and they slowly fall in love wi...
The Beloved Black by secrets__diary__
The Beloved Blackby Secret's Diary
When you are an a woman of color, who is the leader of the Mafia, no one ever takes you serious. Meet Dalia, even though her name means gentle in Swahili, that's the one...
New Neighborhood  by Eli_Sheba01
New Neighborhood by 𝖘𝖍𝖊𝖇𝖆𝖇𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍
Eighteen year old Keith moves from Raleigh North Carolina, to Atlanta Georgia, Due to his father finding better work. But in the neighborhood there is alot of dark secr...
patience by Haitian__tinnnggsss
patienceby Micky
Story description in process
Sneaky link by lomldejuanee
Sneaky linkby lomldejuanee
Starts off as a sneaky link...
Hands of Time by AlyxSvoboda125
Hands of Timeby Alyx
The man bites his bottom lip and meets her eyes as his face begins to shutter. "I see, I'm early." "Do you know me?" "This was as close as I...
She Superfly(Trevor Jackson Story) by Jazire17
She Superfly(Trevor Jackson Story)by Jazire' Johnson
Its crazy how you think you've known someone who you grew up with your whole life. First things first my name is Kehlani Gibbens and I'm 23 years old. I met my best fri...
The Hybrid Bennett  by infinite_soulx
The Hybrid Bennett by infinite_soulx
This is an polygamous relationship about my OC x Klaus Mikaelson x Hayley Marshall
OUTOFBODY by sourliee
OUTOFBODYby sourliee
'you only accept the love you think you deserve.'
Braxton Bjerken 🇺🇸 by CatherinePortillo7
Braxton Bjerken 🇺🇸by Catherine Portillo
Family Bjerken 🇺🇸 And Family Whitney 🇺🇸
The Manipulator by auyanawilson052017
The Manipulatorby auyanawilson052017
Ross Michael Kennedy Sailor is a 22 year old man who flirts with and manipulates 16 year old girls. he defended rape; claiming it's women's fault because they go out at...
The Lady In My Vision by Briana_loves1998
The Lady In My Visionby Briana White
Michael Jackson Has Been in the dating world for awhile until he has a vision that he met his soul mate once before She Goes By The Name Of Chanel who's from Atlanta Ge...
College Love  by jayking814
College Love by jaylon✍🏽
Millie begins freshmen year at Morehouse College, she attended College for education but will she leave with the love of her life?
Blakely Bjerken 🇺🇸 by CatherinePortillo7
Blakely Bjerken 🇺🇸by Catherine Portillo
Family Bjerken 🇺🇸 And Family Whitney 🇺🇸
Maybach Dreams by kayykunhua16
Maybach Dreamsby Iamkhloeariel
you will have to read to see ....
CONTROL by Maveanroi
CONTROLby Maveanroi
THIS STORY IS A COMPLETE FICTION! I HAVE NO PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE OF ANY OF THE REAL-LIFE PERSONS IN IT. LaKendra Lloyd is an Atlanta interior designer and loving single mo...