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Begging for forgiveness  by KylieSmiley579
Begging for forgiveness by Kylie Smiley
A young woman named Cameron, had it all. A loving husband, a great marriage and in laws who adored her. She had a great group of friends and was envied by many. She has...
Jasmine by elusive_6788
Jasmineby elusive_6788
No sex. No dating. And certainly no falling in love. These are single mother Jasmine Starling's mantras⁠-until handsome newspaper editor Ryan West arrives from Sydney, A...
Paper Daisies by florenceauraaa
Paper Daisiesby florenceauraaa
#1 in sweetheart 31st January 2022 Paper Daisy [ strawflowers, everlasting daisies, rhodanthe. Australian native wildflowers. ] They are beautiful, but often go unnotice...
October - Daniel Ricciardo by princesabarcelona
October - Daniel Ricciardoby princesabarcelona
We fell in love in October That's why, I love fall Looking at the stars Admiring from afar
SWIM // MITCHEL CAVE by hellyeahmitty
SWIM // MITCHEL CAVEby HellYeahMitty
"I bet you feel it now, baby" Your typical dysfunctional love story of two lost souls finding familiarity in eachother. But that doesn't mean there aren't prob...
The Wyld Girls by Blondeanddangerous
The Wyld Girlsby Kate J. Squires
Michelle Wyld holds the dubious honour of being Australia's most famous young widow. It's been seven years since her husband, the internationally beloved wildlife activi...
for better or for worse // mitchel cave (completed) by buterablog
for better or for worse // syd🖤
"99 cent dreams, maybe you could show me some." maybe it was luck that she met him. maybe it was fate. maybe the intricacies of what happened next wasn't suppo...
The Black Dragon Emperor of Will by Eyeofcreation
The Black Dragon Emperor of Willby Vanadis
Starting a new Highschool is hard enough. Hunter, a Transfer Student from Australia, know's this. But this Highschool holds secrets, and as Hunter soon discovers, The S...
What do you mean- Harrison Jones by SaBrInAaHaZ
What do you mean- Harrison Jonesby dumbanddumber
I tried thinking of something, but I'm sorry I have nothing at all!!!
Part Of Me { Completed ✔ } by Indulgentreader
Part Of Me { Completed ✔ }by Carley Button
Before Connor met Kate, he lived a simple life as an Omega in the Tellsman Pack. Kate, was as normal as a university student could be. Neither one of them had any idea...
Guide to Australian Slang and Stuff  by Forks_LeftTheChat
Guide to Australian Slang and Forks
Hey! This book is dedicated to providing information about the confusion that is Australian Slang words, foods or sayings. Written by yours truly, a real Australian pers...
I'd Leave It All by InsideVoiceOutside
I'd Leave It Allby InsideVoiceOutside
Lana's world is collapsing around her when a kind stranger comes in to her life, but will she take him down with her?
Oi, Shut The Fuck Up |GoodGuyFitz| by zerotenic
Oi, Shut The Fuck Up |GoodGuyFitz|by zero
"Come on, BitterRex! You got this! Come on~ BitterRex!" My annoying, dead team started cheering for me. I was going insane, Swagger's voice would peak at rando...
a plot twist called you | ✓ by greekyoghurtss
a plot twist called you | ✓by mia
[ WATTPAD FEATURED ] There is something about Ian Eastwood that makes Vanessa Davenport a little more alive and a little less lost. © 2020 mia ruby jane | all rights...
Best Years | l.h by ilovelukehemmings45
Best Years | l.hby ilovelukehemmings45
Mallie never expected for anything to happen when her and her friends go out their first night in Los Angeles. When she meets Luke Hemmings, a singer from a band she had...
chanlix fluffshots. by cosmicchris
chanlix s.
[ LOWERCASE INTENDED + SLOW ASS UPDATES ] a collection of ( fluffy and angst ) chanlix oneshots for when you feel soft or sad, by ri ! full of a handful of love <3 mo...
TURN THE PAIGE✔ by Evergreen_Ebony
TURN THE PAIGE✔by Evergreen_Ebony
⭐WATTPAD FEATURED ⭐ONC 2021 SHORTLISTER AND AMBASSADORS PICK When a vivacious beauty with brains and a stone cold hardliner are forced to work together...the situation...
Ignite by Skylar-Black
Igniteby Skylar Black
WATTPAD FEATURED NOV 2020 AND OCT 2021 - FROM OUR STARS LIST It's difficult to save someone who doesn't want saving, particularly when they're lying to you. ... Claudia...
Onions Don't Make You Cry by 1407Endless
Onions Don't Make You Cryby Endless1407
"I want to spend the rest of my life with you-- I'm going to ask your dad for your hand in marriage." "Oh Jacob, you can't... it's complicated." Me...
∞ ghost of you ∞ | c.t.h by lcvelycal
∞ ghost of you ∞ | c.t.hby 🗝
one night can change everything. [lowercase intended]