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She's With Me (Book 1, the With Me series) by AvaViolet
She's With Me (Book 1, the With Me...by Jessica Cunsolo
She's With Me is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. Amelia Collins is in wit...
Be With Me by AvaViolet
Be With Meby Jessica Cunsolo
Be With Me is now published as a Hardcover and E-book by Wattpad Books! As a Wattpad reader, you can access the Wattpad Books Published Edition here upon purchase. __ Re...
Best Vacation Ever by AvaViolet
Best Vacation Everby Jessica Cunsolo
Best Vacation Ever is now published as a Paperback, and E-book with W by Wattpad Books! *** Two best friends, five hot guys, one dream vacation. What could possibly go w...
ANGEL OF DEATH by deepikagurung
ANGEL OF DEATHby JustAnOrdinaryGirl
She lost her parents, living with her evil uncle and aunt, her longtime boyfriend just broke her heart. She was going through so many things that she decided to end her...
With Me Fanfiction by itsshewhowrites
With Me Fanfictionby Yashvi Shah
This book consists of fan-fictions of my favourite Wattpad book series by @AvaViolet aka Jessica Cunsolo called the With Me Series. The fan-fictions will specifically be...
Jason by AvaViolet
Jasonby Jessica Cunsolo
A narrative of a girl, recalling how she met her best friend Jason and how she's always loved him. But when he tells her he loves her, she remembers how much his friends...
The Tutoring by chizabell
The Tutoringby crown
Hannah williamson is a beautiful young girl who much is expected from ( both her family, teachers and friends at school) she's also known as the nerd of the class. ...
Friends With The Bad Boy by Jojoestiel
Friends With The Bad Boyby Jojoestiel
Good girl Hailey arrives in town ready to have a new start with her mom but as you know fate has a weird way of twisting things. Starting from greeting the badboy, Liam...
Accidentally Hurt - for the She's With Me contest by @AvaViolet by jaynafeather
Accidentally Hurt - for the She's...by Petalleaf
This is a story for the She's With Me contest by @AvaViolet. Love the story by AvaViolet!
It's Always Been You by AvaViolet
It's Always Been Youby Jessica Cunsolo
This story has been commissioned by Netflix's The Kissing Booth contest with Wattpad. The Kissing Booth is a movie coming to Netflix based on a story originally publishe...
Cast of " With Me " series by CDana004
Cast of " With Me " seriesby CDana004
Just the way I imagined the characters while reading
Books of Brilliants by LoveBeeFree
Books of Brilliantsby LoveBeeFree
DONT READ THE DESCRIPTION IT'S THE EPITOME OF CRINGE....ARGH DAMMIT YOU'RE READING IT ANYWAY... I'm very picky when it comes to books. For me It's all about execution a...
queen of darkness:  by OmoruyiStephanie
queen of darkness: by Omoruyi Stephanie
They call me the queen of darkness because i posses an ability that is quite uncommon and abolished... I am more powerful than I imagined.....
 Forever together 🤞 by firstladypraise
Forever together 🤞by Praise 🦋
Her BFF is back but not as d same blue- eyed green 10 year old👤... He is badder👅 He is hotter and she is affected ❣️💔
Torn Between Two Worlds...TBTW™ by esoaROMANCE
Torn Between Two Worlds...TBTW™by Sophia Endaline
He coaxed her teasingly and bit her lower lip before she opened her mouth to let his tongue in. They kissed until they were out of breath before they pulled away from e...
Demand For Love by Natty_Natasha
Demand For Loveby Natty_Natasha
Ezzmay's demand for her father's love. Her demand for youthful love has brought her to meet Ian. "You killed your mother you devil!!!!! Don't kill me the same way...
The One. by its_stefan20
The One.by Stefan Oroba
Stefan Howard has had a crush on Schools hottest guy ,Alex Jenkins for almost a year now. She's not the shy type. Believe me,she has tried. But Why is Alex too blind to...
My Ex , My Rebound And Me  by JoyceSanico3
My Ex , My Rebound And Me by Joyce Sanico
prolouge, Isa lang akong high school girl. nainlove sa isang lalaking kaklase ko lang di ko akalain na ang isang tulad kong. babaeng matino ay papayag sa isang set...