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Our baby boy  by Louandhaz27
Our baby boy by Louis and Harry
Harry ,Edward and marcel have been together since they where teenagers They live in a world where it's normal to have more than two people in a relationship They got m...
Boots & Booty - Larry Stylinson  [Ageplay] by hisoopsforhishi
Boots & Booty - Larry Stylinson [ Pastel Pink
One where Harry wears boots and Louis has booty. . . . Ageplay (DDLB) Little!Louis Daddy!Harry This book may contain triggering content for some people. So please, rea...
Safe- L.S. by lovelylarrystyles
Safe- lovelylarrystyles <3
Louis is a feisty homeless teen, and Harry is a loving soul in search of a little. What happens when their worlds collide? Please read the tags and be aware of what this...
Royalty 👑 L.S.  by little_lou_age
Royalty 👑 L.S. by 💙 Little Lou 💚
Heir to the throne Harry Styles needs to have a loyal companion to take his place on the throne. But when he meets a handsome peasant named Louis Tomlinson things get...
𝙱𝚊𝚋𝚢 𝙻𝚘𝚞𝚒𝚜 by harrystylesbooobs
𝙱𝚊𝚋𝚢 𝙻𝚘𝚞𝚒𝚜by harrystylesbooobs
Basically Louis is baby and Harry breastfeeds Louis, Harry takes pills to grow boobs so he can breastfeed Louis. Its hard for Louis to keep regular food down because he'...
Teddy bears(L.s) by noradjones
Teddy bears(L.s)by LarryStylinson
Sometimes I just get so stressed out, mad, or angry. But I can't do anything about it, whether i'm at work or talking to my sister.. I get the urge to cry when someone m...
The Prince and His Kings (styles Brothers/larry ) by larrygaystylinson28
The Prince and His Kings (styles gaystylinson
au were the kings of the gang world find their prince and the other three boys are there as well lowercase intended
Sapphire Blue by ruoche7
Sapphire Blueby ruoche7
An Omegaverse au. A Polygamous relationship. A journey of parenthood and a little sapphire eyed baby that is loved and protected(overprotected) by his parents. Ziam, Zia...
Louis - A Zianourry Ageplay Story by Hopes4Peace
Louis - A Zianourry Ageplay Storyby Hopes4Peace
Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn are taking a break from performing. Their relationship together, always of media interest, is missing just one person - Louis. When they find...
Sassy Tommo - Larry Stylinson [Ageplay] by hisoopsforhishi
Sassy Tommo - Larry Stylinson [ Pastel Pink
"The Sassy Tommo just got sassed!" . . . Ageplay - DDLB (If you don't know what this is, google it before you read.) This book may contain triggering content f...
A Real Woman by promisemalik
A Real Womanby promisemalik
Zayn is woman. He knows he is. It's just when God was making him, he must have slipped or something. And now he has a penis. Whoops. But that's ok. He's a big girl, he...
The Light to His Darkness by larrygaystylinson28
The Light to His Darknessby gaystylinson
what happens when 17 year old don harry takes a liking to bullied gay freshman louis tomlinson? au/ lowercase intended
Summer camp *ON HOLD* by Zoe210895
Summer camp *ON HOLD*by Zoe
"Hey baby, you ready for high ropes?" Harry cooed. Louis squealed and nodded excitedly, removing his dummy and placing it on top of his pillow, raising his arm...
baby babbles by zaynskingdom
baby babblesby X
Just some 1D kids fanfics / one-shots. Fics found on tumblr and credits, rights, and all belongs to the owner. (A/N: these one-shots are not ageplay!) Started on: May...
Adopted by adoptedfic
Adoptedby adoptedfic
The successful age - play story, Adopted by harrywearsaflowercrown, originally posted on, is now available to read on wattpad!
Our Little Family  by PrettyBoiTommo
Our Little Family by PrettyBoiStyles
Liam and Zayn Malik decide to start a family with three young boys they find in an adoption center. This family will have there up and downs but at the end of the day th...
Our Princess 🧚‍♂️🌼🌻 by GeorgiaHensler
Our Princess 🧚‍♂️🌼🌻by Hensy Baby :)
Hello Everyone... it way my first fic so don't judge me. Not that i care, anyways lets get into it. Its about the Styles triplets and their little angel louis. Styles t...
Flower Boy (larry) by kiwibyharrystylez
Flower Boy (larry)by spread love ❤️
adorable stuttering flower boy louis meets hot smirking tattoo artist harry