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Not Another High School Love Story by AaronLeeSharp
Not Another High School Love Storyby Aaron Lee Sharp
Ugh *rolls eyes* not another high school love story... [Twist on clichés] A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY *RANK* ·#1 || Closeted--5/7/19 ·#1 || Gayboys--6/18/19 ·#1 || Guyxguy...
need - charli d'amelio by himynameisbabi
need - charli d'amelioby Babi
"i needed her i wanted her but you cant have everything...." a gxg you×charli d'amelio fan fiction where: two best friends have fallen in love with each other...
Stealth. (FtM Karl) by frogofwisdom
Stealth. (FtM Karl)by Overlord
Karl is FtM trans, closeted at home but finally free to be himself once he starts college. He planned to stay hidden and just stay unnoticed so not to get into any troub...
Lottie's Brother by tosanfransico28
Lottie's Brotherby tosanfransico28
Harry Styles is best friends with Lottie Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. Harry always had a bit of a crush on Lottie's older brother Louis but it was just a chil...
Happier Than Ever - Jenlisa Fanfic by monskik
Happier Than Ever - Jenlisa Fanficby Blue Wave
"You can make someone love you but you can't make someone STAY." How far can you love someone if the world is against you? Will you still willing to risk every...
"Girlfriend" Lams by 1-800-PEGGY
"Girlfriend" Lamsby ❀𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕓𝕠𝕪❀
John Laurens' father is forcing him to get married. He arranged a marriage with the Washingtons, desperate for his son to have a bachelorette. But his father made a litt...
Wandering Fireflies by BellaCheshire
Wandering Firefliesby Bella Cheshire
One road trip. That was all that it took to tear Zaavan Fleetwood and Vance Dallas's lives apart. It wasn't fair - walls are always built for a reason. The two smoking h...
Sassy Tommo - Larry Stylinson [Ageplay] by hisoopsforhishi
Sassy Tommo - Larry Stylinson [ Pastel Pink
"The Sassy Tommo just got sassed!" . . . Ageplay - DDLB (If you don't know what this is, google it before you read.) This book may contain triggering content f...
• Second Chance • by JZInazumaelevengo
• Second Chance •by JZ IEG
Kyousuke is a 17 year old High School student that goes to Raimon HighSchool, he was adopted by Gouenji Shuuya and Afuro Terumi after the tragic incident of his parents...
🌈 Pride backgrounds for Closeted peeps 🏳️‍🌈 by KbaeStar
🌈 Pride backgrounds for KbaeStar
All of these backgrounds, I got off of Pintrest and they are all pride backgrounds but they aren't super obviously pride, so they should be able to get past all of your...
Green on Blue by StarBurnt_Doggo
Green on Blueby Josiah
*This story is constantly updating* This story is a series of musings between two gay twenty six year old men as they discuss life. The year is 1997, Neil Brooks has pro...
Don't Pass Me By // Mclennon by jp_mclennon
Don't Pass Me By // Mclennonby nowhere man
TRIGGER WARNING: contains homophobic slurs, alcohol abuse and NSFW content. ====================================== "Don't pass me by, don't make me cry, don't mak...
Trans Max/Dadvid by xampcamp
Trans Max/Dadvidby Xamp camp
THANKS FOR THE READS I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS TO GROW SO MUCH max has been trans for awhile but nobody knew, that is until Gwen catches him in his tent putting on his binder...
(finished) Part 2: Don't you hate it when you thought you were done with your conflicting feelings, suddenly you have them coming back to you when you least expect it...
The Original's sins {Klaus Mikaelson/Elijah Mikaelson x oc} by youwillneverknow989
The Original's sins {Klaus youwillneverknow989
"Must be a real punch to the gut to be the second strongest vampire in the world." 500 years of running from Klaus later, Emily and klaus's brother Elijah plan...
i think i love you / solby by gorgeousgolbachh
i think i love you / solbyby ✖️
"i.. i think i love you." "i think i love you too."
The X Factor 2019 ➸ Larry Stylinson AU  by keiram06
The X Factor 2019 ➸ Larry Keiram06
It is Louis' second year being a judge on The X Factor and he couldn't be more optimistic. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend started to get upset during the competit...
Hidden Pride by Elephant_Reject
When you turn 21 your sexuality is printed on your body. What happens when Paul gets an unexpected flag? ⚠️☣️The ending was very rushed and I gave up at the end so thi...
I'm Looking Through You // Mclennon by jp_mclennon
I'm Looking Through You // Mclennonby nowhere man
TRIGGER WARNING: contains drug/alcohol use and NSFW content. Inspired by the movie, "Two of Us" ====================================== "You don't look dif...
Team Spirit by KeriHalfacre
Team Spiritby Keri Halfacre
Summer's over and Sam faces a dilemma: how to manage a long distance relationship with his first real boyfriend. Joining the volleyball team seems like the perfect answe...