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World of Color | Skephalo by Skepperonipizza
World of Color | Skephaloby indie
Zak has always wondered about when he would be able to see the color of the sky, or the grass or even his mother's eyes. All his life, he's lived surrounded by shades of...
(Skephalo) Forgive me father for I have sinned  by RamenBoi3
(Skephalo) Forgive me father for You’re_Such_A_Muffin
Cover art credit: @Aremiin PLEASE IM SO IN LOVE WITH THE COVER THANK YOU MWAH MWAH Darryl lives his life as the pastors son, completely engulfed in his fathers religion...
Skephalo Oneshots by regretfulidiot
Skephalo Oneshotsby regretfulidiot
this book is a joke [completed] [no inappropriate shjt, just jokes]
Panic Attacks - Skephalo by Skuppi
Panic Attacks - Skephaloby lupin
BadBoyHalo (or Darryl) is someone who has a panic disorder where he gets a lot of panic attacks. Skeppy (or Zak) comforts Bad whenever he is starting to get scared. Bad...
Before You Go (Skephalo) by 14skephalo14
Before You Go (Skephalo)by Ping Spoofer
This story takes place in June 2022. Skeppy and Badboyhalo finally meet up for Vidcon. Seeing each other in person, both start to realize they have something deeper than...
The Day After They Meet Up~ by Skuppi
The Day After They Meet Up~by lupin
Skeppy and BadBoyHalo plan to meet up when they both soon realize they have feelings for each other. (Credits to the artist)
Bbh x Skeppy (SMUT LIKE WRITING) by DeansLittleAssbutt
Bbh x Skeppy (SMUT LIKE WRITING)by DeansLittleAssbutt
!!!CONTAINS SMUT LIKE WRITING!!! Skeppy and badboyhalo have feelings for each other, but who will admit it first? What problems will they face? Read to find out!! <3...
Aboulomania [Skephalo] by TheKiki_Kiwi12
Aboulomania [Skephalo]by Thė Kiki Kiwi?
⚠️Important⚠️ This is a multi-choice story. If you were to choose the option, "a)" you would go to the, "a)" chapter. If you choose a) though, you ca...
Muffins // A Skephalo Story by MaMajesty_
Muffins // A Skephalo Storyby MaMajesty
COMPLETED Skeppy has worked at the same cafe for years, and for years, the same boy has come in every single day. Due to his massive crush on this boy, Skeppy has always...
Loved You In Another Life // A Skephalo Story by MaMajesty_
Loved You In Another Life // A MaMajesty
After the tragic deaths of both Skeppy and Badboyhalo, they meet again in the afterlife through their jobs. Spending more and more time together, they begin to fall in l...
•Skephalo oneshots!• by Vulixirus
•Skephalo oneshots!•by 🙃
(Cover by me!) Don't read this if you get very triggered and gets very uncomfortable. This is a warning. (OLD BOOK BUT THABK TOU FOR 200K+ READS!) This book CONTAINS: d...
Badboyhalo x Skeppy  by soohiasjjj
Badboyhalo x Skeppy by soohiasjjj
**Discontinued*** Skeppy and badboyhalo re-evaluate what their relationship is, and what it can be. ;) "Cute" to "vacation part two": realistic story...
Wish This Were Real // A Skephalo Story by MaMajesty_
Wish This Were Real // A MaMajesty
COMPLETED After Zak is finds out his boyfriend was cheating on him, he is heartbroken. He meets Darryl who offers to pretend to date Zak in order to make his ex jealous...
o n e s h o t s • s k e p h a l o by ba6dguette
o n e s h o t s • s k e p h a l oby kek
just some oneshots and art uwu and um there are some angst parts soo yEA
Runways - Skephalo by Skuppi
Runways - Skephaloby lupin
Zak is living in a not so great foster home. One night, he decides to sneak out, and he finds that another boy is secretly there with him in the woods. This fanfiction w...
🔰⏯ // random skephalo oneshots // 🔰⏭ by Monsoonsummontyphoon
🔰⏯ // random skephalo Monsoon
REQUEST ARE OPEN Note: I am not pushing them to a relationship and tho I'm using real life names and stuff like meeting up, I'm not shipping real people, just online pe...
Blood Soaking In The Eyes Of A Halo [Skephalo Fanfic] by WolfyPawprint
Blood Soaking In The Eyes Of A Wolfy Pawprint
The art is not mine cause I honestly can't draw people on a device yet. I adore writing but usually don't share so be patient and understanding please. Trigger warning...
SkepHalo Stuff [Discontinued] by scynopsis
SkepHalo Stuff [Discontinued]by ☆
Very OOC And AngstBoyHalo, I will probably write a lot of BadBoyHalo angst. Please read this I get off on reads.
Doorbell - Skephalo by bleurre
Doorbell - Skephaloby saphira
i wrote this for fun lol :p
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"If I know what love is, it is because of you",  A Skephalo Fanfiction by QuestionablexDD
"If I know what love is, it is QuestionablexDD
A fluffy story where these two amazing people are in love