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1:45 A.M by rosesareblue01
1:45 A.Mby Dana☠️
What's so special about this time? Even Scarlett Adams wondered. After witnessing the death of her parents at the age of four, her whole life was a nightmare. Besides l...
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Steal His Girl by Ijustwanttosleeppp
Steal His Girlby Ijustwanttosleeppp
{I wrote this in 7th grade, so I apologize for how poorly it may have been written. It's a little cringey but a lot of you seem to really enjoy it HAHA. The story is NOW...
Violet  by idle_adolescent
Violet by ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
His tongue slips in and I get caught off guard. Woah buddy! I push back slightly and he let's go and looks into my eyes. "what?" he asks confused. No trace...
Pranking the Prankster ✔︎ by BezerkSaint
Pranking the Prankster ✔︎by 𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐚 ★
"Take a picture it will last longer, Princess." His green orbs meet my brown ones. I cock my head to the side innocently. "Portrait or landscape?" ...
Forever & Always by yumnaxxariff
Forever & Alwaysby 𝐘𝐮𝐦𝐧𝐚
𝐀𝐯𝐚 𝐖𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 and her family of 5 recently moved continents after the tragic death of her beloved grandma to start afresh, once she starts a new school she wants...
The Player Broke My Leg by KatieElstner
The Player Broke My Legby KatieElstner
Hattie Page is a nobody, and who's fault is that? Jasper Kings. Hattie is the outcast. She has no one in her life. Her parents always seem to be gone when she needs the...
The Bad Boys Exception by JadeGreen16
The Bad Boys Exceptionby Jade Green
She was a good girl. She was polite. She was humble. She was extremely beautiful. She studied hard. She didn't drink. She was completely genuine. She would curl up with...
Alec Gray's Fake Girlfriend by toohotforyou_
Alec Gray's Fake Girlfriendby Aurora
I was forced to be a girlfriend of one of our schools bad boys, Alec Gray. I had to be his girlfriend for 3 weeks otherwise Alec would ruin my life. I had no choice so I...
The Ten-Year Game Plan by Kennedylee
The Ten-Year Game Planby Kennedy
Donovan Starr is just that. A star. He's the God of football. The king of any room that he walks into--everybody loves him. Except Josie. To Josie, Donovan Starr is no...
On the Ice (Rewriting) by Fanfam3768
On the Ice (Rewriting)by Fanfam3768
Cover by @pasteltragedies!! Its more than just skating. Kenna Foster is a 16 year old who had just moved from Colorado to Iowa. More than anything, Kenna loves to skate...
I Saved The Gangster  by julia_vida
I Saved The Gangster by princessjules
Cassidy Morgan, a woman who does not give a damn in the world. She wears clothes that call for no attention. She dyes her hair to mask its true color. She disguises hers...
We Were Strangers| Completed by evergreen-writes
We Were Strangers| Completedby evergreen writes
One word. Chaos. That's all Nico Valore had brought to my life since the moment I met him. Despite all the pain and heartache, if you asked me to do it again, my answer...
Bad Boy || Xavier  by anna_590
Bad Boy || Xavier by anna_590
Highest rank: #51- badboy #12- comedy Being new in a high school is difficult. Being "claimed" by the supposedly "bad boy" was even more difficult. H...
Noah Next Door ✓ by simon_waters
Noah Next Door ✓by Simon Waters
(BoyxBoy) Parker Davenport has had a secret crush on Noah Bishop, the popular boy next door, ever since he first transferred from the UK. A British accent and strip teas...
Guilty Pleasures by darshi234
Guilty Pleasuresby Darshmika Reddy
An anthology of short erotic and romantic poems. ONLY FOR 18+ READERS !!!
Finn. by unsurebumblebee
#16 Gray
Finn Cavanaugh is the new boy in town. Rude, unbothered and cold, Sebastian was sure he hated him. One stupid English project creates more confusion for Sebastian than h...
The Devil's touch  by Vlovers19
The Devil's touch by Vlovers19
A coming of age romance fanfic. Taehyung's friend and neighbor since childhood Park Jimin is literally a devil, A very very bad boy. Taehyung isn't really happy with the...
Graveyard, Backyard by poetrythanki
Graveyard, Backyardby Poetry Thanki
Welcome to the ominous town of Havendell, where the lives of three individuals collide in a haunting tale. Claire, a teenager seeking solace after her parents' divorce...
The fat and ugly Y/N Smith is the laughingstock of the town when her fiancé breaks off their engagement. He says, "The sight of your gigantic face and thunder thigh...
Falling for your best friends • Taekook FF  • [ Completed ✅ ]  by Ashscrievers
Falling for your best friends • Ashscrievers
Tae was trying to help her by holding her hand but yn always shrugged off his hand while they reached her dorm yn said " Taehyung I want to break our friendship &q...