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His temptation #2 (ENG)✔️ by dark_light233
His temptation #2 (ENG)✔️by dark_light233
Four years. That's how long it has been since Sebastian saw his best friend's sister Maya. She was the sweetest seventeen year old girl you probably ever met. Now? Not s...
My Little Fighter by AlessiaC0104
My Little Fighterby Aless;a
Amelia Jackson is angry, strong and selfless Jace Falls is angry, strong and selfish They attend the same college, but they totally ignore the fact that they're both tak...
Fierce by karenisadumbitch
Fierceby karenisadumbitch
"I know you want me" he said as he smirked and pinned me to the wall and I fake gasped and his smirk turned even wider. "You wish, bitch" I said and...
Under Lorena's Control (COMPLETE) by Dreamy627
Under Lorena's Control (COMPLETE)by Dreamy627
Lorena Vile's last name is an understatement. She is wanted by the most powerful empire on the planet. Everyone knows her real name but she's too clever for any arrest a...
lacuna  by quixkslver
lacuna by quixkslver
la·cu·na an unfilled space or interval; a gap. ☞︎ a story about a girl's life ☞︎ cover by @Rivulettes [ the first 39 chapters suck... bad ] #3 in badboy #3 in fight #3...
The story is about a struggle of popularity among top boys and top girls at the college.They are really popular until the whole college tries to be their friends.But the...
City lights & Starry skies (Capricorn x Virgo) by jungkooksgalaxyeyes
City lights & Starry skies ( jungkooksgalaxyeyes
[ Zodiac Book ] A girl met a boy. A boy who felt as though home. A boy who smelled of comfort and felt as silk. But tasted as something she shouldn't had tasted. Poison...
|Looking for you| Ongoing | by WishesLeadByDreams
|Looking for you| Ongoing |by 𝐼
This is a story about a 17 year old who has lived with abusive parents since being four years old. Who was taken by her own mother, away from her only loving family. Whe...
Knights In Nightmares by Avril954
Knights In Nightmaresby Avril954
I walk in unnoticed. Like always. Ugh why does life have to be so awful. This horrid jail they call a school just adds to my misery. Well you're probably wondering who i...
Who doesn't love a bad girl? by Chloelynn447
Who doesn't love a bad girl?by Chloelynn447
Danny's mom had a thing about self-defense. She made Danny take karate, taekwondo, and jujitsu since she was four. Her dad was a seal. His training was her morning routi...
Twisted Paradise by CountessRoseate
Twisted Paradiseby Countess Roseate
Lilithe Blackthorne, the dark, brazen beauty with a dense forest in her eyes and a fire burning in her soul cannot be stopped until she had her revenge. Used and discard...
ASTRID by Blissfulbella
ASTRIDby Edah Freda
when she hot and works out, badass bitch who wouldn't mind to put a stupid bitch in her place but innocent and cute as fuck and plays basketball. ASTRID WOODS is her nam...
A bad boy, a bad girl, and a gun by CharleighCharlie
A bad boy, a bad girl, and a gunby Charleigh
Lacey Martyn is a bad girl, a badass, and a tomboy. Cyril Parker is a bad boy, a badass, and a player. Both of them are wizards and they share a dorm at Strumiara, a s...
Bad Girl vs. Bad Boy by kellycute909
Bad Girl vs. Bad Boyby kellycute909
Meet Kylie Grey a 14 year old badass. Kylie has long jet black hair and grey eyes like her older brother Jordan. Kylie hasn't seen Jordan in 10 years. Meet Blake Daniels...
The Bad Girl's Bad Boy: the future. (Interracial) by KittyCupcakes15
The Bad Girl's Bad Boy: the ✧αѕтяσиσму_ℓυνєя✧
♡ Being a senior in high school, Dianna Sanchez considers herself the definition of the popular, extroverted, rowdy, party going tomboy she is. Compared to her shy and r...
Gray {discontinued} by stormysilence
Gray {discontinued}by 🎵🖤
DISCONTINUED. " Villains aren't born, babydoll, they're made. " // Gray Hawking's life is shrouded in everything dangerous. In the past four years, th...
Young love is best by daisiesarecutee
Young love is bestby Amy
Meet Aurora Michaels - Top of all classes, Funny, Loved by everyone, Had the boys chasing her, Popular but not bitchy Meet Chase Nolan - Popular, Badboy, Had all the gir...
Arden Garcia by __Erotica__
Arden Garciaby __Erotica__
Arden is a disappointment to her family. Lets see... what have they called her so far? Oh Right! A slut of a daughter who is a disappointment to their family and heritag...
Rose Red by MistyPlume
Rose Redby Misty Plume
Eleonora Rose is a young girl with big dreams. Not only does she want to become the head of her own company one day but she wants to do it in style. Going to university...
The Bad Girl's Good Boy by M_and_J
The Bad Girl's Good Boyby Mason and Jace
Katie Willis is not the type of girl you bring home to meet your parents. More the lets see how long it takes till she gets you arrested, to start smoking, or doing some...