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↠ in which an overly-confident and coquettish student manages to break through her young teacher's built-up walls cr. http_BTS march 2018
texts (tk!) by vilated
texts (tk!)by vilated
'you sent a dick pic yesterday.'
The Gucci Guy | KTH ✔ by SUGAHOBIC
The Gucci Guy | KTH ✔by ✧𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧✧
"Do you even know who I am??" he asked in frustration. "No. Are you some president here or something and I wasn't informed?" He shook his head and ga...
I don't mind  by SuperYandere
I don't mind by Big Dummy
Jimin is secretly a little and tries to hide it from the rest of the members until one day, Yoongi goes to ask him for advice dancing but stops short when he opens the d...
quick add (tk!) by vilated
quick add (tk!)by vilated
gguk 🐿: YEEHAW 🤹🏻‍♂️💤: how about 'yeenaw'. in which jeongguk adds taehyung on snapchat through quick add and irritatingly spams him everyday. he falls for him day b...
Try Me (Park Jimin) by JiminSSIKookie
Try Me (Park Jimin)by My Bias Raps
(Completed/Editing!) College is supposed to be a fun time right? What would happen if you were thrown into time of chaos and love by 7 friends unexpectedly. But there's...
Sun And Moon | JHS ✔ by SUGAHOBIC
Sun And Moon | JHS ✔by ✧𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧✧
❝We're like the sun and the moon.. never there at the same time..❞ A J-Hope biased Korean stranger befriends you online. And, struggling with different timings and count...
Broken Keys | MYG ✔ by SUGAHOBIC
Broken Keys | MYG ✔by ✧𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧✧
❝You managed to break every piece of me.. Just like those piano keys, you played with my heart.. And broke it.❞ The story of a broken pianist with a dreadful past, a kin...
Te necesito chica(Jimin&______) [EDITANDO] by Mery_borjas
Te necesito chica(Jimin&______) [ ♡메리♡
_______Cooper una chica de 17 años de edad que cursa la universidad, trabaja y a la vez va a sus ensayos de música, ella es una chica con no muchos amigos, su padre la a...
UNTIL You [YOONGI] (Book 1) by sugafix
UNTIL You [YOONGI] (Book 1)by sugafix
She was normal. He was not. He wanted to protect her. But that only put her in grave danger. Min Yoongi could never have prepared for someone so ordinary to become his u...
ɦ օ օ ժ ҽ ժ ★ 김태형 ✔ by sereneuphoria
ɦ օ օ ժ ҽ ժ ★ 김태형 ✔by 벨라
a gιrl wнo woυld raтнer вe alone, and a вoy wнo won'т leave нer alone C O M P L E T E D ✔
Bullets ; K.Taehyung by tteokbeomkki
Bullets ; K.Taehyungby beommie
COMPLETED. a dedicated police officer is hired to protect a famous boy group with her life, finding herself in its biggest turn after a dangerous incident. "there a...
The Busan Boy ✓ by krissyyoon
The Busan Boy ✓by krissy
A one night stand between art director Yoo Nari and a blacklisted singer turns complicated when dark secrets resurface.
Fallen For You (Kim Taehyung X Reader AU fanfic) [Blood Sweat and Tears #1] by KyungbenCarstairs
Fallen For You (Kim Taehyung X Sungti Amen Jmr
"I will wait a thousand lifetimes," he swallowed in a deep breath, trying to supress the force that was making his memories fade just for a few moments. "...
Save me || Yoonmin || COMPLETED by sugastechnology
Save me || Yoonmin || COMPLETEDby sugastechnology
•WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I SAVE YOU? I'LL SAVE YOU RIGHT BACK• Jimin is a shy bookworm who attends highschool. He doesn't have any real friends and doesn't feel comfortable i...
Lost Boys - Jin × BTS by Kimjiman23
Lost Boys - Jin × BTSby Iman
Everyone's darling billionaire Kim Seokjin meets six homeless broken people, and suddenly finds himself becoming their solace (or more specifically, their home.) [This b...
Your Divine Grace {NamJin} by TsunamiFlames
Your Divine Grace {NamJin}by 🍡
[sequel to Your Majesty] "Seokjin-nim, there are fates worse than death." 《Bangtan Ddaeng Awards Winner》 [cover by @seokjinshusband]
The last you heard of me by Kimjiman23
The last you heard of meby Iman
"Death is inevitable. The way you die matters." Unfortunately, Namjoon died in the most painful way possible, by suicide. k.nj × j.hs Platonic k.nj × bts
IS IT LOVE? by lennoxblackwood
IS IT LOVE?by lennox ❤
Where Jungkook a dangerous gang member get obsessed with a boy named Taehyung who looks exactly like his dead boyfriend. But there are some obstacles.. Read to find out..
↠ in which two ex-lovers reminisce their toxic and calamitous relationship by writing letters to an adviser about their story cr. http_BTS november 2017