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Vlad by noodlelover_1
Vladby noodlelover_1
Vlad Dracula, spawn of the devil. After years of searching, he's found the doppelganger of his beloved, and he will do anything to make sure he gets her. Anything. .... ...
Unknown energy signature (Transformers Prime And Doctor Who Crossover) by Alpha_Male_
Unknown energy signature ( Alpha_Male_
When the Autobot's get an unknown energy signature in Jasper Nevada, they check it out. They find themselves in the middle of a desert and find a human police box which...
𝙏𝙤𝙤 𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙚? || 𝓳𝓲𝘬ꪮꪮ𝘬 by JiminieANDkooki
𝙏𝙤𝙤 𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙚? || 𝓳𝓲𝘬ꪮꪮ𝘬by ☁️ 𝐊KΜ𝕁 ☁️
He wished he could turn back time Change it maybe... To a different time, one where his precious hyung didn't ignore him... He should have expected this... Expected the...
Not Just Friends by PoeticallyUrban
Not Just Friendsby Melanin Vibes Only
(Currently Editing) Zendaya and Trevor Jackson have a complicated relationship. They go through fights and drama. until something tragic happens...
Missing Nolan by Hauntedsunshinegirl
Missing Nolanby HauntedSunshineGirl
As I write, the weight of Nolan's disappearance presses heavily on my mind. Memories of our past conversations mingle with the eerie events that have started to unfold a...
Reborn As A Civilization!? by iselix
Reborn As A Civilization!?by iselix
The man typed vigitiously through out the night, seeking to complete the next chapter of his web novel but assumably worked himself to death and found himself reincarnat...
Yandere Café ☕️ ( Request What Happens Next! ) by A1R1ZZL3R
Yandere Café ☕️ ( Request What Rizz
Y/n a young man with a taste for adventure, finds himself drawn to the enigmatic Miko, a girl who possesses an undeniable allure. Unbeknownst to Y/n, Miko is a yandere...
A Face in the Crowd by janesbiotch
A Face in the Crowdby Latoya
There's been a horrible accident that will change the way Jane looks at things forever. Can Lisbon see him through? In a world from of strangers, Lisbon is the only...
Helluva Boss X Male Reader (Millie X Reader) by BrodyYoMama
Helluva Boss X Male Reader ( Linus tech tip
You're Y/N, a young man unceremoniously dropped into hell after a heroic deed was seen as an unholy act. With your voice, looks, and even slight bits of your personality...
Snow White and Scarlett Rose by TashaAmy1803
Snow White and Scarlett Roseby Tasha Amy
Based off the film Snow White and the Huntsman, I bring you Snow White and her twin Scarlett Rose. William/OC
Shivaji Maharaj Bhonsle 3 April 1680 was an Indian warrior-king and a member of the Bhonsle Maratha clan. Shivaji Maharaj carved out an enclave from the declining Adilsh...
Inhel: Beyond the Horizon by sam12565
Inhel: Beyond the Horizonby SamV
New chapters every week! All feedback really appreciated- In a realm shrouded by despair and impending doom, Inhel stood witness as his world faced its final moments. T...
Falling Rain by Cinnamonbuns0725
Falling Rainby Yuciel
Choi He Ran (Eira) seemingly has it all - she is pretty, rich and a handsome boyfriend who is part of famous boyband MHL (Melody, Harmony and Lyrics) making waves aroun...
A Study of Scarlet Witch [Sherlock at hogwarts] by MeBeingDifficult
A Study of Scarlet Witch [ A difficult person
When a genius prodigy child, Sherlock Holmes gets a letter from a mysterious school, claiming that he was a 'wizard', he promptly discards it as silly prank from his nei...
¤Fake Friend¤  •Pjm•  by Taehyung_Enthusiast
¤Fake Friend¤ •Pjm• by °Taesthetic°
Jm:"she's just my fake friend" That word crushed my heart into pieces leading me to not trust anyone anymore ●Read to see what happends● Started:March 9, 2018 ...
Peashooter x Reader (Plants vs Zombies Franchise) by InvalidInvalid0
Peashooter x Reader (Plants vs very hungry boy
Yes, I'm serious. A gay Plants Vs Zombies FanFic where you and a peashooter date and stuff. I don't make any specific references to the y/n's gender so honestly don't fe...
A different love Language || trump x biden by lackingguts
A different love Language || v
trump and biden are in lov,,, but the other doesnt know??2 wil they confess ?? whoknwos
Dream SMP Agere (REQUEST BASED) by T0MMY-_-1NN1T
Dream SMP agere book, always taking requests!!
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Should I Go With This by FionaPalmer223
Should I Go With Thisby Fiona Palmer
Should I go with this Or keep working on my supergirl fan fic???
I want to hold your hands  by Roseonlylovesrose
I want to hold your hands by BTS💜blossom tree🌸
Read the characters introduction 💜🌸