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Bechloe - The New Girl by idontknow386
Bechloe - The New Girlby Hollie
Beca is Northfield High's number one player. Chloe is the bubbly new student. The two are completely different but are still interested to find out more about the other...
distance // bechloe by lilpickledstar
distance // bechloeby winter ❄️
'𝘪 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶' ⚬ ⚬ '𝘺𝘰𝘶'𝘭�...
Coffee? (Bechloe) by ItsLittleOldMee
Coffee? (Bechloe)by ItsLittleOldMee
Set at the end of PP, A slightly okay fanfiction about a wild redhead and a petulant DJ with a subpar ending. Hope y'all enjoy.
Beca's Choice by DatRagnorak
Beca's Choiceby DatRagnorak
Beca Mitchell is new to the high school. Joining in Senior Year is always a pain. She quickly befriends a small group of friends. Jesse. Amy. Aubrey. Emily and Chloe. An...
The Doctor and The DJ by Fanfic_watt_writer
The Doctor and The DJby Fanfic_writer
Chloe is a doctor and meets Beca who has been in a accident. The two get along really great but Beca has a secret that stops her from a relationship with Chloe. Thanks t...
Bechloe oneshots by Super_Suppe12
Bechloe oneshotsby Super Suppen
These are oneshots with Bechloe. There will be most happy/romantic (and weird) stories. Some of them may be a completely different genre. I hope you will enjoy it, ple...
-Bechloe- by lilpickledstar
-Bechloe-by winter ❄️
Beca has been depressed ever since she was 15, When she was 19 she moved to Barden University. Her best-friend of 3 years, Jesse, Signs her up for counseling with the on...
Bring Me Light by lilpickledstar
Bring Me Lightby winter ❄️
Beca Mitchell, 20 Chloe Beale, 24 I am bad at descriptions but all details inside.
NCIS LA: The New Member Part 2 by alexabg21
NCIS LA: The New Member Part 2by Alexa
The ongoing adventures of NCIS LA: The New Member. Now an NCIS agent, Alexa works alongside the team to solve cases. What could go wrong? What could go right? Action pac...
Let me fix the broken pieces by Moonwritingff
Let me fix the broken piecesby Moonwriting
Just around the corner of the Cereals shelf she saw Chloe Beale. It didn't take more than a few seconds for Chloe to see Beca as well, and the glass bottle she had in he...
After the Bellas have their parted ways and decided to find their destiny beyond their comfort zones as an Acapella Group, is there a chance that they will be with each...
NCIS LA: Project Whistler by Fluzzycow32
NCIS LA: Project Whistlerby C. Rodriguez
Faye, a girl who had moved from home to home was adopted by Hetty. She was trained to be an assassin and had a future working for Hetty in the future. She switches betwe...
Bellas Boot Camp by Moonwritingff
Bellas Boot Campby Moonwriting
Adventures come in all sorts and shapes. Bootcamp with Aubrey is one of them for the Barden Bellas, but while there Beca and Chloe each go through their own emotional ad...
I could be the one  by sophie_c2909
I could be the one by sophie_c2909
Beca Mitchell is a famous music producer in LA. She's worked with some fairly famous people since moving there 6 years ago, names such as Usher, Chris Brown, Ke$ha, One...
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Agent Ellie Blake (An NCIS:LA fanfiction) by XxX-Rachii-XxX
Agent Ellie Blake (An NCIS:LA XxX-Rachii-XxX
Join the team and their new members as the battle terrorist and thwart bomb plots; all the while trying to figure out the meaning of their lives and keep themselves safe...
How long is always? by Haizfangirl
How long is always?by btvs_bEchLOe-rULeS
Beca is used to people letting her down. Again and again, people break their promises until Beca finds one person she knows will never break her promise. The true questi...
The Kidnapping/baby abduction/death/ by KensiDeeks25
The Kidnapping/baby abduction/ KensiDeeks25
What happens when something happens to One of the NCIS team members when someone does something unspeakable to one of the members of the team can they come to for each o...
BECHLOE - I'll fight for you by StoriesByMe3
BECHLOE - I'll fight for youby StoriesByMe3
Chloe and Beca both love eachother however they don't know that until one day when they're in the bedroom together.
Well What Had Happened Was...-A Pitch Perfect Fanfiction by wwe_fanfiction
Well What Had Happened Was...-A Yes Movement
One night before a big performance, one of the Bellas laces Emily's drink. One thing leads to another and Emily's wasted. Where will things go from there? Read to find o...
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