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Freedom (Pitch Perfect 3 Continuation) by Britt_Anna_Huh
Freedom (Pitch Perfect 3 LillyHuh
Highest Ranking: 1# in Pitchperfect (25/7/18) 1# in Pitchperfect2 (25/7/18) 1# in Pitchperfect3 (01/8/18) 1# in Bellas (26/7/18) 1# in ChloeBeale (11/8/18) 1# in Brittan...
Tied Up {Anna Kendrick x Brittany Snow} by RealStoryMind
Tied Up {Anna Kendrick x RealStoryMind
"I couldn't help myself," She whispered staring at the girl in front of her who was tied to the chair. Brittany smiled placing her hand on Anna's cheek, rubbin...
Not so unexpected by beca4702
Not so unexpectedby not-an-acceptable-human
Everyone know Beca Mitchell looks like she keeps a lot of secrets. Will those secrets come to light? She meets Chloe and gets paired with her in math, they see each oth...
Fixing Us [COMPLETED] by lmfaowhat
Fixing Us [COMPLETED]by lmfaowhat
READ 'HOTS FOR BEALE' BEFORE READING THIS! Sequel to Hots For Beale. Should Beca fix her relationship or let Chloe go?
Your gonna miss me when I'm gone (bechloe) by sophie_29091
Your gonna miss me when I'm gone ( bechloe_90907
There is a life threatening accident after regionals and it might be too late to undo mistakes.
My Tiny Mouse (bechloe) by lemcngrass
My Tiny Mouse (bechloe)by jaureguis whore
"As I walk in, Beca is pulling her shirt off, her back still towards the door. My eyes trail along her spine, yea, I've seen her unclothed before, but everytime I'm...
Blue Friday by heypussypussy
Blue Fridayby who am i
You came when I thought there was nothing else I needed. Nobody else I needed. You weren't what I expected. The more I try to understand you, the more confusing it gets...
Sendrick's Life by lilpickledstar
Sendrick's Lifeby winter ❄️
Now Anna and Brittany have been dating for 2 years, The media knows and also both children are happy with it, They are the perfect family but like every family there wil...
Unrequited Love (Bechloe) by bechloeaf
Unrequited Love (Bechloe)by Bechloe af
Who would've thought that doing laundry at 2am would change your life.
Fresh Start by bechloe471
Fresh Startby bechloe471
Beca has just moved and has been enrolled in Bardan High school. She becomes friends with the girl across the road and starts to fall for her Beca, 17 Chloe,17
The Amazing Spidey-Beca Returns by Ben10thejoker
The Amazing Spidey-Beca Returnsby Benjamin C. McBrayer
Sequal to The Amazing spidey-beca (a bechloe AU) please read that before this. Beca has continued to divide her time between Chloe and protecting the city. Though their...
Out of all stars { BeChloe } by frxgilesky
Out of all stars { BeChloe }by •
•beca is in a relationship with jesse •based on pitch perfect 2 •this is the first fanfic I wrote, so forgive me if it sucks. •totally appreciate it if you guys comment...
Bechloe by maskofmakeup
Bechloeby maskofmakeup
'I look at the small brunette that I am happy to call my friend but then a thought, a feeling appears almost out of nowhere that i know will change everything.'
Bechloe - The Universe wants us to be  by LaleMalw
Bechloe - The Universe wants us LaleMalw
What happend after Beca Mitchell got her dream job, working for DJ Kahled? All of the Years having the bellas on her side are now over. Beca just can't get her mind str...
Will You Marry Me //Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow// by RealStoryMind
Will You Marry Me //Anna RealStoryMind
"B-Brittany Snow..........will you marry me?" A story between Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow. (Also know as Sendrick).
that one night by imbechloetrash
that one nightby caitlin
Beca and Chloe. Will they, wont they ? after the freedom'90 performance and a long night of partying and celebrating Beca and Chloe return to their little studio apartme...
YOU MAY BE BROKEN BUT YOUR MINE by Anna_andBechloelover
Anna has finally been found after her kidnapper made a mistake to leave her alone. After realizing life doesn't wait for anyone she will admit her feelings to her foreve...
Emily Junk, the girl I fell in love with by RachelxChloexMax
Emily Junk, the girl I fell in RachelxChloexMax
Beca has developed feelings for newest Bella, Emily. As the year progresses she can't help but let those feelings grow. Will she admit her feelings to the younger girl...
The Amazing Spidey-Beca (a Bechloe AU) by Ben10thejoker
The Amazing Spidey-Beca (a Benjamin C. McBrayer
This is a pitch perfect AU where Beca Mitchell is spider-woman and this is gonna be kinda a cross between pitch perfect and spider-man so please make a note of that and...