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~Fallen For You~ Pokemon SWSH(Bede x Reader) by Yuuheiie
~Fallen For You~ Pokemon SWSH( Yuu
Credit to the artist who drew that Bede art. "Shut up, be glad I went easy on you instead." -Bede You are Y/N L/N, you took on the gym challenge in the Galar R...
Bede x Reader [ One Shots & More ] by watchful_frostbite
Bede x Reader [ One Shots & More ]by brainrot
[ Slow Updates ] Just a book full of Bede one shots, head canons, and scenarios because there's not enough out there. ((All scenarios are mostly platonic unless stated o...
Pokemon sword and shield Various! Yandere! x Fem!reader by yanderefanfic
Pokemon sword and shield under your bed
Just so you know this ISNT a oneshot book this is one big story i hope you like it. (Reworked lol, hopefully will get a few updates soon)
You're my fairytale~[Bede x reader] by NonbinarySimper13
You're my fairytale~[Bede x reader]by
After becoming the champion of galar and saving the region, Y/n has hard time focusing on their new role bc someone is stuck in their mind..Maybe it is love? ___________...
wooloo n' fairies // hop x bede by -splooshy-
wooloo n' fairies // hop x bedeby ⭐poof!⭐
pokemon obviously doesnt belong to me wow im bad with descriptions
Creating a Legend (Pokemon SwSh x reader) by musicpoodlelover
Creating a Legend (Pokemon SwSh Kaiden
Look, I haven't seen to many of these, so here we go. Pokemon SwSh various x reader. This will stray off the main story line and take place in the future, so be warned. ...
Snowstorm by Vannuro
Snowstormby Imaginative
As the gym leaders are stranded thanks to a snowstorm, Bede has to spend the night with his two rivals, and deal with some buried issues.
Protective [Bede x Reader] by Sm0lKarr0t
Protective [Bede x Reader]by Ginger smol™
Cover credit: @Mudkipbeauty on Tumblr You have lived next to a boy named Hop since you were both very little, to be honest at first you two didn't get along, mainly beca...
the touch (bede x victor) by no_face_no
the touch (bede x victor)by zombie wife
bede has been fully trained and placed as fairy gym leader under opals careful training and watch. he's begun to become a better trainer. The investigation on dynamaxing...
Bede x reader one-shots !Discontinued! by Im_an_loser
Bede x reader one-shots ! Loser
Female reader story i do not own any of these Pictures used in this story.
You Can't Stop Me! (bullied/abused Auraless reader X RWBY) by Over9kioken
You Can't Stop Me! (bullied/ Over9kioken
You are the result of a one night stand between Qrow Branwen and the daughter of Maria Calavera. After you were born your father went away and your mother abandoned you...
°+* // Bede Oneshots // *+° by veronicas_chainsaw
°+* // Bede Oneshots // *+°by Heather
// cover art is not mine !! . . . ~ I do not own pokemon swsh or bede ! ~ most chapters will be oneshots, maybe headcanons ~ most will be bede x reader, but also some...
Galar's Secret Miracle by Pikaboo_73
Galar's Secret Miracleby Pikaboo_73
Victor was only four when his mother escaped with him from a facility that experimented on not only pokemon, but humans too. Moving to the Galar Region to leave behind t...
| Rarity |  Yandere Pokemon Characters x Reader by Chaifish
| Rarity | Yandere Pokemon Toasty Fish
One field trip to the Galar Region opens you countless doors to a brighter future, or does it really do that? On your new journey you meet all sorts of people and no mat...
Postwickshipping - Oneshots by Kaasbroodje
Postwickshipping - Oneshotsby Kaasbroodje ~
A collection of romantic adventures of Hop and Gloria ranging from before they started their journey until many years in the future.
Hop x Bede by PeogiSsi
Hop x Bedeby Puggy - Nim
To be honest, I just really wished that Bede would get more attention. Like I know hes a bad guy in the game but hes changed quiet a bit. Hop? Hes changed as well, I wan...
Thread Of Fate - Postwickshipping  by Kaasbroodje
Thread Of Fate - Postwickshipping by Kaasbroodje ~
~ The two heroes of Galar have always been equals until one of them becomes champion. Both feeling thorn apart. A new Armageddon threatens to happen, bonding the two her...
Double-Edged Missions Pay Unhandsomely by steelbeen
Double-Edged Missions Pay beem
Even if you save the region, a crime is still a crime. I'm glad that out of the remaining three of us, I was the only one to have received the punishment. DEMPU is a Pok...
Hey, Soulmate! by daraenss
Hey, Soulmate!by Andie! 🌠
There is a certain legend among teenagers: when someone turns 18, the first words their soulmate will say to them will appear on their skin. ... Raihan is expecting to e...
Jirachi's Twin Bonus Stories (btyu and others ♥) by Christarmewn
Jirachi's Twin Bonus Stories ( Christarmewn
This is simply a fun collection of Bederia stories roughly canon to my other work: Jirachi's Twin. (You don't have to read it for context, but if you enjoy these, please...