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Beigguang Brainrot by teary3y3z
Beigguang Brainrotby 𝖓𝖊𝖝
Just me and my obsession with Beidou and Ningguang !!Characters are not mine, all credits to miHoYo!!
Velvet Café [Childe x reader] by MissApparition
Velvet Café [Childe x reader]by 𝐊𝐞𝐢𝐫𝐚
Genshin impact Café AU Childe x Fem reader After getting disowned by her parents, (y/n) starts working at the velvet café. Where she meets new friends and one ridiculous...
Xingyun Oneshots (to feed your friends to lovers addiction) by Thrujrnfnyyh66466
Xingyun Oneshots (to feed your Hello_Shoyo
^ What the title says I'm open to suggestions/requests Uuuuhhhhh I usually update a couple times a week (but it varies) So yeah enjoy and let me know what you think I...
Xiaoven Royal Au by CassandraMaeMadrid
Xiaoven Royal Auby ziela
The king has been very sick.. Soon, Xiao would take over the throne as the new king. He needs to learn how to be great and strong so that people would have trust in him...
Genshin One shots/ Drabbles  by Kaede1221
Genshin One shots/ Drabbles by Kaede
|NOMINATED FOR THE WATTYS LET'S GOOOOOOOOO| Requests are open ( If I don't like the ship I won't write about it though ) I will not be writing : Character x Reader Adult...
My Opinion On Genshin Impact Ships! by Ninilene
My Opinion On Genshin Impact Ships!by Nini
Just a disclaimer: There will be a TON of rarepairs, the majority of them being talked about positively. If you aren't okay with the fact that I ship characters that don...
genshin oneshots :] by auzksla
genshin oneshots :]by auzksla
!! check guide chap for more infos!! i mainly write of whatever, whoever, and whenever :) if you know the artist of the art in the cover, please inform me as i found it...
the lesbians (literally genshin wlw ships) by ikissgirlssz
the lesbians (literally genshin GIRLKLSSYSYS
so basically miko makes a group chat for her ships to sail.. A little active now!
Sumeru Akademiya - Chatfic/Realfic by GottaMakeLemonade
Sumeru Akademiya - Chatfic/Realficby Lemon/Vex
Sumeru Academy is rather famous among all the nations, the headmasters Lord Lesser Kusanali and Celestia welcome anyone. Those with visions attend the school, and it's a...
Genshin ship hc smut cuz I can 🧍 by TransFemboyCatboy
Genshin ship hc smut cuz I can 🧍by °`☆Kai☆`°
The ships that are or will be in this book are Ei x Miko🩷💜 Chongyun x Xingqiu🩵💙 Itto x Gorou🤎❤️ Xiao x Aether🖤💛 Albedo x Aether🤍💛 Beidou x Ningguang🧡💜 Wandere...
Genshin School Life by KyraIsNotPaimon
Genshin School Lifeby KyraIsNotPaimon
A Genshin School AU! This has some suggestive scenes, and talks about depression, anxiety, and self-harm. If you want to avoid any of these things, I will mark the chapt...
A bad beidou x ningguang fanfic by badbitchh3s
A bad beidou x ningguang fanficby <3 lîlî
There weren't enough ninguangg x beidou fanfics so I made my own 😋 No smut This takes place in highschool and is not lore based Mihoyo owns these characters not me, I o...
Genshin Oneshots by Ellis_isHere
Genshin Oneshotsby Elliot_isHere
Genshin oneshots! i will not be doing: pr0ships, child x child, KAELUC(i think its a proship but just to make sure:>) Ships i will be doing: Jeanlisa, Eulamber, Ra...
The stars and ships aligned (beigguang-genshin Impact) by hutaoforpresident
The stars and ships aligned ( hu tao for president
Beigguang~friends to lovers ~ Cover art by lilliangst on Instagram
Everything That Goes On In Teyvat by wind__chimes
Everything That Goes On In Teyvatby WindChimes
The traveller twins decide to put the whole of Teyvat in one big groupchat, after all they are just pining depressed college kids, so what could go wrong??? A lot appar...
Genshin ChatFic🤞 by Gyav02
Genshin ChatFic🤞by Gyav02
if the Genshin characters had a Group chat Modern AU all of these characters belong to mihoyo all of the ships aren't confirmed canon! Feb 9/2022 - 3rd on xiaoven Feb 11...
genshin impact groupchat by beidoufanclub
genshin impact groupchatby sweg
more like a discord server but u get it
Genshin Impact oneshots [Genshin Oneshots] by Violet_Reads1245
Genshin Impact oneshots [Genshin azu
Genshin Impact oneshots! Taking suggestions.
Genshin Impact oneshots by CaffeinateWasTaken
Genshin Impact oneshotsby CaffeinateWasTaken
so like, images aren't working rn, so I can't upload any images...I'll upload them on once I fix what's wrong with it! For now, you're left imageless qwq" WARNING:...
Indigo and  Ruby by Alie-kun
Indigo and Rubyby Alie
Royal kazuscara au prince scara and criminal kazuha *credits to @AokyoY on twt for the cover*