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Love Bites by bluemoonwolfwarrior
Love Bitesby Bluemoonwolfwarrior
One troubled vampire helps another troubled vampire, but will it last or will the Clan be more important to her.
Dr stilinski (completed) by thenotsocrazylunatic
Dr stilinski (completed)by Lunatic
Stiles finds his way into LA as scott trows him out of the pack after the nougitsune...what will he do...what has he donne?
My Cursed Alpha by GalacticDaydreamer
My Cursed Alphaby ✨ᑭEᗩᑕᕼY ★✨
Book 2 of the Mate of the Alpha series. My mate was one of the most powerful Alphas in the world. No one would have known that he had a mate, everyone thought that he an...
Through The Rift by TaleSpinner101
Through The Riftby Tale Spinner 101
With the long war between Autobots and Decepticons finally over, Jack believed that there could finally be peace not just for the opposing factions, but for Earth and Cy...
the wolf life  by itsjustreeree14
the wolf life by itsjustreeree 14
stiles is a salvatore but this is not a story that he goes to them after being kicked out. he goes to Boston and meets two people Josh and Aidan they are supernatural bu...
Bunny Material by lowestcake
Bunny Materialby Chim~Kook💓
"Your my bunny". literally is a bunny...
Destiny by BriCo978
Destinyby Brittany
This is about how the world would be if the lives of the characters from Supernatural, Charmed, Buffy, The Vampire Diaries,Being Human, Teen Wolf, and True Blood where a...
Young Mitchell  by Lulu_bookgirl
Young Mitchell by Lulu_bookgirl
When her mother dies in child birth, john mitchell is left with no choice but to raise his baby daughter with the help of a ghost and werewolf
Being Human Sequel[B.2] by Billejeangirl24
Being Human Sequel[B.2]by Alicia Perez
This the sequel to Being Human isn't easy.It's been a year and 15 months since Aria had been buried alive as punishment by mother...Sam is in a state of limbo and Nick's...
The Lost Years by AlexisFW
The Lost Yearsby Alexis Writing Account
A collection of short stories written over the years as I explored the creative art form. The main character(s) in each story are all jaded, lost or listless in some way...
Son of hell- A being human fanfiction  by KielCorfield
Son of hell- A being human Kiel Corfield
Kiel didn't escape hell just to run into a gang of misfits but here he is... His father is definitely going to kill him.
A kili/Mitchell imagine: who do I choose by StephanieArmstrong83
A kili/Mitchell imagine: who do Steph
You and kili are curled up together to keep warm and getting your strength back for the journey ahead for tomorrow but what happens when you and your prince wake up in a...
What if (multi-fandom) by BeccaBland14
What if (multi-fandom)by R.R.Bland
Tv series and films. What if they were real? And what if they all met... If you have any requests leave a message on the first page called 'what if' and I will try and d...
Shelter Me (Being Human Fanfiction) by TaylorMSorensen
Shelter Me (Being Human Fanfiction)by TaylorMSorensen
Aura is known as the miracle baby, abandoned outside a restaurant weeks after her kidnapping. Her mother died in an accident and her father passed away shortly after her...
Just like that by AngeleDsilva21
Just like thatby Angele Dsilva
words break you more than anything , and it broke her too , into infinite pieces , and those pieces if her soul got lost in eternal oblivion . she's trying to stay stron...
Fishy            ☆             BH by kelliiiniiicole
Fishy ☆ BHby :)))) hiii
"There's something fishy going on here." "Well could it have anything to do with you being part fish?" "Don't mock me Aiden. It's a phrase!"...
Taming A Vampire by ataylor661
Taming A Vampireby ataylor661
Before Hal met Annie and George, before even he met Fergus, there was Bella. A shunted; a hybrid. There was something within her that set his forever still heart beating...