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best girl in section 7 dahil sya lang ang babae sa section na to ikaw anog gagawin mo kapag ikaw lang babae sa section ny?? readd storiess
Even You is Split in Fifths (A quintessential quintuplets fanfic) by Kazuya_Fish
Even You is Split in Fifths (A Kazuya
What if Fuutarou never gave his answer... What if he didn't visit any of the girls at the festival... What would have happened... Thats what Fuutarou Uesugi wonders. Aft...
The Smug Girl and the Genius (Majo no Tabitabi x Male reader) by NEROSAMADA
The Smug Girl and the Genius ( Nero
Big brain time in a world full of magic Y/N is a genius, but was summoned by a witch bla bla bla isekai plot I do this story cuz it's one of the few anime with magic tha...
Shyness Love (Sumi Sakurasawa x Male Reader) by Victor_TheRiper
Shyness Love (Sumi Sakurasawa x Victor Hernandez
You're a 21 year old teenage college student at Nerima University, who you're friends with Kazuya Kinoshita, who the both of you became best friends since high school, t...
Unknown Feelings. by Gaykatsudon
Unknown iamagaypieceoftrash
Komi and Tadano have liked each other since they met,what will they do when they can't obtain their feelings anymore?Will they find a way to hide them?Or will one of the...
An Unordinary life for a Thug by Bryan6234
An Unordinary life for a Thugby Bryan
Honestly this just something random story I just thought of. So the story might be kind of bad but Its a harem story of my personal best girls. They will all be of legal...
The new girl ♡~Vert x Female!Reader~♡ by MagicalRaiRai
The new girl ♡~Vert x Female! RaiRai
Vert is best girl ~ deal with it!
My Waifus  by KokoLocoxx
My Waifus by Citrinitas
Just sharing my collection of my favorite girls in every anime I watched and every manga/manhwa that I read. (kinda giving recommendations)Shishishishi~
A Mysterious Little Tsundere (Natsuki x Male Reader) -DISCONTINUED  by MarcoGachaYT
A Mysterious Little Tsundere ( JustAWeeb
Soooooooo... I have been reading a lot of Natsuki x Reader and I like it a lot. So, I decided to make my own I don't know how far I'll go but I will try my best. (Also M...
Rattled | Tsuyu x Reader | by BraveVergara
Rattled | Tsuyu x Reader |by BraveVergara
This is my first story so I'm not that good at making these books so... It's gonna take me a long time to do these chapters Hope you enjoy ^_^ Warning: THA ART DOES NOT...
Danganronpa x Reader Scenarios & Oneshots by Mod_Angie
Danganronpa x Reader Scenarios & Angie Yonga
Hello! I'm Mod Angie aka Maddy! Well, anyways I noticed there weren't many active Danganronpa oneshots so I decided I'd make some with my BFF @school_girl_uwu aka Poppy...
Rem x Reader by Lonelyreflection
Rem x Readerby Lonely Reflection
If you like Rem you are in luck because as of now this is one of two Rem x reader books on wattpad and no matter how hard I beg, the writer of the other book refuses to...
Best Anime  Best Girls by TravisGregoire
Best Anime Best Girlsby Fighting Nerdy
The best girls best girls in anime... in my personal opinion no science.
Komi Can't Communicate: After "Contact" by Quickybits
Komi Can't Communicate: After " Quick
A time set after The "Contact" Chapter. Mainly making this because I like Tadano x Komi. This manga is not made by me. The manga pictures inside the story is...
Bakugo+Todoroki by lolpanthef
Bakugo+Todorokiby lolpanthef
When (fem) Bakugo and todoroki go out have a drinking contest things get out of hand at todorokis dorm and Bakugo ends up pregnant.
ask or dare favorite student by AMerICa_mERicA_Owo
ask or dare favorite studentby America owo
peepz u can ask/dare alice c paige tony gilbert colin larry wellington brendan -------------- OC TIME ------------- lenny reader tabby tori ticaty
ʚ-' 𝐅𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐘 '-ɞ by dreamysummers_
ʚ-' 𝐅𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐘 '-ɞby 𝑺.
~You take my pain away~ (Sayori X reader) by Ne0nM3lanch0ly
~You take my pain away~ (Sayori Neon._.melancholy
Oh dear, looks like I'm a real part of this fandom now ;w; I DON'T OWN DDLC OR ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS! -Female Biased-