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Top 10 Mafia Romance Stories on Wattpad by TheMafiaQueen33
Top 10 Mafia Romance Stories on TheMafiaQueen33
I love reading about hot bad boys. I know you do too. And if you've never attempted reading a bad boy story, here is your chance! The top ten most loveable mafia romanc...
Think Before You Text by TheSmileMaker
Think Before You Textby TheSmileMaker
ROMANCE/POETRY/HUMOR/DRAMA/PHILOSOPHY/HORROR A Civils aspirant had spent years preparing for the Civil Services examination. His life revolved around books, notes, and...
Good Part 143 by skaaraav
Good Part 143by skaaraav
(FOLLOW DULU SEBELUM BACA, OKE!) Seorang gadis yang tumbuh di sebuah asrama kemudian pergi ke kota untuk melanjutkan pendidikan dan cita-citanya. Tinggal bersama kelua...
tagalog completed story by C_MeBaby
tagalog completed storyby C_MeBaby
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Young justice x Sasuke Uchiha by kxd106
Young justice x Sasuke Uchihaby kxd106
This story is based around Sasuke Uchiha in the young justice world. The Uchiha clan was the most powerful family in the world. And feared by many because of it. Until t...
Her Bestfriend's Brother❤️ by Fairydust_sparkles
Her Bestfriend's Brother❤️by Fairydust_sparkles
Layla is in her first year of college with her best friends and her boyfriend, all ready to experience the fun and start a new life journey, leaving her past behind. The...
Infinite Destiny (Infinite Stratos x Male Reader) by XD0010Bigfan
Infinite Destiny (Infinite MeganekkoSenpai
like usual, I'm not good at making descriptions. disclaimer: I'm don't own any pictures etc, they belong to their original creator. Vote, leave a comment, or follow me f...
Wattpad Recommendations by binibiningms_rmp
Wattpad Recommendationsby Rhea Pider
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Mr Popular is SHY ✔ by joanokey
Mr Popular is SHY ✔by joanokey
Jake is the popular guy in school. He is 17years old. When he is in school, he is known as the lively,jovial and fun type of guy but when he is at home, his shyness se...
MUTUM mugu ne by Azizat_Hamza
MUTUM mugu neby Azizat Hamza
Naziha Funmilayo Dr Sajid Zaytunah AY Layla Shabbir Nazira Nazima Nana Khadija Madam Bridget Yamin da Yassar Alhaji Kadi Maikuɗi Sheikh Sidi Al-Qasim... Duk a cikin tafi...
Falling for your best friends • Taekook FF  • [ Completed ✅ ]  by Ashscrievers
Falling for your best friends • Ashscrievers
Tae was trying to help her by holding her hand but yn always shrugged off his hand while they reached her dorm yn said " Taehyung I want to break our friendship &q...
•HIDE ME FROM THE BAD BOY• [Mongolian] by luzena_
"Зүгээр л...намайг энэ муу залуугаас нуугаад өг, гуйя" "За тэгвэл о-" түүнийг үгээ таслахын хажуугаар бид хаалга тасхийн хаагдах дууг сонслоо.
Cerita Cinta Nadia by liyanazulkffle
Cerita Cinta Nadiaby Seri Tembam (Nobody)
Penulis : Zambri Perasan Page FB : Dj Zambri Nadia. Satu susuk tubuh yang akrab dengan derita dan dugaan. Bergelar yatim piatu pada usia yang muda remaja dan dipinggirk...
From Darkness to Light: Selina's Triumph by ShivakshiTanwar
From Darkness to Light: Selina's Sofia
From the Depths of Despair to the Heights of Success: Join Selina on her journey of resilience, talent, and self-discovery as she rises above familial doubt and societal...
The Feeling of Love by ShraddhaSormare6
The Feeling of Loveby Shraddha Sormare
Its about the story of Sarah and Mark starting with the meeting and continuing to always and forever love.
Yours Too Keep by shawtyslays__
Yours Too Keepby shawtyslays__
Everyone knew she was his to keep and his to love ... Eva and chase two very opposite souls they love eachother but what does the future holds for them they don't know...
Man in a Hat by GarudGaurav
Man in a Hatby Gaurav
The story starts at a small gully in a town at midnight, a man was outside for just a night walk and after a walk of meters he notices a man in a Hat is chasing him but...
Top 10 historical romance on Wattpad by TheMafiaQueen33
Top 10 historical romance on TheMafiaQueen33
After watching Bridgerton, Shadow and Bones, and then, Game of Thrones, I just knew I had to return here to list out my all time favorite historical romance works on Wat...
Sext By Accident by taytayfoever
Sext By Accidentby Taylor
Famous kid sends random girl a nude No copyright XD