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big baby / lashton by amarylliscal
big baby / lashtonby emma
infantilism |in-fan-til-ism| /noun/ 1. childish behaviour PSYCHOLOGY: the persistence of infantile characteristics or behaviour in adult life or the one where ashton...
Ari in Diapers by MickMick789
Ari in Diapersby MickMick789
This story is about a girl who is raised by her 3 brother and she has bladder problems causing her to be treated as a baby
Infantilism (Larry Stylinson) by MashtonCookies
Infantilism (Larry Stylinson)by Ian
Louis Tomlinson. A punk rock, bad ass tattoo artist. Looking for excitement & trouble. Harry Styles. A silly, outgoing flower crown wearing waitress. Looking for love...
Emrys' Girl DISCONTINUED by rosecoloredlily
Emrys' Girl DISCONTINUEDby 🫶
Emrys has loved his Daisy since he first met her when he was 5. Daisy was his little brothers best friend, his brother didn't want Emrys around Daisy because 'he was a b...
Kai's girly diaper days by Lillan_Tbdl_Stories
Kai's girly diaper daysby Lillan_Tbdl_Stories
Kai from my other story has an accident in class and gets punished for it what will happen
Big Babyby
There is a new baby named Daisy, and Flower gets jelous! And she becomes a baby! (How is this at #1 on "Big Baby")
Hira Hamada's Toy Story 3 by BigHero6_Fangirl
Hira Hamada's Toy Story 3by BH6Fangirl
After Hiro Moved Away, He Grew Up And Has a Happy Family, He Has a Wife (Hilda), Two Pets (Skywalker And Skittercat), a Son Who's At College (Hadashi) And Two Daughters...
Big Boy Family by sofiaalanav
Big Boy Familyby sofiaalanav
Big Baby Mama Baba
Her Lover (Updates are slow) by ElizabethMcElheny
Her Lover (Updates are slow)by Elizabeth McElheny
She ran into him and made a fool out of herself. He looked down at her and made a fool of himself. They talked over lunch. They fell in love over time. They got their ha...
Dewey new baby life by BabyDragonLord
Dewey new baby lifeby BabyDragonLord
this story takes place around season 5 episode 3 of Malcolm in the Middle please enjoy feedback is always welcomed I do apologize for taking so long to write up this en...
After Years In The System Landfill I Finally Got Out   by DIKINBALZ
After Years In The System NO NAME
After Dying, Lero accidentally got trapped in the endless void by a system that supposed to be taking him to his next reincarnation cycle. Looking at the Endless Void t...
Hira Hamada's Toy Story 3 by KHeartsHH1
Hira Hamada's Toy Story 3by Kirsten Palacio
Hiro Had Played With His Toys Up Until Hiro's Heart Broke When His Crush, Hilda Began Dating His Rival, Derick (Who Rubs It On His Face All The Time They Encounter Each...
Kookie- Em trai bé nhỏ by CosmosCosmos4
Kookie- Em trai bé nhỏby Cosmos Cosmos
Chỉ là mấy phút tưng tửng cùng em trai tưởng tượng Jungkookie
Mine by Favour0429
Mineby Favour0429
"You're MINE!!!"He yelled. "I'm sorry but I think you have the wrong person,I'm not yours,I don't belong to anyone,I don't want to belong to anyone,I'm no...
ok by -elizazspaciousbum
okby ‘ ཐིཋྀ ‧₊˚. 𝐞𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐞 ᖭི...
i was j bored... and wanted tro strart stuff with some cocksuckers of someone...
Rude,mean and not that nice 2 by batman1234598
Rude,mean and not that nice 2by batman1234598
Were back found out what happened in our 7th grade of our crusty ass school ridge wood high.