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A BROKEN PROMISES (BOOK ONE) °Chaesoo° by jichu_chaeng_0311
"promises are meant to be broken"
hallyu | namsoo. by evageIine
hallyu | eva
"Through good and bad times, remember?" In which Kim Jisoo and Kim Namjoon try to save each other from the cruel world of idols. 一 DARK SERIES {18+} 一 COVER DE...
Veil Falls (Bangpink AU) by KeropiJeka
Veil Falls (Bangpink AU)by KeropiJeka
Another school year has started in this small Town of Veil Falls. With mysterious strangers suddenly transferring to this old town, strange events started to disrupt the...
Jisoo,was in love with Chaeyoung for over a year,and she wasn't aware to herself that the girl was slowly becoming an obsession to her. Start:November 5,2021
DREAMS [JENLISA] by tainseuki_
Lisa Manoban a poor girl who dream to have a successful life to give back all the effort of her mother and to have a better life than what they have. Jennie Ruby Jane K...
Mood Pill | CHAENNIE, CHAESOO, CHAELISA by Jense_Chaennie
Mood Pill | CHAENNIE, CHAESOO, Chaennie
A pill causes Chaeyoung to be in different moods and how will the members react seeing their mostly composed member being in different moods?!?! Read to find out ;) Was...
Don't Deserve You || Jensoo by phyacinth4
Don't Deserve You || Jensooby 김지수
"Do I mean nothing more to you?" "Why is it that just when everything is starting to get better, she's becoming so distant?" "I'll always love y...
Blackpink Rosé X Reader by Spidey0216
Blackpink Rosé X Readerby C B
Y/n slowly falls for Rosé... but will they get to be together. First time writing a story like this, please enjoy it.
mon amour | jenlisa ✔️ by boyslikeskz
mon amour | jenlisa ✔️by boyslikeskz
I. I was born to be loved by her. Highest Ranking : #2 kpopau (New) #25 park #1 blackpinkinyourarea #11 blackpinkjennie #1 blackpinklisa #11 blackpinkjisoo [based from...
Blackpink | Male Reader by Senp1i
Blackpink | Male Readerby Senp1i
updates are as frequent as blackpink's comebacks
My DUMB Wife - JenLisa by rubyjane-manoban
My DUMB Wife - JenLisaby The HOEs
Have you ever imagined that one day the voices inside your head were fighting, your imaginary friend was running with a scissor in its hand, and at one point one of your...
Legends (Chaelisa + Jensoo)  {COMING SOMEDAY} by Dreamofshadows
Legends (Chaelisa + Jensoo) { MMC
LEGENDS In a time when gods and monsters walked the earth, a wicked curse wreaks havoc across the land. An act of divine sacrifice puts a temporary halt to the senseles...
Mafia Siblings (BANGPINK X YN) by likookOT7
Mafia Siblings (BANGPINK X YN)by ❤️🌚Luna 🌚❤️
[ PURE SIBLINGS BOOK ] Y/N Jung's mother decides to marry the most dangerous mafia king Gong Yoo and also a single father of 11. Taehyung and Jennie: She isn't our siste...
The Fate Between Us | JENLISA by Quinnieyy
The Fate Between Us | JENLISAby QuinnVi
Lisa works as a photographer in a well-known news company and she even owns the title as best photographer. Then she meets Jennie Kim, a spoiled-arrogant daughter of her...
Apple Pie | Vsoo by zenincity
Apple Pie | Vsooby Toji
"What the Hell are you failing at?" After the initial shock wore off, offense sank in. "Excuse me?" "I want to know what you suck at," he c...
A Glance | NamSoo FF by Taeminalily22
A Glance | NamSoo FFby Lily
It all started with a glance, when Jisoo caught the leader of Bangtan staring at her..... Highest ranking gained #1 in #bangpink ...
Fall In Love At First Kiss || ⏳ by lalisyia
Fall In Love At First Kiss || ⏳by ᯽Lalisyia᯽
"W-wait! Taehyung, move!" Jisoo warned Taehyung but it was too late. Jisoo fell on her bully, Taehyung and that made them kissed. a quick peck. They were stu...
She's mine (Jenlisa Fanfic) by frvrlls
She's mine (Jenlisa Fanfic)by al
Jennie Kim, a transferee to the school of rich people, gets to meet the top 5 elite heirs of the tycoon families where Lalisa Manoban is included that will, later on, pl...
𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 the first female soloist of Bighit debuted
Jealousy || Jisoo [Complete] by atticushawk0221
Jealousy || Jisoo [Complete]by Hawk A.
Love is not forced but it happens suddenly. Kim Jisoo who was forced to marry a young cute and good-looking man named Y/n. Their story turned out to be little uncommon...