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Addiction Part 2  |vsoo| by Nityachowdary
Addiction Part 2 |vsoo|by Autumn leaf
A love hate story between rich, handsome CEO Kim Taehyung and Jisoo who is his ex. Will Jisoo forgive him?. Will she come back into Taehyung's life ?. Can they become...
SPACE BETWEEN THE WORDS  by strawberryverses
are we still on the same page?
Are we just friends?              |vsoo| by Nityachowdary
Are we just friends...by Autumn leaf
There is fine thread of separation between love and friendship............ What if two best friends crossed that boundary without even realising? Love story between top...
𝐑evenge 𝐌arriage by AnnaEleanor_07
𝐑evenge 𝐌arriageby htk
It was said that the Young Master were fierce, cruel and also killed lot of people. It was said to be that his every bride have died not long after the marriage with him...
I'm just your wife by popularfanfics
I'm just your wifeby JenChuLiChaeng Fourever
🏅Highest Rank Reached🏅 #1 taesoo #2 vsoo #4 jisoo 📜Short Story📜 "I wanted to be the best wife to you.." Jisoo "If you knew I was in love with her.. wh...
The Trillionaire Mafia King's Naughty Wife -Book 1- by Cakesofxtyly
The Trillionaire Mafia King's Naug...by Cakesofxtyly
This is the story of Mr.Kim Taehyung he has a wife name Kim Jisoo.She is a smart,but sometimes naughty girl but even if Jisoo is just a poor girl Taehyung loves her very...
Elite University by jisooyaaaaaaaaa_
Elite Universityby Kim Jisoo
Kim Taehyung, a prominent transferee who developed feelings for Kim Jisoo, the university's hailed queen.
Yours Since 1692 by Cakesofxtyly
Yours Since 1692by Cakesofxtyly
Kim Taehyung is a cold king and rude king but when he met a girl name Kim Jisoo he slowly fall inlove with a girl. Kim Jisoo is a soft, kind woman who live near by Taehy...
Lost Her For Nothing ✔️UNDER EDITING by 24_365_blink
Lost Her For Nothing ✔️UNDER EDITI...by 🖤JS_JN_RS_LS💖
'You never know how much you love someone until you watch them loving someone else.' V͟͟͟͞͞͞s͟͟͟͞͞͞o͟͟͟͞͞͞o͟͟͟͞͞͞ a͟͟͟͞͞͞n͟͟͟͞͞͞d͟͟͟͞͞͞ Y͟͟͟͞͞͞o͟͟͟͞͞͞o͟͟͟͞͞͞n͟͟͟͞͞͞s͟͟͟͞...
VSOO :: REMEMBER by hobisbeansprout
VSOO :: REMEMBERby hobi’s beansprout 🌱
i will always remember you... no matter what it takes.
A Group of Friends | BangPink by niamahadu
A Group of Friends | BangPinkby nia
One are best friends. One are sworn enemies. One are dating. One have just met. The four pairs among BangPink, all with different stories, but all finding love within th...
YOUR SMILE (vsoo) by Avalovesvsoo
YOUR SMILE (vsoo)by Ava
Taehyung a CEO of his own gaming company fall in love with a medical student (Jisoo) at first site because of her precious SMILE😊... While Jisoo a smart, extrovert last...
COLLEGE (VSOO) by Vsooyaa_1036
"I finally know why my heart beats faster when you are not around.I guess it's hoping you'll hear it, cause you know it's beating for you." She was a just a ne...
KIM TAEHYUNG multi billionaire and business mogul who was cheated by his fiancée and wanted to take revenge on her. KIM JISOO a middle-class girl who is a normal employe...
Cold and Arrogant love        |vsoo| by Nityachowdary
Cold and Arrogant love |vso...by Autumn leaf
A love story between an arrogant CEO(Kim Taehyung) and a kind poor girl(Jisoo)........... (Uff a regular story though😅 but with heavy angst, heavy love, heavy care, he...
Love or Destiny-1  ( VsooXTaennie ) by 77no4m
Love or Destiny-1 ( VsooXTaennie )by Nom74
A story between three peaple Kim Taehyung, Kim jisoo and Kim jennie. Love or destiny, let's see what brings them together.... Taehyung lives in USA and there he met with...
VSOO and LISKOOK oneshots by niyatee19
VSOO and LISKOOK oneshotsby directionerauthorvsooliskook
Vsoo and liskook oneshots Might as well include other ship which I am comfortable with if you don't ship them then there is an option to go back so kindly leave
FALLING FOR YOUR EYES 🥀 Vsoo fanfic 🥀 by VsooTaechichi
FALLING FOR YOUR EYES 🥀 Vsoo fanf...by 나나 뷔
" I'm a big burden to you " js " you are the worth of my entire life...I love you " kth . a story where jisoo fell in love with her own bestfriend...
If Only  by JenJennyKim
If Only by ChuTae
If only they aren't idols then they would be in a different situation right now. Kim Jisoo is the lead vocalist slash visual of a rookie girl group called BLACKPINK and...
Instagram | bts x bp by visualbf
Instagram | bts x bpby 🦋
In which idols meet over Instagram. [Group chats, thirsty comments, dirty messages, etc...] Visualbf ©